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Access Bank Code (Transfer Money, Check Balance, Buy Airtime & More)

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Access Bank USSD Code which is popularly known as access bank transfer code can be used to carry out many transactions from the comfort of your home.

Our chief aim of coming up with this article is to lecture Access Bank customers on how they can carry out their basic financial transactions using the Access Bank Code.

Below you will find out how to use the Access Bank Code to carry out simple transactions like checking your account balance, sending money to someone, buying airtime from your Access bank into your phone. The Access Bank USSD code is still the same thing as the access bank transfer code, access bank account balance code, access bank airtime recharge code and more.

Access Bank transfer code
Access Bank USSD code

The introduction of the Access Bank USSD Code has made banking a little bit easy for Access Bank customers. With the code, you don’t need to stand in long queues nor do you have to sit and wait for the customer cares in order to carry out any of your basic financial transactions as an Access Bank customer.

The introduction of the Code is also in line with the cashless policy which was introduced by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). The policy was also one of the reasons why the Automated Teller Machine (ATM) was introduced, which allow account holders to have access to their money and carry out basic financial transactions even on Public Holidays.

The introduction and development of the CBN cashless policy have led to the discovery and development of things like internet banking, mobile banking which consist of both the use of App and Code. Today we will be discussing more on the code and all the financial transactions you can carry out with the code.

Access Bank Code

The Access Bank Code is known by many Access Bank customers as access bank transfer code. But generally, it is classified under Access Bank Mobile Banking. One good thing about the code is that you don’t need an internet connection or a smartphone because even with the Nokia 3310, you can still carry out your financial transactions using the code.

Requirements to use the code

Below we will be listing some of the things that you must meet up with so you can be qualified to use the Code as an access bank customer.

1). Access Bank Account – Before you become qualified to use the code, you must ensure you have a Naira account with Access Bank.

2). Mobile Phone – This is the device that you will use in accessing the Access Bank Code platform and any phone whether a smartphone or not can do it, once it can receive and make calls.

3).  Alertz Number – This is actually the phone number which will be linked to your Access Bank Account

4). PIN or BVN – This consist of either your 4-digit Pin or the four last number on your Bank Verification Number.

5). You can also choose to add or change your transaction PIN using the *910#.

Things You Can Do with the Code

There are lots of things you could possibly accomplish with the Access Bank Code and some of them include;

*. Transfer money.
*. Purchase Airtime.
*. Purchase Data.
*. Open Account.
*. Check your Account Balance.
*. Bills Payment.
*. OTP Generation.
*. Cashless Withdrawal.
*. Payday Loan.
*. Increase Transaction Limit.
*. Merchant Payment.
*. Create or Reset Transaction PIN.

Access Bank Transfer Code

There are actually two different ways that you can possibly send money. First of all, you can decide to send money from your Access Bank account to another Access bank or you can decide to send money from your access bank account to another different bank in Nigeria. Below you will find the various codes that can be used for sending access bank financial transactions.

Access Bank to Access Bank Transfer

This is known as an intra-bank where you send money from your Access Bank account to another Access Bank account. There are two ways that you can actually send money from your access bank account to another access bank account.

1st step, Dial *901*1*Amount*Account Number# on the phone number linked to your account. After that, you will be required to input your 4 digits of your BVN or better still use your transaction PIN.

For instance, you intend to send 2,000 Naira to your friend using an access bank account (with 0123344755 account number). What you have to do is;

1). Dial *901*1*2000*0123344755#.
2). Enter your last four digits of your BVN or 4 digits PIN. You will be notified about your success if properly done well.

Below is the Second Step on how to transfer money from Access Bank to Access bank.
1). Dial *901#.
2). Press 1 to transfer to access bank.
3). Input your Last 4-digit of BVN or transaction PIN.

Access Bank to Other Bank Transfer

This banking method is called the interbank transfer which allows an access bank account holder to transfer money to other banks that are not Access Bank such as Gtb, Zenith, First, and more. Below is how you can send money from your Access Bank account to another different bank.

1). Dial *901*2*Amount*Account Number# on the number linked with your access bank account.
2). Confirm the recipient’s name.
3). Finally, input the 4-digit transaction PIN or the last 4-digits of your BVN.

Your bank (access bank) will notify if your transfer was done successfully.

Access Bank Account Balance Code

If you want to check how much is left in your Access Bank account, then all you have to do is simply dial *901*5#.

Access Bank Airtime Recharge Code (Self / Third Party)

If you want to purchase airtime for either your phone number or your loved ones, then you can do that using the codes which are below.

Access Bank Airtime Recharge Code for self

1). Dial *901*Amount# on your alertz number.
2). Finalize the airtime purchase by inputting your PIN or the last 4-digits of your BVN.

Airtime Recharge Code for Third Party

You can also buy airtime directly from your bank for either your family members or your friends, in order to do that follow the guideline below.

1). Dial *901*Airtime Amount*Recipient’s Number# on your alartz number. For instance to buy airtime N200 for your friend who owns this number (08069073945) go ahead and dial *901*200*08069073945#

2). Finalize the airtime purchase by inputting the last 4-digits of your BVN.

Access Bank Code for other Transactions

  • *901*3# – Bills Payment
  • *901*4*1# – OTP Generation
  • *901*3*Amount*Merchant Code# – Merchant Payment
  • *901*8# – Buy Data
  • *901*0# – Open an Account
  • *901*11# – Payday Loan

Note: For all those who have more than one account with Access Bank (Savings & Current, etc), you will need to select a default account and you can do that with the guideline below.

Dial *901#, then go ahead and click on number 8, also click on number 3 in order to Select default account.

Access Bank USSD Code Charges & Daily Limit

*. Limit on Fund Transfer: 100,000 Naira daily.
*. Limit on Airtime Recharge: Minimum of 50 Naira & Maximum of 5000 Naira Daily.
*. Network Charges: 2 – 5 Naira depending on the network you use (MTN, Glo, Airtel, 9mobile)
*. Transfer Charges: Access bank to access bank transfer is free, while access bank to other banks attracts 55 Naira.
*. Time Out: The maximum time to spend on the platform is 2 minute per session. Nevertheless, 20 seconds of inactivity will also time out.

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