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AnonyTun Pro VPN for Android: How to Download 2023 Latest Version

Anonytun Pro VPN is a unique, supersonic fast VPN. I can confidently tell you that this device is a very high unlimited free Proxy dedicated to Android users.

For those who may not know what  AnonyTun Pro is all about, then, know that it is a free proxy Virtual private network AKA VPN. Read more about that VPN Here.

The AnonyTun Pro is a free proxy Virtual private network, that allows you to access proxy sites, protect your device privacy, protect WiFi security, and also lets you watch movies and videos.

If you have ever been restricted from accessing any site when browsing the internet from your country, then worry no more because, with the new Anonytun VPN, you can now freely access any of such sites.

Our major aim in coming up with this article is to show you how to download AnonyTun Pro VPN for your Android device and also show you how to utilize this app.

About AnonyTun Pro VPN

The AnonyTun VPN Pro is a super-fast VPN to proxy sites, which lets you pass around any type of Geo-restricted services. It also helps protects your privacy and WiFi security, while also allowing you to watch videos and movies of any kind, both those that have been restricted to be watched in your country.

To be able to download and install AnonyTun  VPN Proproxy with your Android smartphone, your Android device must be either 9 API or above. Installing this app is very simple.

AnonyTun Pro VPN

Download AnonyTun Pro VPN app

Should in case you be interested in downloading this in other to explore the internet with your device, then you can download AnonyTun Pro VPN in two various ways.

Below is how to download AnonyTun Pro VPN on your Android smartphone:

1). Download the AnonyTun Pro VPN on your Android smartphone through  Google Playstore.
2). For those, whose smartphones don’t support downloading things from Google Playstore, then we suggest you quickly download the App on your smartphone from Apkpure.

The next thing you should do after downloading the application on your smartphone is to install the application and that is all. That’s how easy it is.

You can learn how to use the application with your common sense. And one good thing about the AnonyTun Pro VPN is its simplicity.

Features Of Anonytun Pro VPN

We want to list out some of the features of Anony Tun Pro VPN in order to help you further fully utilize this application. Below are some of its benefits.

1). You don’t need to register.
2). IP vanish/ IP Fake.
3). It’s completely free to download and install.
4). No root required.
5). Supersonic fast AnonyTun Pro speed proxy.
6). Easy to use.
7). Connect it with just one click.
8). It has lots of countries to connect to.
9). It’s User-friendly and a clean user interface.
10). Hotspot VPN.
11). It can Bypass any type of restriction.
12). It is a Proxy VPN for VOIP.
13). Secured and fast.
14). It doesn’t have a Bandwidth limitation.
15). Proxy any apps and sites in any country.
16). TCP Tunnel, HTTP Tunnel, and SSL Tunnel.
17). And more…

Note: The Application that we discussed above can be downloaded from other third-party websites online. The smart VPN app by default automatically connects your device to the fastest and nearest server in order to give you both a high speed, coupled with a secure connection.

Old Versions

  • V1.0.2
  • V1.0.4 9.6 MB APK
  • V1.0.9 9.6 MB APK
  • V1.1.1 9.6 MB APK
  • V1.1.4 9.6 MB APK
  • V1.1.6 9.7 MB APK


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