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Genvideos 2021: Stream and Download Hollywood HD Movies for Free

How To Download HD Movies On GenVideos

Genvideos which is also known as Gen Videos is a great place to stream high-quality HD movies online for free. I’ll show you how to download movies from Genvideos, as well as stream its movies online.

I know there are lots of other websites and applications where you can watch videos online, but Genvideos happens to be one of the best for me this 2021. Some of the movies and videos uploaded on the page include comedy, blockbusters, and latest 2021 movies on Genvideos, and more.

how to stream free movies from genvideos

So, if you are asking ‘is GenVideos a good place to download movies online?‘ The answer is yes. Below are some of the features and how to download movies from Gen movies.

Features Of Gen Videos

  1. Access Website Without Registration: Unlike some movie websites like Hulu, Gen Videos allows users to access all of its contents without having register or fill out any compulsory form.
  2. Stream Movies For Free: While movie websites like Netflix are demanding for money before allowing its users to access their content, GenVideos allows its user to access its movies free of charge.
  3. Simple Interface: Gen Video has a clean interface which makes it easy for users to easily locate any file or movie they want on the platform. Users can easily find their way around the website without any form of assistance.
  4. Search Bar: On the right-hand side of the Gen Videos, there’s a search bar which further makes it easy for users not to struggle to search for whatever they want on Gen Videos.
  5. Up to Date Regularly: Another interesting feature of Gen Videos is that they constantly update their website with the most current movies. For instance, while other movie websites are still recovering from 2020, Gen Videos has been updating its website with the latest 2021 movies for free.

GenVideos 2021 Extensions

Gen Videos has a lot of extensions where you can easily visit and stream movies online. Don’t worry, I’ll also show you how you can download from Genvideos. Below are all the active extensions:

  1. Genvideos Com
  2. genvideos org
  3. Genvideos io
  4. genvideo movies

1. Genvideos.Com

Gen videos com is another wonderful and amazing website that provides you with nice movies. You do not necessarily download movies directly on the site, rather you copy the link and past it on 9xBuddy, and you will be able to download it.

This site provides you with a search bar on the home page, which you can use to get to the link of your favourite movie.

2. Genvideos.Org

This website is another good place to stream and download high-quality movies. They also offer other things apart from movies. they also offer things like games, music and a whole lot of other nice entertainment content.

3. Genvideos.io

Genvideos io is another movie site that we can’t just leave behind. This site has one feature that I really appreciate and it is the arrangement of the seat. Unlike some of Gen Video’s extension, this one doesn’t enable users to change to the language that they are consistent with in order to understand and properly utilize this site. They offer movie only in the English language.

Just like most of the sites that I have mentioned, this site also has a user-friendly interface which allows users to easily navigate and to easily reach for the item they want.

4. Genvideo.Movies

This site is one of the best design movie site that I have ever seen. From the first time I set my eyes on it, I fell head over hills with Genvideo.Movie. This site is so properly arranged and organized that you will hardly get lost on the portal and you will find everything that you search for on the go due to the arrangement of this movie site.

Ads on this site are not much and all the movies that you stream on the platform are absolutely free of charge. Without wasting much of your time, just go and see things for yourself.

How To Download HD Movies On GenVideos

How To Download HD Movies On GenVideos

GenVideos didn’t create any button that makes you download movies directly from their site. Nevertheless, there are many ways to kill a rat. To be able to download movies from Gen Videos, you will need to use a video downloader (9xBuddy). Below is how to download Genmovies using 9xBuddy.

1. Navigate to any of the Genvideos extension above.
2. Search and find any video you want to download, then go ahead and click on it.
3. Copy the ‘URL’ of the video.
4. Navigate to 9xbuddy.app and past the URL of the video you’ve copied in the appropriate fields.
5. Go ahead and download your desired video and wait for it to complete download into your device.

Gen-Video Categories

Are you searching for how to find videos on GenVideos? The categories below help you easily search and find any movie that you want to stream that is actually available on Genvideo.

i). Recent Movies: This is the section on the website that contains all the latest movies of the year, month, or day.
ii). Most Viewed: Just as the names imply, this category contains only the videos with the highest views. It’s located at the upper left corner of the homepage.
iii). Genres: There’re a series of genres which includes romance, history, adventure, family, crime, shooting, and more.
iv). Search Bar: At the homepage, you will find a search space bar which you can use to type in the name of any file you want to quickly get to it.
V). Year: This category contains movies arranged by years. Beginning from 1996 down till 2021.

Movies On GenVideos

  • Me before you.
  • How to train your dragon.
  • The fault in our stars full movie Genvideos.
  • Genvideos suicide squad.
  • Step up all in full movie Genvideos.
  • a million ways to die in the west Genvideos.

Alternative Sites Like Genvideos

Genvideos alternative websites where you freely stream the latest movies is another reason we are putting up this article, so stay tuned.

Below you will find the list of the Best Genvideos alternatives websites that we have carefully selected and added. Just like Genvideos, the websites that we listed also offer videos in different quality formats.

#1 Hulu

When it comes to housing thousands of movies, then give it up for Hulu. They have a striking resemblance with Netflix and offer wonderful high-quality video format.

But the problem here is, Hulu is not totally free, they only offer you free movies when you trial free movies, meanwhile the other thousands of movies, must be paid before you can stream them. It’s called “Hulu Plus”. This website is among the best streaming websites.

#2 RainierLand

This website has all it takes to make it to the first position on my list, but here we are. If you are in search of a site to substitute Genvideos, then this one is the best one for you. This site has a lot of high-quality movies and a user-friendly interface.

They are also one of the most popular sites to stream movies. Unlike most sites which features a lot of intrusive and annoying ads, this site only has few ads on their site that allows you to peacefully do all the things that you intend to do. When it comes to offering interesting movies, then give it up for RainierLand.

#3 CouchTuner

The third on our list is Couchtuner, which happens to be the most popular and you can quote me anywhere. One-off the reasons this site is very popular ranges from their ability to quickly update their portal with the latest movies or TV series. They usually do this under one hour.

Like I earlier mentioned above, they feature an amazing TV series that are very popular and can be streamed or downloaded for free.

#4 123Movies

123movies is another great one that we have on our list and as the name implies, so does the user interface. And what I mean is the interface is very user-friendly and as easy as 123 to find your way around the site.

This portal features thousands of movies that comprise of modern-day movies down to classic. They also feature many genres of movies which includes Thriller, Action, Comedy, Horror, etc. And all this is coupled with a high-quality image.

#5 Putlocker

This site is one of the movie websites that has the fastest loading speed but does not feature the kind of design that is appealing to the eyes.

Putlocker is also one of the sites that come in with a lot of movie collection and TV series that are offered to their visitors for free. It is difficult to not find any movie that you desire to stream.

#6 Vumoo

Here is one of the movies streaming website that I so much respect. Vumoo has one of the best collection of movies and Tv shows that are very interesting. They also have one of the user-friendly interfaces that allow their users to easily locate any movies that they desire and can stream for free.

Vumoo is just one of the best websites that can serve as a perfect alternative to thewatchseries.to.

#7 Viooz.ac

Let me just be sincere with you, in order to stream movies on this site, then go and install flash player. But you can still download and watch the movie directly on your device.

This site is not among the fastest when it comes to playing movies online. In order to stream movies on the site, you will learn to be a patient kind of person. Also note that they don’t have tv series, what they concentrate on is movies.

#8 o2tvseries.com

The last but not least is called the o2tvseries Com this website just like the Toxicwap offer other amazing content apart from movies and tv series. There are other interesting contents on this site, all you have to do is go and see things for yourself.

2021 FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Below are some questions that people are likely to ask. We ask them and provide you with the answer. Should in case your own question is not added on the FAQ, then don’t hesitate to use the comment section to send your questions or suggestions across.

1. Question: What is Genvideos?

Answer: Genvideos is a portal where you can freely access and download all your favourite movies without having to pay for them. The site gives you access to different videos that are highly rated in different box offices both in Hollywood, Asian countries and Bollywood; all in HD format.

Unlike most sites, like Thewatchseries.to, it does not have that perfect user-friendly interface that we see in most websites, but the good thing is the movies all come for free and are of high quality.

2. Question: Is Genvideos Legal?

Answer: No, Genvideo Websites are not a legal website, and most of the movies they provide for their users are pirated.

3. Is it Safe to Download Or Use GenVideos?

Answer: No, it’s not safe to use GenVideos because downloading or uploading files from unapproved and illegal torrent websites in many countries, including India is not a legal act. I believe streaming downloading movies from a legal movie website is safer and most of them are also free.


Thank you for going through our article ‘How to download and also stream Genvideos movies online. For contributions or questions use the comment section to notify us if you have a suggestion or need our assistance.


Disclaimer By Techmulla: Our blog doesn’t in any way promote or support piracy which happens to be against the law of almost all countries. The reseason we review such sites is just to keep our users informed about their activities ad piracy. We strongly admonish our users to distance themselves from such illegal movie streaming websites. Techmulla as a blog strongly encourages copyright acts.

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