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We will be unveiling today the different method in which you can carry out all your financial transactions as an Access Bank Plc customer using the Access Bank Mobile Banking. There are actually two types of Access Bank Mobile Banking which consist of the Access Bank Mobile App and the Access Bank USSD code which we will further explain below.

Access Bank
Access Bank mobile app

Access Bank Mobile Banking App

The Access Bank Mobile App is an application created by Access Bank in order for their customers to carry out all their financial transactions using the App.

This is actually one of the most secure means of carrying out your financial transactions if you are an access bank customer. This method is not just secured, it is also fast and reliable.

As an access bank customer, you don’t just start using the Mobile Banking App, there are things that must be done before you are qualified to use the access bank mobile banking app to carry out your financial transactions. Before using the method to carry out transactions, you will be required to download the App and Register which we will show you steps on how to do all that.

Access Bank Mobile App has currently been redesigned and the new design comes with a clean and simple user interface. The App now comes with new features like the biometric which consist of the Face ID & Fingerprint and requires them in order to perform basic bank transactions without being required to sign in.

The Access Bank Mobile Banking App currently comes in two models, there is the classic and there is also the premium app.

Where to Get the App

There are three reliable places where you can download the original and malicious-free Access Bank Mobile App and they consist of (1). accessbankplc.com to get the app directly. (2). Google Playstore -> [Access Mobile App for Android]. (3). iTunes -> [Access Bank Mobile App for iOS].

Classic Access Bank Mobile App

The classic access bank mobile app which is also known as Access Bank Classic Mobile App was created for customers with low-end smartphones (Low RAM phones & Java phones). The App is compatible with Operating Systems like iOS, Android, and even blackberry.

With Access Bank Classic Mobile App, you wouldn’t be able to carry out all the financial transactions, though, you will be able to carry out all your basic financial transactions which consist of;

*. Check your Account Balance.
*. Inter & Intra Bank Funds Transfer.
*. Pay Bills.
*. Self & Third Party Airtime Recharge.
*. Request & Hotlist ATM Card.
*. View Transaction History.
*. Locate Both Access Bank Branches & ATM Close to you.
*. Manage Beneficiary.

Where to Get the Classic App

We have been receiving questions from our friends like How Do I download Access Mobile Classic App? and Where Do I download Access Mobile Classic App? and we are here to answer those questions.

If you want to download the App on your Java phone, simply Text “D AM” to 20220 as SMS and you will receive a Text message which contains the App download link.

Meanwhile, for other smartphones with a different Operating Systems like Android, iOS, Blackberry OS, visit places like Google PlayStore and other stores and search for “Access Bank Mobile Banking-Classic”. When you find it, you can go ahead and download it.

Access Bank Premium Mobile Banking App

Unlike the Access Mobile Classic App, this app version is not compatible with java phones. But, it is compatible with Android, iOS and Blackberry smartphones and allows you to carry out transactions like;

*. Account Balance Inquiry.
*. Funds Transfer.
*. Airtime Recharge.
*. Account Officer Contact Details.
*. Cardless Withdrawal.
*. QR Payments (will be added soon).
*. Flight Booking.
*. View Transaction History.
*. Generate Statement of Account.
*. Manage Cards & Cheques.
*. Customer Service.
*. Up to 2 Million Naira Daily Limit.
*. Quick Transfer & Airtime ~ Without Login.
*. Unlock Device.
*. Receive Notifications.
*. Confirm Beneficiary Name for Money Transfers.
*. User Guide.
*. Purchase Movie & Event Tickets.
*. Bills Payment.
*. Biometric Login & Authentication.
*. Reset or Change PIN & Password.
*. Check BVN.
*. Manage Beneficiary.
*. Locate the Access Bank Branches & ATM Close to you.
*. International (FX) Transfer (Pounds, Dollar, Euro).
*. Request & Hotlist ATM Card.

Access Bank Mobile Banking App Registration or Activation

For those Access Bank Customers who already use access bank internet platform, then you can easily use the same login details for the mobile app.

Meanwhile, if you don’t have any access bank internet banking profile, then you can go ahead to register in order to get your login details which consist of your Login ID and password. Below is how to register and activate the Access Bank Mobile Banking App.

Access Bank Mobile Banking registration steps

  • After downloading the App, open it.
  • Click on Sign Up.
  • Navigate to the Terms & Conditions and click on ‘Agree’.
  • Input your 10-digit Nuban account number.
  • An authentication code will be sent on either your alertz number or email.
  • Enter the code into the provided space, then follow the on-screen guide to complete the access bank mobile app registration process.

If you finish the registration process, you have to unlock the device. Why this is done is to make it impossible for another device (smartphone) to be used to access or login your profile. So, to activate the access mobile banking app follow the steps below.

1). Click on the unlock device.
2). Type in your account number and user ID.
3). Input your transaction PIN.
4). You will receive a success message if you properly follow the steps.
5). The next step to take is to Go back to the login page, then go ahead and log in using User ID & Password or you can better still use the User ID and Fingerprint.

The steps above are all you need to take in order to activate the app, meanwhile, you can Tap the Menu button which is located on the top left corner of the app to get more banking options.

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