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How To Improve Your CRS Score

The Comprehensive Ranking Score (CRS) system happens to be the major determiner in the Express Entry system, The higher the score you accumulate the higher your chances of qualifying.

The good thing about the Comprehensive Ranking System is that it can be improved notwithstanding how bad your previous score was. But this doesn’t come easily, provided you are willing to put in extra works you can improve your CRS score.


Your CRS score is given to you based on certain criteria like age, work experience, education, language ability, etc. Recognizing places you didn’t do well and improve on them is the whole idea of improving your CRS score.

Be prepared to test your boundaries. Below are the following you can do to improve your general ranking score.

Improve Your Language Score

Language is one of the major factors in a comprehensive ranking system. A language score worth up to a whopping 260 CRS points for one candidate.

Language ability happens to be a factor where additional gains can impact your overall success. You can gather extra points across all four (4) language abilities which include listening, speaking, writing, and reading.


Whenever a candidate reaches a Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) level 9 in each ability, then this triggers an increment in points under the transferable skills factor which combines your work experience and educational qualification.

Another thing that can help you increase your overall Language ability score is if you have a good knowledge of French. It will be a wise decision to take the Test d’évaluation du français (TEF) or the Test de connaissance du français pour le Canada (TCF Canada). You can easily earn yourself an extra 24 points for a second language.

Job Offer

You can earn between 50 to 200 extra CRS if you have a valid job offer, the job position also plays a great role.

Individuals with a valid job offer (in Canada) in an occupation at the NOC 0, A, or B level could earn 50 extra points towards their CRS score. Also, individuals with a valid job offer in occupation under the Major Group 00 Senior Management Occupations classification could be given an extra 200 points under the CRS.


Note: IRCC insists that the job offer must entail the job requirements, job duties, conditions of employment, and salary.

Work Experience

Your work experience whether part-time or full-time outside Canada may have a little impact under the human capital factors, but it is basically rewarded in the transferability of skills combinations.

Anyway, candidates working in Canada via temporary work permit can still leverage this factor, by remaining in employment because more points will be accrued for each annual threshold for up to five (5) years. Make sure you maintain a legal status the whole time.


Another way you can significantly improve your CRS score up to 230 CRS points is through education. Educational Credential Assessments (ECAs) are required for education gotten outside Canada.

But no ECA will be required in the Express Entry pool for the Canadian Experience Class or the Federal Skilled Trades Class.

Just one ECA will be required to enter the Express Entry for the principal applicant under the Federal Skilled Worker Class.

Common-law Partner or Spouse

Sometimes the major applicant’s CRS score could be lower than their accompanying partner (spouse or common-law partner).

It’s therefore beneficial to compare your CRs scores, let the common-law partner or spouse with a higher CRS score be the principal applicant.

Provincial Nominee Program

Just like we mentioned in the beginning, the provincial nominee program offers a whopping 600 point boost to your CRS score. Note that Provinces are often on the lookout for candidates with interest in a particular province.

Interestingly enough, Provinces through their Express Entry aligned PNP target a specific skill group. For example, Ontario once targeted a specific occupation group in the IT (Information Technology) sector. Also, the British Columbia has been inviting candidates under their unique PNP stream.

Individuals who take proactive measures by applying for provincial nominations get a whopping 600 points to boost their profile.


Either your spouse/common-law partner or you can earn additional 15 points if you have any relation living in Canada as a citizen or Permanent Resident. You could also be required to prove the relationship.


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