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Top 30 Hottest PPSSPP Games For Android Smartphones

PSP games for Android
PPSSPP computer games

PPSSPP Games is among one of the best games that you can play on your mobile phones. A lot of our previous articles had been mostly about games and top sites where you can download games. I remember we also made an article on How To Download And Install Winning Eleven 2019 On Android, iOS & PC. In fact, last week was for game lovers. Unfortunately, many computer game lovers really don’t know what the term PPSSPP really means. Without wasting much of your time, PPSSP is an acronym word for “PlayStation Portable Simulator Suitable for Playing Portable.

PPSSPP computer games are known to be an accessible source for PSP-emulator which also ships in with features like gameplay speed and portability for Android smartphones (PSP games for Android), MacOS, ioS, BlackBerry 10, Windows, Symbian, and Linux.

PSP games for Android

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Before now, these games were particularly dedicated for Android and Microsoft Windows. But with the improvement in technology and in a bid to carry every one a long, PSP games initiators have also included both BlackBerry, Symbian, Linux, iOS, and macOS.

The amazing computer game PPSSPP is licensed under GNU GPLv2, which was actually the first release date (1st November 2012). The ppsspp games are motivated by Dolphin emulator; Henrik Rydgard the co-founders, who sculpted the PPSSPP project.

To cut the long story short, the main purpose of this article is to acquaint you all with the top 30 best PPSSPP Games for Android you can download and start playing immediately. Please note that before you can play PlayStation Portable Games on your mobile device like on iOS, Android, & Windows you will first, download a working PSP Emulator. Finally, you can proceed to download and install the Best PPSSPP Games for Android that you desire.

30 Best PPSSPP Games for Android


PPSSPP computer games

Long before now, God of War used to be my favorite ppsspp game, so let me brief you a little bit about the game. Chains of Olympus is an addictive third-person action-adventure game, where the Kratos AKA the Ghost of Sparta was ordered by the gods to venture the underworld after darkness has swallowed the whole earth.

The game reveals quick time events that you can use and defeat stronger bosses. The exciting part of this game is that all the game players have access to use three magical attacks at a spot when it comes to combat options.

2). Spider-Man 2

The spider-man game is another addictive game just the way the movie is addictive too. The spider-man game is also among the best PPSSPP games for Android. The game will give you a direct experience that will be equivalent to the one you get from the Marvel Super Hero in the movie. You have to combat the new Sinister Six, that opened a dimensional portal that will summon endless versions of themselves in New York. The file size is 490MB, you can use the link above to download it.

3). Spider-Man 3

Do you remember the joke-cracking and web-slinging Spider-Man, this is his return. When it boils down to PSP games, Spider-Man is one of the best PPSSPP games for Android smartphones. You will experience a lot of combat as well as much swinging across the city. Spider-Man 3 allows players to experience for the first time ever, the darker, more mysterious black-suited persona of the Spiderman as you experience more actions of heroic Spider-Man. With all sincerity, this game is among the best PSP Emulator games for Android. The file size is 1.4GB and you can use the link above to download the game.


Here is another amazing creation from Konami and it is called the Pro Evolution Soccer. This soccer game is the 17th installment in PES series and has been released across the globe in September 2017 ( ppsspp games download).

This soccer game also comes with a sumptuous mode just like the Super Cup, UEFA Champions League, Europa League coupled with the Borussia Dortmund partnership and licenses. If you love soccer games, then you need to get this under your hood.

5). Space Invaders Extreme

Space Invader is an amazing and interesting game, that is the reason it was added as one of the best PPSSPP games for Android. The game is an upgrade of Space Invader which features combo systems, boss combats, new music etc. Space Invaders Extreme’s file size is 57MB.
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6). WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2011

This game ships in with some new staff and you can control the place the person plays. There is no combat between sexes, moreover, there are many categories. File size is 1.1 GB

7). King Kong (Peter Jackson)

The story talks about Ann, an under rescue by Jack, and other features here. Meanwhile, a giant ape intends to do the same and that is the interesting thing about this game. Also, the game is one o the best PSP Emulator games for Android. The file size is 386MB.

8). Sonic Rivals 2

Here is another Backbone Entertainment game which was supervised by Sega Studio of the USA. This game is also recognized as one of the best PPSSPP games for Android smartphone in 2018. There have been an addition of three new characters, upgraded signature moves for each character and extra 12 new stages, which offers an unbeatable experience.  File size is 192MB.

9). Sonic Rival

Here come another best PSP Emulator games for Android. This interesting game is about Sonic world and it is the first series of Sonic Rivals. File size is 82MB.

10). Iron Man

You can play Iron Man which is one of the most interesting games on your PSP. This game is also one of the best PPSSPP games for Android phones. Iron Man is the superhero which has its origin from the blockbuster movie. File size is 431MB.

11). Clash of the Titans

This game sees the characters in it trying to stop Dr. Cortex and Coco from their plans. Coco is Dr. Cortex’s sister and the game has some new graphics. This game is also among the best PSP Emulator games for Android phones. File size is 482MB and you can use the link above to download it.

12). Iron Man 2

This game is from the popular movie way back in 2010 and you control the Iron Man and other characters. The game is among the best PSP Emulator games for Android smartphones. The file size is 641MB.


Lord of Arcana is one of the best PPSSPP Games for Android phones. The Lord of Arcana is just a 3D battle-style game, where the main character has to face different powerful enemies (including monstrous dragons).  This game has millions of people who play & talk about it.

14). Ben 10- Protector of Earth

In this game, players control networks of the cartoon and guess what? it features Ben Tennyson! There are a lot of combats, as the players try to save the day. The game is among the best PSP Emulator games for Android phones. The file size is 472MB, also use the link above to download it.

15). TEKKEN 6

The title of this game is Tekken 6. It is the PSP Game of Dark Resurrection blood and guts fighting video game. Moreover, this game is the seventh game installment in the Tekken series.

Tekken 6 has millions of users across the world, thereby making one of the most played computer games in the globe. See ppsspp games download for android.

16). Grand Theft Auto (Chinatown Wars)

Here comes one of my favorite games, Grand theft Auto. This game ranks high on my list of best PPSSPP games for Android phones. Don’t be surprised that controlling the son of the mob boss Triad is obtainable in the city. This game features revenge, Money, which make this game one of the most popular games. File size is 523MB.


You can detect what the activities in this game will look like just from the title. It is self-explanatory just as the name states. WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2011 is a professional wrestling game with 100% WWE Authentic.

There are over 70 WWE Superstars that you can freely use or equally wrestle with, this is because the new arenas and 100+ match types –simply show live on the TV making it accessible to all wrestling lovers.

Players can leave a path and can also advance through the new road of WrestleMania. They also freely control their quest. Bear it in mind that players are allowed to roam freely in live WWE arena and can break into impromptu brawls and matches and go toe-to-toe with WWE Superstars.

18). Avatar (The Last Airbender)

This game is one of the best action cartoon games. THQ Studio of Australia recently developed the console version. The file size is 114MB and this game is one of the best PPSSPP Games for Android phones.

19).Call of Duty (Roads of Victory)

Call of Duty (Roads of Victory) is the third category which features a European theatre. This game is also among the best PPSSPP games for Android phones. The file size is 408MB and you can download it with the link above.

20). FIFA 2018

It’s not new that FIFA 2018 is one of the best PPSSPP games for Android phones. It features an impressive graphics, mesmerizing excitement and the amazing commentary results to in making this game a hard to resist. Updates of this game are provided regularly and the clubs are the same with football in the real world. File size is 1.2GB.

21). Tomb Raider Legend

See the game from the popular Tomb Raider movie by Lara which was developed by Crystal Dynamics and they are predecessors of Core Design for this role. This game is also among the best PSP Emulator games for Android phones. The file size is 862MB.

22). Prince of Persia (The Forgotten Sand)

This game is featured from the Sands of Time movie and it is set up between the two games. File size is 443MB.

23). Tekken (Dark Resurrection)

This game is the brain work of Banzai Nanco Game and the game shows some different characters in many modes and they include Tournament, Ranking, etc. File size is 1.1 GB.

24). Mortal Combat (Unchained)

This game is another fascinating game with lots of amazing features. This game comes in different modes with many modes. File size is 943MB.

25). Need For Speed (Most Wanted)

This is my favorite racing game and it’s one of the best. It features amazing graphics, great play  and easy navigation. This racing game is dope and among one of the best PPSSPP games for Android phones with lots of categories. File size is 169MB.

26). Need For Speed (Shift)

This dope game offers an authentic experience and portrays cars with high performance. The file size of this game is 667MB.

27). X Men Origin (Wolverine)

The game is taken from the movies X men origin, the game is a story about Wolverine and among the best PSP Emulator games for Android phones. File size is 404MB.

28). Avatar (The Last Airbender)

This game is gotten from the popular action cartoon game and it currently has a console version which was produced by THQ Studio of Australia. File size is 114MB and among the best PPSSPP Games for Android phones.

29). Beowulf

This game is about a legend that has the strength of 30 men and brutality, and arrogance shows. This game is among the best PSP Emulator games for Android phone. The size file is 713 MB.

30). Assassin’s Creed (Bloodline)

This game is a story about the assassination of the leaders of Templar and the travels of Altair. This game is one of my favorite and among the best PSP Emulator games for Android phones. File size is 519MB.

Final Thought

This is where we come to an end with the topic Best PPSSPP games for Android phones that you can download and play, using the download link that has been provided alongside the game description. You can leave your thought about this article and also do well to share this article with any game community or group that you know. See you in the next post. Until we meet again, bye for now.


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