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about us

The major aim of Techmulla.com is to provide people with valuable and relevant information that will add more meaning to their lives in general. We will provide our users with topics related to the general subject, and other general topics.
Techmulla.com also intends to also share other interesting facts about technology and other general topics which focus on enlightening people.
Our vision is to become one of the most used and trusted sources of getting reliable, confirmed information about things related to technology and other general topics. Techmulla.com also intends to stay relevant to the world at large. We want to always provide you with that information that you are looking for, paying more attention to things relating to technology.
Techmulla.com was created on the 21 of January 2019 by two admins consisting of Joshua Lincon and Samuel Obialor acting as the team leader of the blog.
Feel free to always stop by to check on our latest update. You can Contact Us using the email address below: Naijahotinfo@gmail.com and we will try out best to give you feedback under 48 hours.

Always feel free to tell us your point of view concerning our articles using the comment section under each of the posts.

It is will be impossible to forget to say Thank You