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Best Group Texting App For Business (Both Small & Big Businesses)

Group Texting App For small and big Business: Effective communication happens to be one of the most important factors that should be put into consideration when start-up or running a business. As a business owner, you need to constantly be in touch with your customers, employees, your suppliers as well as stakeholders. A good communication can help improve your business status, increase in sales which will, in turn, help you maximize your revenue. Most businesses use business text messaging applications to receive and send messages from both your customers and stakeholders.

Only a few number of businesses still use email as a primary source of sending and receiving messages. As a matter of fact, when was the last time you read an email you received within 12 hours? A long time ago I guess. But, how about a text message? Definitely not so common.

According to Gartner reports, SMS messages are opened up to 98% of the time, while emails are opened just 20% of the time. Thus, if you a business man or woman who still uses the old fashion type of messaging to send messages, invoices, special offers, appointment reminders to your customers as well as stakeholders or employees, then it’s time you join the modern businessmen and women to use the SMS marketing which happens to be a good tool.

Business text messaging apps should be put on top of the list when considering the most appropriate business communication method. This is because most of your customers use smartphones and they can use it to send and receive business messages at any point in time.

Today in this article, we are going to be sharing with you top 5 Group Texting App For your large or small business.

Benefits Of Using A Group Texting App For Business

Before we start providing you with the top 5 Business text messaging apps for groups, it’s important that you know the importance of using a group texting app for your business. Below are some of the importance of using a group text messaging application for business.

  1. Easy to access.
  2. Very Affordable.
  3. Instant Messaging.
  4. Disperse messages to a group of people at once.
  5. Improves Business Operation.
  6. Enhance Effective Business Communication.
  7. Integrate with other apps and services.
  8. Provides good customer service and support.

Top 5 Group Texting App For Business

Group text messaging for business has never been this easy and effective with this 5 application and software listed below.

1. ProTexting:

Another amazing app on our list is ProTexting. In order to maximize mobile marketing channels, ProTexting created various interactive features that will help you achieve that. ProTexting moved from being just a common messaging platform to being a platform where you can create your own text messaging list, sweepstakes, creating SMS surveys and many other engaging features.

You can carry out group text messaging, mobile coupons, text to win SMS sweepstakes and more. The application is not free; startup fee is $49, Fee for Economy package is $79, and the Standard version cost $149.

2. TextMagic

TextMagic happens to be among the best suit bulk SMS service used by many businesses. Some of the services rendered by Txtmagic includes sending notifications, alerts, SMS marketing campaigns and reminders. TextMagic also provide cost-efficient and a secured way to send SMS text messages. Whether you want to send the messages online, convert your email to SMS, two-way SMS chat, SMA gateway API, receiving online SMS, and more, TextMagic got you covered.

Group Texting App For Business

TextMagic is compatible with both iOS and Android. One more thing, even in Free Town nothing is free. To have unlimited access to TextMagic you are required to pay $9.60 per month for citizens of Sweden, $11.80 for those residing in Switzerland, $4.10 United Kingdom, $4.00 United States.

3. SimpleTexting

I strongly recommend SimpleTexting if you want to quickly run a marketing campaign. The user interface is quite intuitive with access to everything from the main screen – And a simple interface. SimpleTexting provides you with various technical marketing efforts such as running surveys, sweepstakes, getting new prospects, and polls.

Group Texting App For Business

One of the things I enjoyed about SimpleTexting is the analysis they provide you for every campaign you run. The price for SimpleTexting is $25 per month for 500 credits which will be enough for 500 text messages.

4. ClickSend

ClickSend is rated as one of the best SMS app that you can integrate with other marketing channels. So, whether you want to combine text message marketing with phone, email, or fax (?!) campaign, the best option for you on the list is ClickSend.

For instance, it’s possible to send a customer a short summary of a special offer in the form of text message, and at the same time, send them an email address that fully elaborates on the offer. You can also set up the application to automatically respond to customers with an email or MMS when ask questions. You are actually charged $0.0093/message for the first 2,000, then 3.59 per month.

5. Salesmsg

The best SMS application for local and small businesses. It’s a great application for US and Canada-based small businesses. The app allows you to integrate with other applications because the application on its own has just the conversation, contacts, Trrggrs and broadcasts. The sales power of this application comes from the integration of other apps. You can even integrate other apps to change the outlook as well as Google Calendar to help you map out events and appointments.

If you want to send about 750 text messages on a single phone number, then you’ll have to pay for about $35 per month and an extra $0.025 setup fee

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