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Airtel Night Browsing Code – Airtel Night Plans 1.5GB for N50 & More

Airtel night browsing code
Airtel night plan

The code for Airtel Night Browsing data plan which offers users a whooping 500MB for N25 and 1.5GB for just N50.

In this article, we focus on the Airtel Night Browsing Code and how to subscribe to airtel night plan. We will also be looking at the benefit of each airtel night data bundle plan.

Some of night data plans we will list below includes interesting offers like the 500MB for N25, the 1.5GB for N50. Some of them offer you lots of exciting Airtel Night bonuses and all you have to do to enjoy this offers is to find your desired plan and subscribe to it using the Airtel Night Browsing Code provided below.

Before the introduction of the latest airtel night plans, the hourly based Airtel Night plan used to be among the best data plans. It was most loved and enjoyed by those who engage more in unlimited downloads.

Airtel has replaced some of their old night data plans with new ones. One of the new Airtel night plans offer subscribers with 500MB for N25 and 1.5GB for N50.

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Airtel also introduced their 1GB data plan for N500 which will be valid for one week. Before we move, it is important to inform you that you can only be eligible to subscribe to the new plans listed above when y0u first subscribe to SmartTRYBE. To subscribe to SmartTRYBE dial the following Airtel Night Browsing Code *312# and reply with 1.

Airtel Night Browsing Code

Like we mentioned earlier, there are two newly introduced airtel night plans; the N25 for 500MB and the N50 for 1.5GB. we will also leave you with Airtel Night Browsing Code for checking all the airtel data bundles both night and day.

How to Subscribe to Airtel night plan

We mentioned earlier that the first thing to do before becoming eligible for this night plan services is to migrate to Airtel SmartTRYBE. To migrate dial *312# and select 1.

If you want to purchase the 500MB for N25 and the 1.5GB for N50 then dial the Airtel Night Browsing Code. To subscribe to any of the bundle dial *312# and choose 4. Both the 500MB for N25 and the 1.5GB for N50, are both valid from 12 am to 5 am for one night.

Airtel weekly Night plan offers you 1GB Airtel Night data for N500 which will be valid for 1 week (7days). To activate the 1GB Airtel night plan data for N500 dial *312# and select 2.

You can also activate the 1.5GB data for N200. One of the things we like about this package is that Airtel also gives you 30Min free call. To subscribe to this Night plan simply dial *312# and choose 4. This package is a weekend plan which is valid from Saturday to Sunday.

Unlike the MTN night plan which can only be subscribed to once every night, the Airtel night plan allows you to subscribe more than once a night.

How to Check Airtel Night Browsing Data Balance

There are different ways and codes that you could use in checking your Airtel Night Browsing data bundle. Below are the codes to dial in order to make you stronger.

Direct USSD Code for All Airtel Data Plans

As we promised, we will be listing the various Airtel night browsing codes for checking your airtel data. The code will help you quickly view your remaining airtel night plan bundle. What you have to do is dial the following USSD numbers:

  •  *141*11*0#
  • *123*10#
  • *141*712*0#

How to Check Airtel Night Browsing Balance via SMS

Just as the USD, you can also check your Airtel data balance via an SMS. This method can be used to check all Airtel data plan packages, apart from BlackBerry subscriptions, To view your data balance through an SMS, simply send Status to 141.

Meanwhile, if you are subscribed to the Airtel’s BlackBerry packages, then you can check your data balance using the special USSD Code. To check your Airtel mid-night BlackBerry plan bundle then simply dial *123*9# will cause your BlackBerry data balance to display immediately.

You can also decide to check your Airtel BlackBerry bundle via an SMS. To do this, you are required to SMS Status to 440 and your BlackBerry data balance will be sent through SMS.

How to Check Airtel Balance on SmartSpeedo

1). The first thing to do is to dial *141#
2). Press * and then send it and a new page will appear.
3). Press 7 which is ‘check balance’ and then send it. That’s all, and a notification containing your balance details alongside the validity date of the data.

This method shows all your airtel data balance normally whether Android data, airtel BlackBerry data balance, and bonus data balance.

Summary on Airtel Night Browsing Code

The Airtel Night Plan happens to be among the best data plans that are currently available. We are happy to have provided you with enough information on the Airtel Night Browsing Code and how to use them.

We were also able to provide you with enough information on how you can subscribe to all the cheapest Airtel Night Plan. While enjoying the Airtel Night Plan, don’t forget to share this post with your family, friends, and other airtel community.

Also, if there are other great Airtel Night Plan that we didn’t include in this post, then don’t hesitate to use the comment section to call our notice. Thanks for stopping by. We love you…

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