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Chan131 ~ Watch TV Shows Online Free (Ch131 Alternatives)

Ch131 which is an acronym of Channel 131, is a website which allows its users to watch TV shows online without paying for it. The URL of this website is actually Chan131 and we will be showing you how to download and watch TV shows for free on this site.

Also note, there are other best alternatives to chan131 which we will reveal below. Although, a few may require you to jailbreak your firestick device if you have one.


Apart from Ch 131, there are other great websites where you can watch and download free TV shows online. Last week, we discussed other such websites like the 02tvseries, and more that will be listed below. These websites that will be mentioned can also serve as worthy alternatives to Ch131.

Our prime purpose of discussing more of these websites since last week is to offer you unlimited alternative choices that are already available for you to utilize.

Though quite a number of people are aware of chan 131 and everything the site offers, yet there are those who don’t know anything about this website. For those who have fainted knowledge of this site, we are here to guide you on how to seamlessly navigate through this site.

Like we mentioned earlier, Channel 131 official website is [www chan131.in] and it is dedicated to offering various TV shows to its users for free.


Features of Channel 131

Below are some of the features of channel 131 so.
*. Have thousands of Tv Shows and Movies.
*. User-friendly interface.
*. Constantly update their files.
*. Every show to be Aired is always displayed on home-page.
*. They offer only Tv shows/Movies.
*. You can watch and download TV shows/ movies for free

Ch 131 all in one place for TV Shows

There are most websites that offer only movies, while some focus on just shows, chan131 focus more on TV shows, though they also offer movies.

Just like Waptrick, chan131 also have other categories like music, movie, though at the time of writing they are not yet active. The homepage of the website [chan131.in], is where you see the major sessions which comprise of TV shows airing today and recently added TV Shows respectively.

Ch131 Alternatives

1). o2tvseries.com [Officia website: www.o2tvseries.com]
2). toxicwap.com [Officia website: www.toxicwap.com]
3). 123Movies.To [www.123Movies.To]
4). SolarMovie [www.SolarMovie.is]
5). Primewire [www.Primewire.ag]
6). MegaShare [www.MegaShare.Sc]

Channel 131
Channel 131 Hope-Page

ch131 TV Shows Airing Today

As we earlier mentioned, Ch131 home page, displays a description of the show that they will be airing each day, while the other shows you the recently added TV show.

One good thing about chan131 website is that they constantly update their TV shows with the latest that has been released and also inform you about it on their home page. You can decide to wait in front of your TV set to watch the TV show or watch it on their website anytime it becomes available.

ch131 Recently Added TV Shows

You find this session on the homepage of the website, which they use in informing their users of the recently added TV show on their website.

You can decide to even watch the show straight from that session. Apart from watching TV shows online on channel 131, which is absolutely free, you can also download TV shows from chan131. And both watching the Tv shows and downloading are all for free.

How To Watch TV Shows On Channel 131

To watch online TV shows on channel 131 is very simple. But to avoid mistakes, follow the guideline below to easily watch your favourite TV show on Ch131.

1). Navigate to Ch131 website [chan131.in]
2). Click on the  TV show episode that you desire.
3). Under the description, Tap on any server tabs there. Example [‘Berlin Station’ then select either ‘vshare’, ‘Vidlox’, ‘Vidoza’ and Openload].
4). After selecting any of the video players and it displays, just click on the ‘play button’.
5). It will take some seconds, and boom! your TV show will begin to play. It’s just the simple step on how to watch TV shows online on Ch131.

Note: To download any TV show or the one you are watching on Channel 131, simply choose the Vidlox server option and on the video player, what you have to do is click on the ‘download icon’.

About Chan131 Movies

We earlier mentioned that ch131 website also offers movies, though the session is inactive, meaning, chan131 movie section is not live. We suggested other websites where you can get both TV shows and movies above. But if you don’t like the ones that have been mentioned above, then Click Here for more sites with thousands of movies, all for free.


We will be drawing the curtain here on this topic. we are glad you now know how to download on Channel 131, Watch TV Shows Online Free On Chan131, and everything that you ought to know about Ch131. Thanks for actually stopping by.


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