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All-time 6 Best Music Downloader Apps for Android 2023

The main purpose of coming up with this article is to reveal to you the 6 best music downloader apps for Android. This article is dedicated to music lovers who love to download or listen to music online. There are thousands of Android music apps and thousands of websites where you can go download your favorite songs.

Today we shall be revealing to you the best music downloader apps for Android. The Apps listed all have all come with their unique features that the users will enjoy. So, it’s up to you to choose the one that best suits your personality.


There are many reasons why people love music, while some music lovers, see music as just the combination of appealing instrumentals and vocals, others see it as a medium of relaxing their nerves and bringing peace and balance to the soul. Most also use music as a medium of expressing those deep thoughts that they find difficult to say through music.

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Whatever your own definition may be, the good news is, there are thousands of various music downloader apk for Android that allows you to listen to music either offline or online. With these apps, you even have the option of downloading them straight to your device. We have carefully selected the best music downloader apps for Android. Below is the list of Apps to download music to your Android.


Best Music Downloader Apps for Android

Mp3 Music Download

We added the Mp3 Music Download app as first on the list because it is literally one of the best Free Music Downloader for your Android smartphone. This app comes in with different amazing features and allows you to download mp3 songs and music.

The Mp3 Music Download app could be the best mp3 songs downloader for your Android Smartphone. The app has a seamless interface and ships in with all genres of songs for free. You can easily search for songs, play it first on the app if you wish, then download it straight to your Android smartphone. You can also cut the Mp3 song and set it as your ringtone. Download from Google PlayStore Here.

Advantages of Mp3 Music Download


*. Friendly User-interface.
*. Fast Download.
*. Easily search/Download for songs Online.


Songily music downloader app allows you to both search and listens to music online. This app has more than 4 million downloads by Android users on Google PlayStore. Downloading songs with this app is very simple as it has a friendly user-interface and the music that you download from this device can also be shared with other people outside.

You can even download a song that you want to rehearse with your group and share it to all your group members through the latest Flash Share APK without wasting much of your time, you can download it from Google PlayStore and listen to your favorite songs. Download from Google PlayStore Here.

Advantages of  Songily Music Downloader

*. You are allowed to select songs from the “Top Charts” section.
*. Songily allows you to both searches and listens to songs online.
*. It allows you to download songs in Mp3 format for free.

Shared Music

Shared music is one of the best music downloader which has more than 2 million users and comes in with uniques features for music lovers.  This site allows you to easily download Mp3 songs on your Android smartphone. They have a user-friendly interface that is straight to the point and are known as the largest file-sharing site. Download from Google PlayStore Here.

Advantages of Shared Music Downloader

*. Seamless Navigation
*. Gives you free 15-gigabyte cloud storage.

Spotify Music

Spotify is among the Best Music Downloader Apps for Android. It has always been loved and used by many music lovers especially those that reside in countries like Europe and the US. Though this app cannot be accessed by all the countries, countries like Australia, Asian countries, New Zealand. For those countries who can’t access this app, you can use the Latest 2019 Version of AnonyTun Pro VPN for Android to enjoy all the features like Europe and US countries.

Spotify has many different songs from various singers that are on their library. This app also allows you to both search and create your own list of songs or use other people’s playlist. This apps also has the premium version that you have to pay for and it will allow you to enjoy wider song download. Nevertheless, the free Spotify music downloader, you have access to over 20 million songs. Download from Google PlayStore Here.

Advantages of Spotify Music Downloader

*. There is an Offline mode where you play songs even without the internet.
*. There are no intrusive ads when using this app.
*. You stream songs at 320 kilobits per second.
*. This app is not just for Android, it can still be accessed by other devices.
*. The paid version has high-quality sound.

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Google Play Music

I don’t know if Google intends to take over everything facet of technology, they have been almost everywhere except for their failed social media concept. Google Play Music allows you access to millions of songs for free streaming and download. Download from Google PlayStore Here.

Advantages of Google Play Music Downloader

*. It comes with an in-built Radio that can be listened to offline.
*. It supports so many formats such as Mp3, WMA, ACC, OGG and FLAC.
*. You can stream and download over 2 million songs.


For those who enjoy downloading music online using either their  Android phones, iPhone, PC, then you can use the Freemusicdownloads. This platform allows you to easily download your favorite music, album, and songs from different artists. You can even download from either Youtube or any Music Video URL with the Freemusicdownloads. You can get that Here.

Advantages of Freemusicdownloads Music Downloader App

*. Freemusicdownloads is more like a Video Converter.
*. You enjoy free downloads.
*. It offers you more music videos.


There you have it on All-time 6 Best Music Downloader Apps for Android. The Apps allows you to both searches, locate and download your favorite music from your favorite artist. Most of them offer Over 3 million free music at your disposal. And they are currently available on Google PlayStore. Just go and explore the apps for yourself.

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