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5 Working Holiday Visa Countries for Youth

Travelling is always fun and exciting once we have reached the destination of our dreams. Sadly, all dreams have an end as travelling has its time limit, and sometimes it feels like time passes by so quickly.

By then, we are already used to the area and diving more into the culture without us realizing, which can be a bummer when we have to leave. However, if you consider extending your trip, how about applying for a working holiday visa?


Working Holiday Visa Countries for Youth

Not only will you get to explore more about the country, but you will also get the chance to travel whilst earning money by working. So, it is an excellent opportunity for you to grasp, especially in your youth, as this is the time for you to look around while understanding their culture and background more. Here are five countries that offer working holiday visas that we think are worth checking out!

1. Australia

A country that is popular for working holiday visas would definitely be Australia, as they receive many applications from people worldwide. Australia offers two subclasses of visas: subclass 462 and 417, which you can apply for based on your country.

In addition, you can browse through the job opportunities and see if there is any position or line of work you will enjoy. Moreover, it is also a great career move for your future employment and experience.


Australia is known for their famous cities with iconic architecture and activities, such as Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. However, if cities are not for you, you can hit famous beaches such as Bondi or Manly beach and let the waves and sun hit your skin. So, while you are on a working holiday visa, take your time to plan and see if it is worth the move to ensure you have a great time and experience.

2. France

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France is nothing short of amazing locations and sceneries as it is filled with famous sites for tourists and would be a great place to work. It is a well-known country for a reason: they have beautiful, romantic destinations, cafes scattered around town and various activities available for you. But, of course, you would need the funds to purchase or visit these fantastic places, and a working holiday visa will help you do that.

You don’t need to worry about job opportunities as there are offers ranging from all sorts of skills, so you can look into what caters to you. In addition, being in France for a more extended period can make you discover hidden spots and over time, you would feel like a local. Plus, your connections with the people there will broaden when you are working and making friends is always fun because you can converse about many things and not feel lonely.

3. Canada

If you want to work in a diverse country, then Canada is your place. You could be enriched with the culture and roam around with different people from different backgrounds. With many and a variety of places to visit, getting a working holiday visa is perfect for you to work and also explore wonderful destinations. However, you have to make sure that your country is aligned with the visa agreement to ensure a smooth application.


You can take the chance to visit some famous cities such as Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal or explore the fantastic view of Niagara Falls, which will bring your jaw to the floor with how beautiful the place is. Moreover, you can also study, become more immersed in the environment, and be more aware of the incredible places you can visit. So, you can grab your best laptop to browse some job positions you want and live your youth years to the fullest in another country.

4. New Zealand

For a serene and calm experience, New Zealand is the place to be, as you can work in the cities or the countryside. It is considered a friendly country where people are friendly and welcome you if you are new. Applying for your working holiday visa here is totally worth it as you can experience the beautiful mountains and greenery in which you would be at peace.

The duration of your visa can last up to 12 months, so take this opportunity to explore and discover new things that would be exciting. Being on holiday while earning money is never bad as you can get the full experience of working in a new environment which could add more experience to your youth life.

5. South Korea

Source: unsplash.com/ @cadop

South Korea is the most happening country now as the entertainment world is at its peak, and you could potentially work in the industry. Therefore, applying for a working holiday visa will allow you to understand and gain more knowledge of their rich history. The job scopes and positions they offer are fun and worth the experience as you can work in tourism, retail or even teach English.

From urban cities to towns, there are activities for you to do that keep you on your toes and excited all the time. If you need a break from work, you can walk around and try entertaining activities such as karaoke, eating comfort food or going shopping.

Exploring the lifestyle and the activities to do in other countries is always fun, so if you are thinking of wanting to work abroad, definitely give it a thought. You can find your personal growth while travelling and find out what you love to do the most. Plus, there are more countries that are not on this list offering working holiday visas where you can research and look to experience a different environment and create friendships.


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