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CoolMoviez 2020 | How to Download Free Movies on CoolMoviez.Net

Coolmoviez free movies download
CoolMoviez HomePage

Coolmoviez is another website that offers its users movies to stream and download free of charge. They offer Bollywood movies and Hollywood movies in English, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Punjabi, Marathi, Gujarati, Bhojpuri and Bengali. You can decide to visit the website directly using your tablets, PC, and mobile phones or you can decide to visit through their application (Coolmoviez App).

For most people, streaming and downloading movies online is the highest entertainment and only exercise they know how to do best. If you happen to be such a person, then you have just landed on the right page. Today in this article, we will show you how to download free movies from CoolMoviez. In addition to that, we will also show you other websites like CoolMovies [CoolMoviez alternatives].

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Before we show you how to download movies from the website, we would like to share some of the features of this website that will help you identify it as soon as you come across it. Besides, with the features, you will be able to know how the website works. You can even navigate the website easily and download movies quickly for free.


Cool movies, just like the name implies is a cool place to stream movies all day long. They have both Bollywood movies and Hollywood movies dubbed in Hindi and Tamil. On this section, you will find some of the characteristics AKA features of CoolMoviez.Net

Coolmoviez.Net Movies category
Coolmoviez’s Movies category

1). They lots of cool Movies that you will definitely enjoy.
2). All the movies you find on the website can be downloaded free of charge.
3). They also have both Bollywood movies and western movies dubbed in Hindi and Tamil.
4). The website can be accessed by anybody without registration or filling out surveys.
5). The website has a clean and clear user interface in addition to the ‘search button’ which aid users to get straight to any file that is present on the website.
6). You can stream and download the new 2017/2018/2019 and**2020 Hollywood Cool Movies (Hindi and English).
7). Getting new movies on Coolmoviez is a norm because they update their platform with lots of new movies.
8). Unlike most movie websites, Cool Moviez allows you to see movies that are yet be released (Cool Movies Trailers).
9). Another selling point of this website is its download speed. You can speedily download movies from the website provided your internet connection is good.

Download Latest Cool Movies from CoolMoviez

If you read the features of CoolMoviz, you will realize that we mentioned about the fast download speed of the website. If you want to download lots of movies and you are scared it will take much of your time, then worry no more because, with CoolMoviez, you will be able to download lots of movies in few minutes.

In the next section, you will find out how to download new movies on coolmovies.net, but first, we want to inform you that CoolMoviez is an illegal movie website. The website’s activity has called the attention of the anti-pirate body such as the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) and others which has led to shut down of the original domain of CoolMovieZ.

After CoolMovieZ’s first domain got shut down, they came up with lots of other domains that still pass the same content and message as the first one. Below you will find other CoolMovies extensions that you can still visit and get the same movies offered by the original domain.

Coolmoviez New Link for 2020

You will find Coolmoviez link for 2020. Remember I mentioned that anti movie pirate has boosted CoolMoviez.com which is the reason they created other domain extensions that will still allow them to carry on with their activities. Below are some of the new links that you can use to stream Coolmoviez Marathi, Coolmoviez Telugu, Coolmoviez Hollywood dubbed movies and more. So, feel free to navigate to any of the extensions if you want to carry out a coolmoviez download.

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1). MyCoolMoviez.website
2). CoolMoviez.Net
3). CoolMoviez.In
4). CoolMovies.Me
5). CoolMoviez.Mobile


This website happens to be the current movie website ranking for the keyword. It has lots of interesting movies that its users can stream and download for free. You are not required to register on the website or complete any survey before you are qualified to access the website. One of the things I loved about the website is its clear and clean interface. You can actually visit the website to see things for yourself.


When you visit coolmovies.net, you will find out it is a lot better than the original which is coolmoviez.com. On the portal, you will find lots of new coolmoviez Hollywood and Bollywood movies that you can stream for free. Apart from the free download, you will also enjoy the download speed of this website. Locating a movie on the website is a lot easier than most movie websites.


One of the things we loved about this extension is its clean and clear user interface which allows all their users to effortlessly navigate the platform. You can find lots of Coolmoviez Hindi, Coolmoviez Hollywood, and more that you can download for free. You can actually visit the websites to see things for yourself.

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How To Download Cool Movies

Carrying out coolmoviez download is very easy if you follow the steps listed below. So, whenever you feel bored and want to download movies on Coolmoviez, just follow the simple steps below to successfully download Coolmoviez Hollywood dubbed movies, Bolly wood movies, Tamil, CoolMoviez Marathi, and Coolmoviez Punjabi.

Coolmoviez free movies download
CoolMoviez HomePage

The movies on each of the extensions listed above are slightly different from each other. You can just visit all the extensions and download your desired movies from any of the extensions you think is good for you. The download process on all the extensions is almost the same. So, just follow the simple steps below to successfully download free movies on Coolmoviez.


a). First of all, make sure you have a good internet connection before you initiate the download process.
b). Navigate to CoolMoviez.Net or any of its extensions.
c). On the homepage, you will see their category click on any one you like or use the search bar on the homepage to get straight to the movie you want.
d). Choose any of your desired movies by clicking on it.
e). It will take you to the movie download page. Click download when you get to the movie’s download page.
f). Exercise patience until the movies have finished downloading into your device, you can then go ahead to watch your downloaded movie offline.

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Note: You can decide to use the app if you don’t want to access the website directly. With the app, you can also do everything you do directly. You can see how the app works below and if you want to download it, you will find the download link below.

Coolmoviez App

There is currently no official app for CoolMoviez.net. We have been able to search through the Google Play Store and wasn’t able to find any Coolmoviez’s application. But, You can still try other apps.

List of Cool Movies

Credit: ZEE5.

Coolmoviez Alternatives: Websites to Download Movies 2020

In this section, you will find the list of similar websites like Coolmoviez that you can access and download movies just like Coolmoviez. Some of the websites listed in this section offer more movies and is a lot better than CoolMoviez.net. Just go through the list and find any of them that perfectly suits you.


The first movie website on our list is called Zmovies; one of the best alternatives for CoolMoviez. They have a huge collection of genre classified movies that are properly arranged. The chances of finding new movies on the platform are very high because the website is usually updated almost every day. You can hardly find old movies because the website features only new movies. The oldest movie on the website are the ones released in 2012, and that is to tell you the site features more new movies than old.


Another great movie website that was able to make it in our list of Coolmoviez alternatives is known as Hotstar. Just like the one mentioned above, they offer more movies than cool movies. Unlike the Zmovies which offer their movies for free and without registration, Hotstar requires that you both register and pay a certain amount of money before you can be allowed to stream movies. Apart from movies, they also offer TV shows, documentaries and other things on their platform.


If you want to download new movies or TV series, TodaypkMovies is one place you should consider visiting. They have lots of Coolmoviez Bollywood movies and Hollywood new movies that you can freely stream and download. Feel free to visit the website and see things for yourself.


Just like the name implies, WatchMoviesFree is another movie website that allows its users to stream movies for free. Apart from streaming movies, you can also download lots of interesting movies on the portal without having to pay for any fee. They have quite a number of movies of various genres that can be freely accessed by anyone that visits the website.


Tamilmv is a little bit different from the other websites that have been discussed above. Unlike others that offer just movies and other things like documentaries, Tamilmv offers both videos, Movies, and Mp3. Simply visit the website to see things for yourself.

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Question and Answer Section

This section is a place where we will be answering some of the questions from our users, as well as anticipated questions. If by any means your question is not featured in this section, then do well to use the comment section to ask your question or make your contribution. Below are some of the questions as well as their answers.

Is Coolmoviez a Legal Movie Website?

CoolMovies is not by any chance a legal website. As a matter of fact, any website that does not take the due process to show movies is not legal. Just like other movie pirate websites, Coolmoviez operates its platform without the authorized permission of anti movie piracy agencies such as PAA (the Motion Picture Association of America) and others. In addition, they show movies to their users without due permission from the producers of the movies.

How Do Cool movies work?

If you are wondering how cool movies operate and how they manage to show so many movies for free, then welcome. Coolmoviez is able to show so many movies to its visitors because they have been able to incorporate various popular movie sites from the internet which will, in turn, give them the ability to host any movie or TV shows from those incorporated sites which are usually legal sites.

Is it safe to use Coolmoviez.Net?

To be sincere with you, lots of people who have been using this website have not once complained about it. But, technically, the answer to the above question is ‘No’. It is not safe for you to use CoolMovies.net and this is because they are not accountable to anybody and not in compliance with the anti movie piracy agent’s policies. They may decide to add malware on their website or even give out visitors’ personal details without their notice, and no one will be able to question them.


We all know that piracy is not a good omen, and it is also a punishable offense. So, Techmulla and her team, are not in support or associated with any act that spreads piracy. Our website strongly opposes any form of piracy whether a movie, song and others. Our main reason for sharing this content with our users is to keep them informed of the activities of such a website and not for any selfies interest. We urge all our users to stream movies the right way.

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