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Bet9ja Old Mobile 2021: Old Mobile Bet9ja Website and App Download

How To Play Your Bet9ja Virtual Soccer Game On Android Smartphones

Bet9ja Old Mobile also known as Old Mobile Bet9ja is not a strange word for bettors in Nigeria. Today we are going to show you the official website of Bet9ja Old Mobile and how you can download the Bet9ja Old Mobile App. But before that, let’s look at some basic information about bet9ja.

What is Bet9ja?

Bet9ja is an online platform where you play your respective bets. They are also one of the biggest gambling sites currently in Nigeria and you can stake your games from the comfort of your home using your smartphone or any other device used in connecting to the internet.

They also have their physical stores in almost all the states in Nigeria where those who don’t know how to play their games online or for some other reasons go to.

What is the Meaning Of Bet9ja Old Mobile?

Bet9ja Old Mobile is the old version of the link and app used in accessing one of the biggest Nigerian bet site called Bet9ja. Bet9ja is more prominent in Nigeria and if you are a Bet player living in Nigeria, then chances are that you might have definitely heard or come across this website.

Difference Between Bet9ja Old Mobile & the New Version?

Whenever the issue of which bet9ja version is better is discussed on various social media platforms or a group of bet9ja players, you will notice that the whole place usually explodes with diverse arguments.

And even if you are using the new bet9ja version, you still find out that there are still a good number of bettors still using the Old bet9ja mobile version. So, if you are wondering what the difference between the old bet9ja mobile and the new version is? Don’t worry, we have made a list of the major differences between the new bet9ja mobile and the old version below:

1. The old bet9ja version has a simple interface which allows users to easily find their way around the portal. But the new one is a little bit more sophisticated than the old.
2. The old version’s layout focuses on the core service of bet9ja which is online sports betting. But the new version features so many new features which most people see as unnecessary.
3. Many bet9ja bettors are already accustomed with the layout and design of the old bet9ja mobile, while they are still yet to completely accept the changes on the new version.
4. Unlike the old bet9ja mobile version, the new is not really too compatible with old mobile phones.

Why Do People Prefer Bet9ja Old Mobile?

The good thing is that Bet9ja now has a new version, but the suprising thing is “why do people still prefer to use the Old mobile bet9ja?”. We took a survey through various channels like facebook, chat with the neighbours, we also asked our friends who plays bet9ja why they prefer the old version.

In addition to that we sent delegates who went to local bet9ja shops to interview most of the people who prefer to use the old bet9jia mobile version, and here’s a list of all the replies they gave to use.

1. It has a simple user-friendly interface.
2. Most people are already used to the desighn and layout.
3. The old bet9ja mobile version goes straight to the point of providing you with the core bet9ja service which is sports betting online.
4. It is compatible with even old versions of smartphones as opposed to the new bet9ja mobile version.

What are the Features Of Bet9ja Old Mobile?

There are lots of features of the old bet9ja version, and most of them are similar to the new version of bet9ja mobile, although with some major improvements. Without further wasting of time, below are some of the features of the old version of bet9ja:

1). It goes straight to the point of providing users what they want – Sports Betting Online.
2). It features a clean and friendly user interface.
3). Compatible with even old version of smartphones.
4). The design and layout are simple and easy to understand.
5). It can carry out all the major task that the new mobile version can.

How Do I Get Bet9ja Old Mobile?

There are actually two ways you can access the old bet9ja if you enjoy its simplicity. You can decide to access the portal by visiting the old Bet9ja mobile website right here. Or you can just go ahead and download the old Bet9ja App below.

How Do I Download The Old Mobile Bet9ja App?

If you want to download the Old bet9ja mobile version, then simply Click Here.  Now that you know where to download the bet9ja old version app, let’s see some of the features of this old bet9ja app.


  1. Carry out live betting.
  2. Book your bets easily.
  3. Easily check your bet slip.
  4. Login bet9ja portal with just one touch.
  5. Allows you to access the complete official old Bet9ja website and its features.
  6. Make deposit and withdrawals within the app.
  7. Allows you do everything that can be done directly from the website with ease.

How Can I Access The Old Bet9ja Mobile Official Website?

You can easily access the old bet9ja mobile official website by simply clicking HERE and it will take you to the Old Bet9ja official page.

About Bet9ja Virtual Soccer Game

We were able to come up with this article as a result of a series of research that my team and I have undergone to make this article a reality. Bet9ja virtual soccer game is nothing but a programmed football match that has been programmed by the coders(AKA programmers) to move in a certain direction. You can find lots of games there but they are centered on the professional football teams.

Bet9ja virtual soccer league is made up of 16 teams and they play a total number of  30 Matches (games) and the result of the games are usually comes out that same day. The various teams play a total number of  30 games with 3 mins duration for each match.

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How Do I Play Bet9ja Virtual Soccer On The Old Version?

To learn how to play bet9ja virtual soccer on Android phones Simply follow the guidelines below:

1). Navigate to bet9ja official website  [www.bet9ja.com].

2). Go straight to the category where you see virtual, click on it.

3). Go ahead and select the “virtual soccer”.

4). You can immediately begin to place your respective bets.

Final Word

How was it, very simple? We believe this comprehensive article, you can now know How To Play Your Bet9ja Virtual Soccer Game On Android Phones. This is where we call it a day with this topic and we hope it was helpful. If you have any question or contribution regarding this article, please don’t hesitate to let us know using the comment section. Lastly, please and please, don’t forget to share this article and subscribe to get more interesting articles. See you in the next article.

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