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How To Gain More Engagement With Instagram Captions

Best instagram caption
Instagram Captions

The saying “A good picture tells a story” is not something new. While a good picture may tell more than a thousand words, adding good captions or cute selfie quotes will just tell the whole the story. The chief aim of this article is to provide you with 260+ Best Instagram Captions and Cute Selfie Captions for Your Photos.

Best instagram caption
Instagram Captions

There are many things that you can accomplish with the Instagram captions. You can use Instagram captions to complete your post on Instagram. You can use Instagram captions to increase your social media engagement, share good selfie quotes and more. The central idea of composing this article is:

  • To school you on what an Instagram caption really is,
  • Tips for composing the best Instagram captions,
  • Why you need an Instagram caption, and
  • 260+ Best Instagram Captions and Cute Selfie Captions.

Instagram Captions

The term ‘Instagram Caption’ is simply an explanation or better still a description of an Instagram photo or write up. Instagram captions give you more details on the circumstances that gave rise to a particular photo or content. That’s why I like the new saying that ‘Photos without captions is like a book without a title’. You can also include tags, hashtags and emojis for Instagram Captions.

How To Write Cute Instagram Captions

There are two simple steps that I have provided for those who want to learn how to write the best Insta captions:

Step 1. Get a Reasonable Amount Of information About The Video or Photo — You have to provide the motive behind the photo. Also do well to make available details like why, when & where the photo was shot. Then ask yourself the big question ‘What is my motive for the phot?’ then provide the answer genuinely.

Step 2. Compose The good caption — After step 1, it is time to put the whole information that you have gathered into a brief write-up. Though writing good selfie quotes or good captions can take much time, but you will come to get used to it as you keep writing.

How To Gain More Engagement With Instagram Captions


This usually works fine for those with quite a number of audience who are also loyal. You should add emojis to Instagram captions. You can use the emoji to send a message or hint your audience on a particular subject like Britney Spears did some months back. Britney Spears actually used an apple emoji to pass a message about her rumored single titled Apple Pie.


We have been able to run surveys on posts with many engagements and noticed they are actually posts with Instagram Captions that are demanding for something. For an Example, after taking a photo, you can ask your audience “What do you think of this look?”. When you ask for something, you automatically engage your audience and strengthen the relationship. What good Instagram captions has been known for is to keep your audience talking, sharing & other forms of engagement.


There are times after posting on Instagram, you become short of what to say. One of the fastest ways of generating whether selfie quotes or good captions, is to write out a number of captions that still retains the idea of the message. You can also check puns for your keyword and decide on the tone that you want the Instagram Caption to carry.


The Instagram caption has a character limit of 2,200. The 2,200 character limit is ample enough to send whatever message you have or tell whatever story you want to.

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