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Flash Share APK 2021 – How to Download Latest Flash Share App

Flash Share happens to be an Android application which allows files to be transferred with speed between two devices. Or put it simply that Flash share is a file-transfer tool. It also has a friendly user interface.

With the help of a Flash Share, Android users can send and receive files ranging from videos files, music, contacts, images, including apps.

Just like Apple’s airdrop application, that’s the same way that Flash Share actually works, there is no need for an internet connection, no need to put on your Bluetooth. In fact, this app is different from both WiFi and Bluetooth because it uses the NFC protocol of all the smartphones, pc or any device that is involved in the transfer of files. As a matter fact, Flash Share was rated to about 5 to 40 times faster than the conventional Bluetooth.

Flash share is usually pre-installed in most smartphones, but even if your smartphone or device doesn’t come with it, you can still install it in the form of Xander on any device.

How To Download Flash Share APK

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Features Of Flash Share

i). To Download Flash Share is free.

ii). You can transfer many files and applications at the same time with Flashshare.

iii). It’s faster than many transfer applications like Bluetooth, etc. Even with large files.

iv). This app does not charge you for using it to transfer files to your friends and loved one.

v). You can even connect with different smartphones iOS like the iPhone with the app.

vi). Flash Share shows your memory space and your traffic stats.

vii). You can even transfer cellular data with your family and loved ones.

viii). Flash Share has a user-friendly interface.

How To Download And Install Flash Share

Like we earlier mentioned that you can still download this app on your device even if it doesn’t come pre-installed on your device. There are three different methods that you can install Fash Share on Android phone which will be listed below.

1). How To Install Flash Share Through Bluetooth

Installing the app through this method is very easy and doesn’t demand technical know how or process. In order to be able to install the app through Bluetooth follow the instructions below.

a). Switch on your Bluetooth and endeavor that it is visible to other devices.

b). Use the sender’s phone and navigate to SETTING>INVITE FRIEND>SELECT BLUETOOTH, then receive the file on your own phone using your Bluetooth.

2). Download Flash Share On Android, Etc. From APK Sites

This is another easy on how to download and install flash share. This method requires you to visit any APK site and download the file. This method is usually the best option when you don’t have anyone around you to collect the flash share from. Here is how to Download Latest Flash Share App For Android and other devices.

a). Navigate to any APK download site>> search for the file and download Flash Share file app. Click Here to Download on Google Play Store.

b). Visit the settings on your browser and click on security. Then Scroll to the middle of the page and click on enable install from an unknown source.

c). Go ahead to open the folder containing the downloaded app and install it.

Please Note: When you don’t enable install from unknown source you wouldn’t be able to install any APK file.

3). How To Download Flash Share On Your PC / Desktop.

It’s necessary that you know that flash share can still be installed from a PC to a smartphone with the help of APK desktop installer. The work of the APK desktop installer is to installs APK files directly to your smartphone without necessarily asking you to install apps from an unknown source. Below are the steps that you can use in installing  APK files using your PC.

a). First of all, download and install any Apk installer for PC, then restart the PC, though it’s not a must.

b). Endeavour to connect your Android phone with your PC and also enable debugging through the developer option, this is done in order for the APK PC installer to detect your Android device. Go ahead to select the phone and click on ‘OK’ in other to proceed.

c). Tap on install which is located at the upper left corner of the homepage of the APK PC installer>> go ahead to select tools located at the bottom of the page and also tap on open APK in order to add the list of all APK apps that you intend to install on the Android.

d). Go ahead and select the APK apps that you desire to install on your Android, then click on install which is located at the right bottom of the APK install page.

How To Transfer Files With Flash Share APk

i). Number one, download the Flash Share Apk directly from Google Play Store.

ii). After installation go-ahead to create a username and password for your account.

iii). After putting your account in order, go ahead to tap on the “Connect with friends” icon. You see two options that will be displayed,  “create a connection” and “scan to join” option.

iv). What you should do is click on the first one “create a connection” icon, while the receiving device(s), should click on the “scan to join” icon, automatically a wifi connection will be established.

v). Select the files/apps you desire to share.

vi). Go ahead to Shake your Smartphone in order to transfer the applications you have selected.

Vii). What the receiving device(s) should do is to go to history on their Flash Share application, then proceed to install the setup they just received.

viii). Don’t be scared when your device notifies you of data from an unknown source, what you should do is go to your phone’s settings then open applications, then proceed to check the box tagged unknown source.


With the tutorial above, we believe that you can now download Flash Share Android app without any mistakes. Endeavour to make your questions and suggestions known to us using the comment section below. You can also take 10 seconds of your time to share this article. Thanks and see you in the next post.

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