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Football Combination Bets And Today’s Prediction

Do you know what a Football Combination Bets means? Do you want to see Today’s football prediction forecasted by experts? You’re on the right page.

In this page, we explained all you need to know about football combination bets and also added some soccer predictions “Sure Bankers” that you can play and win. We’re 90% certain about our predictions because they are forecasted by experts. Before we list our prediction for today, what do you understand by the term “Football Combination Bet”?

Combination Bets (Football)

A football combination bet simply consists of multiple football bets on a series of selections. The same stake is typically placed for each of the bets. Football combination bet is the combination of different single games in one slip. They help increases the number of ways you can win.

For instance you have $10 (#4,400) to stake for a football match during a typical match day that consist of five or more football matches. You can decide to use your $10 to stake in a single football match. If the team you side wins just as you might have predicted, then your payouts will be attractive. But if the odds are against you (i.e if you lose), then you’ll also lose your whole $10 in one go.

You may also want to use the combination method which allows you to predict the outcome of two or more matches in a single slip. If all your predictions are right, the profit you will make from the combination method will be far bigger than the single-game prediction.

For Instance…

There are three different English Premier League games slated to be played in the coming days and you want to bet on the games. And the way you predicted the result of each football games are as followed:

1). Liverpool vs. Swansea City – You predicted Liverpool to Win (odds of 1.85)

2). Man City vs. Arsenal – You predicted Man City to win (odds of 2.10)

3). Man United vs. Chelsea – You predicted Man United (odds of 2.50)

If you were to make the prediction separately and you stake $10 for each of the game, if all your predictions where right this is how much you will make:

  • If Liverpool Wins – Returns $18.50 (Profit $8.50)
  • If Man City Wins – Returns $21.00 (Profit $11)
  • If Man United Wins – Returns $25.00 (Profit $15)

NB: If all of them go right, your total profit is $34.50. If your prediction on any of the games goes wrong, it doesn’t stop you from receiving payment from the others that you predicted correctly.

But with a combination bet, your football prediction will yield you almost $300 if all the three predictions comes out successful. And, this is because the odds for each of the games you predict are MULTIPLIED. Here’s the formula;

2.50 x 2.10 x 1.85 = 9.713  Stake $30 and your potential return will equal = $291.38 [9.713 x 30 = 291.38]

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Football Combination Bets

One of the obvious pros of using a combination bets football prediction method is the compound interest from the multiplication of odds from each game you predict. Most people use combination bets football predictions to even win life-changing sums of money from small stakes.

One of the trade-off or downside is that once any game from the list of games you’ve staked goes wrong (i.e didn’t happen as you predicted), in most cases, you may not be given anything including your staking amount even if the rest of your football predictions were right.

You can actually make a living out of football prediction if you are good at analyzing and predicting the outcome of football matches. Below are some of our predictions for tomorrows matches.

Best Soccer Picks (18/9/2020 – Prediction)

combination bets football

  • Bayern Munich vs. Schalke – Bayern Munich to win or draw
  • Vorwarts Steyr vs. SV Kapfenberg – Vorwarts Steyr to win or draw
  • FK Austria Vienna II vs. Grazer AK – FK Austria Vienna II to win or draw
  • FC Wacker Innsbruck vs. Floridsdorfer AC – FC Wacker Innsbruck to win or draw
  • Rapid Vienna II vs FC Juniors OO – FC Juniors OO to win or draw
  • FC Dornbirn 1913 vs Austria Klagenfurt – Austria Klagenfurt to win or draw

NB: We know the odds may not be too high, but at least you have nothing to lose. Give us feedback when you win and also do well to share this post so others can smile like you.

Book mark this page because we will always update this page with the latest football prediction. CHEERS…

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