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9mobile Data Code – Buy Etisalate Data Plan with 9mobile Subscription Code

9mobile Data Code

9mobile Data Code is what Techmulla will be revealing to you all. We also are revealing the how you can buy Etisalat Data Plan with the 9mobile Subscription Codes we will be listed below.

There is no doubt that 9mobile Data Plan has recently been upgrading their offers. There are presently 9Mobile (Etisalat) data Bundle Plan for Android,  iPhone & PCs.

In this article, we will be revealing the best as well as the cheapest 9mobile Data Plans and the 9mobile Data Code to subscribe to each of the plans. We also made a list of 9mobile data plans that are suitable for Light and heavy Data Bundle users. Below are the 9mobile subscription codes which are also known as the 9mobile Data Code for each of the 9mobile data bundle that will be listed below.

How Do I buy 9mobile data plan?

Should in case you want to know how to buy a 9mobile data plan, then follow the steps below:

1). Ensure that your 9mobile SIM is in your Phone.
2). Switch on your phone if it is switched off.
3). Buy airtime and recharge it. Ensure it is equivalent to the data plan you want to buy.
4). Dial *200*2# and select the data plan of your choice. You can then start to enjoy a rich internet experience.

9mobile Data Plans (with 9Mobile Data Code)

It is important we inform you that 9mobile data bundle plans are categorized into various internet bundles. They have the Smartpaks and smartphone plans. The more blaze data plans offer you a lower call rate at 20 kobos per seconds. The plans begin from N500 to N8,000.

9mobile Data Plans Amount 9mobile Data Code Duration
Daily 10MB N50 *229*3*8# 24 hrs
Daily 40MB N100 *229*3*1# 24 hrs
150MB N200 *229*2*10# 1 week
500MB N500 *229*2*12# 1 Month
500MB N500 *229*2*11# 1 Month
1GB N1,000 *229*2*22# 1 Month
2.5GB N2,000 *229*2*44# 1 Month
5GB N3,500 *229*2*33# 1 Month
11.5GB N8,000 *229*2*55# 1 Month
Quarterly plan (30GB) N27,500 *229*5*1# 3 Months
Bi-annual plan (60GB) N55,000 *229*5*2# 120 days
100GB Plan N84,992 *229*4*5# 130 days
Annual plan (120GB) N110,000 *229*5*3# 365 days

Daily 9Mobile Data Plan Code

10 MB for N50 – You will get 10MB for N50 when you subscribe to this package. It is valid for 24hours and you can subscribe to this package with this 9mobile data code. Dial *229*3*8# or send MI3 to 229.

Weekly 9Mobileheaven Data Plan Code

50MB for N100 – This another great plan from the network providers and they offer 50MB data for N100. It is valid for 1 week (7 days) and you can dial this 9Mobile Dialy Data Plan Code *229*3*1# or send Ml2 to 229 to subscribe.

150MB for N200 – Most people consider this plan to be one of the best 9mobile weekly plans for low data users. This plan offers you 150MB for N200 which will be valid for 1 week (7days). To subscribe to this plan, dial *229*2*10# or send LCD to 229.

500MB for N500 – You can simply subscribe to this plan by dialing  *229*2*12# or send LCD2 to 229. It is valid for 1 Month (30 days). There is yet another plan that offers similar data bundle, though you subscribe to it with a different 9mobile data code which is *229*2*11# or SMS Smarta to 8183.


1GB for N500 – If you want to spend most of your time during weekends on the internet, then this 9mobile data plan should also be put into consideration. Dial the 9mobile data code *5995*2# to activate this plan which will be valid from Friday 11:59 pm – Sunday 11:59 pm.

Monthly 9Mobile Data Plan Code

9mobile Data Codes

1GB for N1,000 – This plan happens to be one of the cheapest monthly data subscriptions on 9mobile. It offers you 1GB data for #1,000. The data will be valid for 1 month (30days) and you dial *229*2*22# or text smartb to 8183 if you want to subscribe to it.

2.5GB for N2,000 – It is yet another interesting plan and it is valid for 1 Month (30 days). To subscribe simply dial *229*2*44# or text smartc to 8183.

5GB for N3,500 – This is another monthly 9mobile data plan which offers you 3GB data for N3,500 Naira. It is valid for 30days and you can dial *229*2*33# or send smartd to 8183.

11.5GB for N8,000 – If you are a heavy data user then this is one of the plans you should put into consideration. To activate this plan dial *229*2*55# or text smarte to 8183. It is valid for 1 month (30 days).

30GB for N27,500 – This plan is suitable for heavy data users and it is valid for 90 days (3Months). To activate this data plan, dial *229*5*1# or Send 4M to 229.

60GB for N55,000 – To subscribe to this plan dial *229*5*2# or text 6M to 229. This plan is valid for 120 days (4months).

100GB for N84,992 – We will recommend this plan for bulk data users. It offers you 100GB for N84,992 and you can dial *229*4*5# or text SM5 to 229 if you want to subscribe for this plan. It is valid for 1 Month (30 days).

120GB for N110,000 – This happens to be one of the most costly monthly 9mobile data plans and it is suitable for organizations and companies. It offers you 120GB for N110,000 which will be valid for 1 year (365 days) and you can subscribe to this plan by dialing *229*5*3# or send 12M to 229.

9mobile Smartpaks

The 9mobile Smartpaks is a data plan for light data users.  This package is for those web users who only use the internet for social media and other light uses. The data plan is categorized into SocialPak, Chatpak, and VideoPak.

1). 9mobile Socialpak: This plane cost #300 per week. It offers you unlimited access to twitter, facebook, Instagram, BBM, eskimi, as well as all instant messaging apps.

2). 9mobile Chatpak: Just like the first one we mentioned, this plan allows you to have unlimited access to Facebook Messanger, WhatsApp, BBM, WeChat, as well as all instant messaging apps. This plan cost #50 per day and #150 per week.

3). 9mobile Videopak: This plan cost 400 Naira for 2 hours of unlimited video streaming from any app.

If you want to subscribe to any of the plans listed above, dial the 9mobile Data Code *200# and choose the option 3 for the data menu.

Other 9mobile internet Bundle plans

The list of the other 9mobile data plans include the 9mobile hourly plans. Without taking much of your time, below is a table that contains the various data bundle plans.

9mobile Data Plan Amount 9mobile Data Code Duration
1GB night plan (12am -5am) N200 *229*3*11# 24 hours
2GB evening (7 PM – 7 AM) & weekend plan all through N1000 *229*3*12# 30days
5GB evening & weekend plan (7 PM – 7 AM) N2000 *229*3*13# 100MB Whatapp24/7 30days
1GB N1000 *229*2*7# 1 Month
1.5GB N1,200 *229*2*25# 1 Month
2.5GB N2,000 *229*2*8# 1 Month
4GB N3,000 *229*2*35# 1 Month
5.5GB N4,000 *229*2*36# 1 Month
11.5GB N8,000 *229*2*5# 1 Month
15GB N10,000 *229*4*1# 1 Month
27.5GB N18,000 229*4*3# 1 Month

1). 1GB night plan (12am -5am). It cost N200 and you can subscribe by dialing *229*3*11#.

2). 2GB evening and weekend plan – This plan is valid for 30 days and it offers two in one package, It offers you 2GB for N1,000. The Evening plan allows you to use data from (7 PM – 7 AM) weekdays, meanwhile, on weekends (Saturdays& Sunday), you can use the data the whole day. Dial *229*3*12# to activate.

3). 5GB evening and weekend plan – This offer is valid for 30 days. Evening (7PM – 7AM) + Weekends (24hrs Sat & 24hrs Sun) + Free 100MB Whatsapp (24/7). Amount 2,000, activation code *229*3*13#.

4). 1GB Data Plan – Amount N1,000. 9mobile Data Code *229*2*7#. Validity period 30 days.

6). 1.5GB 9mobile data plan for N1,200 – 9mobile Data Code *229*2*25# OR Send AND11 to 229. Validity period is 30 days.

7). 2.5GB for N2,000 – Validity period 30 days. 9mobile Data Code *229*2*8# OR SMS AND2 to 229.

8). 4GB for N3,000 – 9mobile Data Code for this plan is *229*2*35#. Valid for 1 month (30 days).

9). 5.5GB goes for 4,000 – The 9mobile Data Code for this plan is *229*2*36#. Valid for 30 days.

10). 11.5GB for 8,000. SMS MB6 to 229 Or dial *229*2*5# to activate this plan. Valid for 1 month (30 days).

11). 15GB valued at N10,000 –  SMS SM1 to 229 Or dial *229*4*1# to activate this plan which will be valid for 30 days.

12). 27.5GB cost 18,000 – SMS SM3 to 229 Or dial *229*4*3# to subscribe to this plan. It is usable for 30 days.

Note: It plans you subscribe to automatically renews (auto-renewal) if you have sufficient airtime for the data plan on your SIM. During the auto-renewal, your unused data will be rolled over. It can also be rolled over if you purchase another data plan before the current data plan expires.

To get the codes for all the data plan, then go ahead and Text: “help” to 229.

To opt-out of Etisalat data plan/Telecom Data/9mobile data plan auto-renewal, dial *229*0#. But, note that your call rate will 40k/sec once your data plan expires.

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