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GoTV Packages, Price & Channel List in Nigeria

GoTV Packages and their various prices coupled with the various channel list in Nigeria is going to be our focused keyword. Currently, in Nigeria, the number of people who have made GoTV satellite TV their choice is on the increasing side.

There are hundreds of other Nigerians who want to install and use the satellite TV but don’t know the various packages, prices and the list of channels the cable network offers. GoTV is regarded as the cheaper version of DSTV, despite offering almost the same quality of services and quite a number of channels list. One of the notable differences between the both is that DSTV is satellite-based, while GoTV is terrestrially based.
GoTV Packages & prices
There are many channel list that tGoTV offers and we have decided to publish this article to serve as a guide for making the proper decision in selecting which package you prefer.

Before opting to purchase any GoTV package, it is important we inform you that they only offer three (3) subscription packages which consist of the GOtv Plus, GOtv Value and finally the GOtv Lite. The GOtv Lite is the package is targeted to old existing subscribers and they offer more than 20 interesting channels.


GoTV is not only available in Nigeria they are also active in other African countries like Ghana, Uganda, Zambia, and other African countries. The installation cost of DSTV is far bigger than GoTV which requires almost nothing to install it and this is due to it does not require a satellite dish.

Below you will find the various GoTV packages, prices, and the different GoTV bouquets. So, without further delays let’s first start with the price of the Decoder itself in Nigeria.

GoTV Decoder Price in Nigeria

As one of the most popular and the cheapest cable TVs in Nigeria, GoTV has tried as much as they can to continuously reduce the price of their decoder to keep winning the heart of more Nigerians. Despite being cheap, they still have one of the best signals and endeavour to connect their users with the latest happenings around the globe.

Unlike DSTV, GoTV has flexible and affordable subscription packages coupling with the fact that you don’t require dishes to access their various available channels.


If you don’t have a GoTV decoder and want to purchase one, it is important we let you know that currently, it will cost you about N6000 to N7000 Naira to purchase the GoTenna + a one-month free subscription. Though your period of purchase and place also depends.

GoTV Packages & Bouquets Prices

We mentioned earlier that the cable TV offers various flexible subscription packages and they are available in four different types. If you are an old subscriber, you will remember they only offered 2 packages to their viewers. The packages are categories in a way that allows both the big and the small to participate. Below are the available four packages.

1). GoTV Lite Package

This package is the base GoTV package which allows viewers to access up to 23 top-notch international and local channels. this package cost N400 Naira for 30 days (1 Month). Below are the 23 channels you can access on this GoTV package.

  1. SuperSport Blitz
  2. TVC Entertainment
  3. Liberty TV
  4. NTA I
  5. RAVE
  6. Channels
  7. Silverbird
  8. AIT
  9. Lagos TV
  10. MiTV
  11. Wazobia Max
  12. GO Channel
  13. WAP
  14. Galaxy TV
  15. Faith Broadcast Network
  16. JimJam
  17. Islam Channel
  18. AFRO Music English
  19. Emmanuel TV
  20. Al Jazeera
  21. Dove TV
  22. TVC News
  23. eTV Africa

GoTV Value package

This is among the four GoTV packages and it is actually the second after the base package. This package offers 40 channels designed with family in mind. The package cost N1,300 Naira for 30day (1 Month) with both local and international channels. Below are the various channels these GoTV packages offer.

  1. Spice TV
  2. Fashion One
  3. SuperSport Select 1:
  4. TVC Entertainment
  5. SuperSport Blitz
  6. Tiwa n Tiwa
  7. RAVE
  8. Liberty TV
  9. R2TV
  10. Silverbird
  11. NTA I
  12. Channels
  13. AIT
  14. Wazobia Max
  15. MiTV
  16. Lagos TV
  17. Go Channel
  18. Arewa 24
  19. E! Entertainment
  20. WAP
  21. African Magic Epic Movies
  22. African Magic World
  23. African Magic Igbo
  24. African Magic Hausa
  25. African Magic Yoruba
  26. Nickelodeon
  27. Galaxy TV
  28. AFRO Music English
  29. Faith Broadcast Network
  30. JimJam
  31. Sound City
  32. Islam Channel
  33. Emmanuel TV
  34. Planet Radio TV
  35. Dove TV
  36. eTV Africa
  37. Al Jazeera
  38. BBC World News
  39. TVC News
  40. Arise News

GoTV Plus Package

This is among the best GoTV packages and it is actually the third GoTV Value package which offers 57 local and international channels. You will find more sports channels than the two already mentioned and it cost N1,900 Naira for 30 days (1 Month). Below are the all the 57 channels this package features;

  1. SuperSport Blitz
  2. Nat Geo Wild
  3. Spice TV
  4. Fashion One
  5. SuperSport 9
  6. SuperSport Select 1
  7. SuperSport Select 2
  8. TVC Entertainment
  9. Tiwa n Tiwa
  10. Liberty TV
  11. RAVE
  12. Silverbird
  13. R2TV
  14. NTA I
  15. Channels
  16. AIT
  17. Lagos TV
  18. MiTV
  19. Arewa 24
  20. WAP
  21. Disney Junior
  22. Wazobia Max
  23. Nickelodeon
  24. JimJam
  25. MTV Base
  26. AFRO Music English
  27. Planet Radio TV
  28. Hip TV
  29. Sound City
  30. Islam Channel
  31. Faith Broadcast Network
  32. Emmanuel TV
  33. eTV Africa
  34. Dove TV
  35. CNN International
  36. BBC World News
  37. Al Jazeera
  38. TVC News
  39. Arise News
  40. GO Channel
  41. E! Entertainment
  42. Telemundo
  43. Discovery Family
  44. African Magic Epic Movies
  45. Eva +
  46. M-Net Movies Zone
  47. African Magic Family
  48. African Magic World
  49. African Magic Igbo
  50. African Magic Hausa
  51. African Magic Yoruba
  52. Zee World
  53. Televista
  54. Vox Africa
  55. Galaxy TV
  56. FOX Live
  57. B4U Movies

GoTV Max Package

This is the highest among the GoTV Packages which most people call the GoTV Max Package or premium package. With this package, you can access 63 channels which include both international and local channels. This package cost N3,800 for 30 Days (1 Month). Below are all the channels that these packages offer;

  1. Nat Geo Wild
  2. Discovery Channel
  3. Fashion One
  4. Spice TV
  5. SuperSport Blitz
  6. SuperSport Select 1
  7. SuperSport Select 2
  8. SuperSport Select 3
  9. SuperSport Select 4
  10. Disney Junior
  11. Nickelodeon
  12. JimJam
  13. NTV Base
  14. AFRO Music English
  15. Faith Broadcast Network
  16. Hip TV
  17. Planet Radio TV
  18. Sound City
  19. Islam Channel
  20. Emmanuel TV
  21. eTV Africa
  22. Dove TV
  23. BBC World News
  24. CNN International
  25. Arise News
  26. TVC News
  27. Al Jazeera
  28. E! Entertainment Television
  29. Telemundo
  30. FOX Life
  31. FOX (SD/HD)
  32. Eva +
  33. Sony MAX
  34. CBS Reality
  35. African Magic Epic Movies
  36. African Magic Family
  37. African Magic World
  38. African Magic Igbo
  39. African Magic Hausa
  40. African Magic Yoruba
  41. M-Net Movies Zone
  42. Vox Africa
  43. Zee World
  44. Televista
  45. Televista
  46. Trybe
  47. B4U Movies
  48. Galaxy TV
  49. Liberty TV
  50. Zee World
  51. RAVE
  52. Tiwa n Tiwa
  53. NTA I
  54. R2TV
  55. Silverbird
  56. Channels
  57. AIT
  58. Lagos TV
  59. MiTV
  60. Wazobia Max
  61. TVC International
  62. Arewa 24
  63. WAP

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We hope you are okay with the list of the GoTV Packages, Price & Channel List in this article. If by chance you find any list omitted or if you have any question as regards this topic, please don’t hesitate to call our attention via the comment section below.


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