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Gtbank Internet Banking ~ How to Register & Get your Login Details

gtbank internet banking

GTBank internet banking is one example of how technology has helped in making life a lot easier for humans. The integration of technology into the banking sector is one of the best things that has happened not just to the Nigerian banking sector, but to all the banking sectors universally.

gtbank internet banking

For the sake of those who might be coming across of the word ‘internet banking’, it is actually the electronic means of carrying out financial transactions such as sending money from your bank account to another bank account through the help of the internet. If you have maybe come across the terms e-banking, Online banking, and virtual banking, they all mean the same thing with internet banking.

Today in this article, we will be showing you how you can actually register, obtain your login details and get started with GTBank internet banking.

GTBank internet Banking

Before we go into showing you how to register and get started with GTB internet banking, it is important we show you some of the features and transactions you can carry out using the bank’s internet banking platform.

Features of GTB internet Banking

  • Send money to any bank in Nigeria.
  • Buy Airtime for both yourself and loved ones.
  • Buy Data bundle.
  • Pay Bills.
  • Book both local and international flights.
  • Check your account balance.
  • Stop and confirm check.
  • Request for a new PIN.
  • It is easier to carry out financial transactions than in the banking hall.
  • It is secured and safer.
  • You can carry out all your transactions from the comfort of your home.
  • GTB internet banking is open to both customers with a savings account and the one with the current account.

How to Register for GTBank Internet Banking (Offline)

There are different ways that you can register for gtbank internet banking, they consist of the offline and the online method of registration. Notwithstanding, let’s begin with how to register for gtbank internet banking offline.

  • The first thing to do is to locate the nearest gtbank and ask for their internet banking form, you can also demand the Token Form if you want to use a token.
  • Fill the form with the required information and submit it.
  • If the form is correctly filled, the bank will send you your login details in your email or in the phone number associated with your GTBank account.
  • Go to the bank’s website and login with the login details sent to you. You can then go ahead to carry out the different financial transactions online.

How to Register for GTBank Internet Banking (Online)

Just like we earlier mentioned, you can also register for your GTBank internet banking without having to visit the banking hall. The process seems to be a lot easier for some people since they don’t have to wait in a queue before being attended to. Below is how you can register online without visiting the banking hall.

  • First of all, what you have to do is to visit any GTBank branch and collect their internet banking form or better still, download it from their website.
  • Fill the form and scan it alongside with other documents that are required, send them to [internetbanking@gtbank.com].
  • If you filled the form well and gtbank process and approve it, they will send you an email containing your GTB internet banking password and user id.
  • Should in case you didn’t receive your internet banking details, simply call gtbank customer care or dial *737*6*5# with your alertz number or better still, navigate to gtbank official website, click register and submit all the required details.
  • Visit GTBank online banking login page, then under the internet banking, just click on Login.
  • Read through the scam alart notice and click on the “Click here to login” button.
  • Type in your User ID with your own keyboard, and the password should be typed with the onscreen keyboard.
  • Go ahead and click on ‘Login’ to access your Gtbank online banking dashboard.

How to Retrieve your GTB Internet Banking Details from home

We will be revealing to you various ways you can easily retrieve your forgotten gtbank internet banking details without having to visit the banking hall. Below are three ways you can do that without the need to visit the banking hall.

The first one method we will be showing you is very simple and once you follow the instruction very well, then you will certainly get back your lost gtbank internet banking details like password, user id, etc.

1). The first one is to call GTBank customer care.
2). The second is using Gtbank 737 USSD code.
3). You can also resolve the issue by Sending a Text message using your alartz number.

Retrieve your GTB internet Banking Login Details via GTConnect

1). The first thing to do is to dial 08039003900 and follow the voice prompt.
2). Choose the option you want to use in retrieving your gtb online login details.
3). You will then be connected to a customer care representative who will require some of your information like Phone number, account number, Maidens Name, and others.
4). The agent will give you your user ID and you will be transferred back to a bot.
5). The voice will ask you to type in your User ID followed by the # key.
6). You will also be asked to type in your password followed by the # key. Then, go ahead and type in your desired password.
7). You will be required to confirm your password by typing it again, followed by the # key.
8). You can now access your dashboard using the newly created password and the user ID given to you buy the GTBank customer care agent you spoke with on the phone.

How to Obtain GTbank Online Banking Login Details via Text

Should in case you want to obtain your GTB internet banking login details through text message without filling out any form or visiting the banking hall, then follow the simple steps below.

  1. SMS ‘IBANK’ space ‘your NUBAN account number’ to 08076665555. For instance SMS “IBANK 0228802357” to this number 08076665555.
  2. You will receive your User ID and Password on the email address linked with your gtbank account.
  3. You can now log into gtbank internet banking page to access your dashboard and carry out transactions.

Note: Ensure you still have the login details like the password of the email linked with your GTBank account.

How to Get your GTBank Online Login details Via GTB USSD Code (737)

To obtain your GTB online banking login details using the GTBank USSD code, simply dial *737*6*5# then follow the on-screen prompt and you will be able to obtain your gtbank internet/mobile banking login details.

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