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How to Easily Obtain Permanent Residency in Australia

Gaining permanent residency in Australia is a burning desire for most foreigners. This is because Australia is one of the best countries in the world to both live, study, work, and also raise a family.

Australia is one of the best countries in the world based on many ranking indices like security, the quality of life, ambiance scenery, a steady economy, and diverse multicultural society.

Australia is a migrant-friendly country, with one of the most flexible and friendliest immigration policies in the world. They also have lots of various visa category that offers a number of pathways to Australia permanent residency to its holders.

So if you’re planning to immigrate to Australia, choosing the right type of visa should be your top-most priority.

Benefits Of Obtaining Australia Permanent Residency

  • You become eligible to leave and enter Australia freely.
  • Your living and working condition in Australia becomes indefinite.
  • Permanent Residency status is the main pathway for citizenship.
  • As a Permanent Resident, you enjoy as many rights as an Australian.
  • Australian Permanent Residents can sponsor their loved loves to Australia.
  • You have the right to apply for consular assistance abroad.
  • Children given birth in Australia while you’re an Australian permanent resident automatically become an Australian citizen by birth.

There are many other benefits of becoming a permanent resident in Australia. So, now let’s outline how to obtain a permanent residency in Australia and the three (3) major visa categories that will guarantee you an Australian PR status.

How to Get Permanent Residency in Australia

1). Find the right visa for you. See a list of them below.
2). Check if you meet the visa requirements.
3). Apply for an Australian Migrant Visa.
4). Wait for a decision.
5). Get your visa! You can now permanently reside in Australia

List Of Visa Options For Permanent Residence

1. Family Stream Permanent Residency Visa

Australia cares so much about a family reunion, that’s the reason they’ve introduced the “Family Stream Permanent Residency Visa” which is aimed at reuniting families. There are different subcategories under this visa stream and they include:

  • Partner Visa: This visa is for a prospective spouse who desires to join their partner in Australia. Just like every other country, Australia frowns seriously at marriage fraud. If you’re caught you’ll be dealt with harshly. Nevertheless, if your intentions are clean, then this visa stream can become a pathway to your Permanent Residency status in Australia just provided you meet all the eligibility requirements.
  • Parent Visa: If your child is an Australian citizen or permanent resident then this visa is for you. You can also become a permanent resident via this stream.
  • Child Visa: This visa is for children outside Australia who have their parent(s) living in Australia. The visa allows the children to easily move into Australia to stay with their parents.
  • Relative Visa: This visa stream is for those who want to sponsor their relatives to move into Australia, just provided they meet all eligibility criteria.

2. Work Stream Permanent Residency Visas

This Australia visa stream is for people/workers who can work or have skills or work experience. This stream usually favors those who have skills that are highly in demand in Australia or workers who have job offers from employers in Australia. This visa stream has other various subcategories and they include:

  • The Medium Term TSS 482 Visa: This is an employer-sponsored visa stream that allows employers in Australia to sponsor international skilled immigrants whose skills they believe would have a lasting and positive impact on the economy of Australia.
  • 457 Visa To PR: This visa stream is categorized under the TRT (Temporary Residence Transition). 457 Visa holders that have been consecutively working for two years with the same Australian employer and have shown themselves invaluable can be qualified to apply for the Australian Permanent Residency through the ‘TRT’ (Temporary Residence Transition) stream.
  • Temporary Graduate Visa (485 To PR): This is another visa stream that is available to new graduates from accredited Universities in Australia. The 485 visa holders can both work and live in Australia for a period of two to four years (2-4 years). You can use the work experience gathered to apply for Permanent Resident.
  • 489 Visa To PR: This stream is for foreign skilled immigrants that have been working in one particular region for up to two (2) years. One of the main requirements is that you live in a regional area for two (2) years at least and also work full time.
  • State Sponsorship To PR: If you’re a foreign skilled worker with the required experience and skills that are listed in the State Nomination Occupation and you’ve also shown willingness to live and work in that particular state, then you could be qualified for a State Government nomination.

Investment or Business-Stream Permanent Visas (Subclass 888)

This is a state-nominated visa stream for entrepreneurs, business owners, and investors who desire to invest a huge amount of money into the Australian economy. This stream also has various subcategories under it alongside different investment requirements.

  • Business Innovation Stream: To be qualified for this stream, you must have a subclass 188 in the business innovation stream, subclass 444 visa, or some holders of the subclass 457 visa, and also show proof of ongoing business activities.
  • Investor Stream: This visa category allows you to continue your investment activities in Australia on a permanent basis. For applicants to be eligible for this visa stream, they must hold a subclass 188 in the investor stream and very importantly held a designated investment of AUD 1.5 million in the last 4 years.
  • Significant Investor Stream: This visa stream allows investors to permanently continue their investment activities in Australia. For applicants to be qualified, they must hold a subclass 188 visa in the Significant Investor stream, and most importantly held a complying investment of about AUD 5 million in the last four (4) years.
  • Premium Investor Stream: This visa stream allows investors to permanently continue their investment activities in Australia. For applicants to be qualified, they must hold a subclass visa in the Premium Investor stream for 12 months and most importantly have held a complying investment of about AUD 15 million for the duration of your subclass visa.
  • Entrepreneur Stream: This stream allows entrepreneurs to indefinitely continue their activities in Australia. For applicants to be eligible for this stream they must hold a subclass 188 visa in the Entrepreneur stream and must have lived in Australia for 2 years at least while on subclass 188 visa and must demonstrate a successful Entrepreneur record in Australia while they held the subclass 188 visa.

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