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HDMoviePlus 2023: How to Download Dual Audio 300MB Movies for Free

HDMoviePlus is an entertainment website where you can download free 300MB movies. They also allow you to stream movies on their portal if you don’t wish to download them directly to your device for free. They offer lots of new interesting movies in Malayalam, HD Telugu, Indian Documentaries, Punjabi, some Hindi Dubbed Movies, and lots of interesting TV Shows.

HDMoviePlus is a platform for lots of entertaining and interesting movies. One of the things we love about this platform is that if you don’t intend to stream or download movies straight from the platform, then you can decide to use the Andriod HDMoviePlus apps to watch movies such as Hindi movies, etc for free.


Also, with the application, you can still download movies from HDMoviePlus straight to your Android device. Whether you are a Hollywood Hindi movie lover or an English movie lover, HDMoviePlus remains one of the best platforms for all your movies and TV series purposes. Ever since the existence of the platform, lots of movie lovers have been granted privileges to have access to a great collection of movies.

So, if you want to watch free Hindi movies online on your Android smartphone, then HDMoviePlus remains among the most relevant and the best platform to watch Hindi movies online on Android smartphones for free. We will show you everything you need to know about the platform including some illegal and legal alternatives of HDMovieplus.

Download Free New Movies on HDMoviePlus

hdmovieplus download free 300mb movies
HDmovieplus Download Free 300MB Movies

If you want to know more about HDMoviePlus, then just sit tight as we take you through everything you need to know about this platform. We are going to show you all the features of HDMoviePlus, where you can download the application, and how you can download the latest movies from HDMoviePlus, we will also show you the various sites proxies, and more.

So, if you want to enjoy your favorite Punjabi Movies, Indian Documentaries, Tamil movies, Latest HD Telugu, Hindi Dubbed Movies, Malayalam, and other movies on HDMoviePlus, just relax and find out how. Let’s begin with some of the features of this platform before diving into the other aspect of the website.


Features Of HD Movie Plus

There are quite a number of interesting things associated with HDMovieplus and we will be listing some of them below. The features are the same thing as characteristics that helps you identify the platform even without being shown.

1). It has a nice user interface.
2). HDMovieplus can be freely visited by anyone.
3). All the contents on the platform can be accessed by anyone for free.
4). HDMovieplus uses a torrent protocol to stream the movies.
5). The platform is usually updated with the most recent movies.
6). Few of the movies and TV series on the website does not support subtitle unlike paid movie streaming platforms like Netflix.
7). You can either choose to visit hdmovieplus and download free 300MB movies, tv-series, etc., or stream them online for free.
8). Some of the movies you can find on the platform include Tamil movies, Malayalam, Dubbed Hindi Movies, and more.
9). There are two ways you can access the content on the website; through their application or directly visiting the website. There are two ways you can access the content on the website; through their application or directly visiting the website.
10). The website has a user-friendly interface that allows its users to easily access their platform and get whatever content they want from the website even without any manual.
11). HDMovieplus also have an app that is compatible with your Android device, iOS device, SmartTV, and others.

HDMovieplus 2023 Free New Movies Online Download

In this section, we are going to be educating you on how you can easily access and download movies, TV series or other content that you can find on the website.

As we mentioned above, there are two ways that you can visit HDMovieplus. You can either decide to visit the platform directly or you may just want to use their application which will be further explained below, alongside the download link. So, let’s talk about the two different ways you may want to visit the website.


Stream / Download HD Movie Plus Directly

If you wish to visit the website directly without using their app, then you should also be aware that they have lots of sub-domains that still offer virtually the same content just like the original.

HDMovieplus is obviously a notorious pirated movie platform that has gained much popularity on the grounds of allowing visitors to access their platform and content for free. Their portal contains pirated movies that they make available to their viewers for free. Some of the content you can find on the platform include Dubbed Hindi movies, newly released Tamil movies, and other movies that you can freely download on their platform for free.

This site is hosted in India and due to their unapproved activities and displaying pirated movies without a license, the Indian government’s Cyber and Anti-Piracy cell has blocked their domain. Nevertheless, HDMovieplus still continues its illegal activities of showing pirated movies to its visitors.

They continue carrying out their illegal movie activities by using similar websites with similar content just as the ones blocked by the anti-piracy cell department in India. HDMovieplus as previously used on some popular sites that later got taken down. Some of the illegal previous HDMovieplus websites include HDMoviePlus.In, Tamil Yogi.Com, and other well-known sites of theirs.

Currently, they still have other well-known HDMovieplus extensions which we will be listed below. You can visit any of them because they all offer virtually the same content, though your experience on each of them may not be the same. Some of the popular HDMovieplus extensions include:

Current Popular HDMoviePlus Domain Extensions

There are fifteen (15) current popular HDMoviePlus extensions which will be listed below.

HDMoviePlus Domain Extensions


Stream / Download Free 300MB Movies Via HDMoviePlus Apk

HDMoviePlus app has long been in existence for a while, though it disappeared formerly as a result of legal issues trailing the platform. They were actually using the torrent protocol to stream the movies. With the HDMoviePlus apk, you will be able to stream and download movies in different qualities which include high quality.

Using both the platform directly, or the app is great, but the only downside of HDMoviePlus is that unlike paid movie streaming websites, there are some movies on HDMoviePlus that can not be subtitled, but when it comes to video quality, they deliver the best.

There are a lot of things to talk about the app, but one of the most interesting of them is that the app is free and is compatible with other devices including Android smartphones. It also allows you to easily locate any movie that you desire on the platform. Some of the video quality has been configured to help you save more data and this is because it does not consume much data to download movies.

The HDMoviePlus apk is configured to be compatible with Android, Smart TV, iOS, as well as PC. Thus, it doesn’t matter whether you are using an iOS device, Smart TV, etc the fact is that you will be able to access the platform because the app is compatible with virtually all devices.

Be informed that the platform uses Hindi Links 4u applications to stream movies for free, so you are to carry out the installation with Android third-party sources and this is because they are not available on GooglePlay Store due to the majority of their contents are not supported by Google’s policies.

Features of HDMoviePlus APK

It is important that you first have an idea of the HD movie plus app before you proceed to download it. There are also some great features that the HDMoviePlus application comes in with. We are going to be listing some of those awesome features of HDMovieplus apk below, but first, let us see some information about this app before moving to its features.

Information Of HDMoviePlus APK:

Below you will find some relevant information about the HDMoviePlus Apk which allows you to stream and download TV Series in Dual Audio 300MB Movies. One good thing that we love about the application, is its high downloading speed which allows you to download South Indian Movies, Hollywood, Bollywood, and TV Series In Dual Audio.

App NameHDMoviePlus Apk
File Size7.8 MB
VersionLatest v1.0
SpeedHigh Speed Download
RequirementAndroid 5.0+
Published Date18-October-2019
DownloadDOWNLOAD HDMoviePlus Apk HERE


High-Speed Download.
It does not feature any ADS on the app.
HDMoviePlus also allows you to download your desired Movies for Free.
The HDMoviePlus app user interface is simple, well-designed, and Pretty.
HDMoviePlus apk allows you to watch your desired Movie series online.
The App features some super fast servers which help a user to stream the videos at a very fast speed.
The current version of the apk arrives with bug fixes that ensure your app doesn’t crash after long use.
The size of the HDMoviePlus apk is light and doesn’t consume lots of CPU usage on your Android Smartphone.

Download Free 300MB Movies On HDMoviePlus

Just as we mentioned above, downloading Tv Series or English movies dubbed in Hindi, Hindi Movies, or even Dubbed Telugu movies from HDMoviePlus is free of charge whether directly or through the app.

Be informed that our blog does not support any form of piracy, we just want to make it clear before showing you how you can download movies or Tv series from HDMoviesPlus.

The fact is that downloading movies from the website is very easy just like the way you download from other movie websites. Should in case you have not tried downloading a movie from the internet before, then learn how to download a movie here. With the tutorial you will find on that page that we referred you to, you will be able to download Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood, Telegu, and Tamil movies from HDMoviePlus.

HDMoviePlus Alternatives

We will be listing out some of the HDMoviePlus alternatives and they include both legal and illegal hdmovieplus alternatives. We will also give a brief description of each of the movie’s websites that will be listed in this section.

So, if you are looking for some alternatives for HDMoviePlus, then you are definitely in the right section. In this section, we will be sharing with you the top five (5) legal alternatives to HDMoviePlus as well as the top five (5) illegal HDMoviePlus alternatives. All the alternative websites were handpicked and though it represents the majority of our opinion, they are also well-known and widely used by lots of movie lovers.

One good thing we love about HDMoviePlus is the high-quality movies and TV series on their website. Provided you have a good internet connection, you will certainly enjoy streaming movies and TV shows online from HDMoviePlus. They also allow you to download movies and TV shows from their platform for free.

If for some reason best known to you, you want to start streaming and downloading TV series and movies from other platforms, then below are some of the best HDMoviePlus alternatives.

Top 5 Illegal alternatives for HDMoviePlus

  1. Vimeo.
  2. FZmovies.net
  3. o2tvseries
  4. Chan131.
  5. ToxicWap.

 Five (5) HDMoviePlus Legal Alternatives

In this section, we have presented you with just five (5) legal HDMoviePlus alternatives which you can access to stream and download movies, though not free. Nevertheless, some of the movie streaming websites that have been listed in this section also show movies free of charge to their viewers.

1). Netflix.

The first on our list is called Netflix. The movie providers came into existence in the year 1997 with Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph being the instigators of this concept. Netflix, Inc. is actually an American media-services provider that also doubles as a production company with its headquarters located in Los Gatos but was initiated by Marc Randolph and Reed Hastings in Scotts Valley, California.

2). Sony Crackle.

Another exciting movie streaming platform that made it to our list is called Sony Crackle. They are owned by Sony Pictures and happen to be one of the best places to stream and download hundreds of full-length movies. Some of the things we like about this platform are that they have nice categories of films, Good video quality, Really friendly mobile app.

3). Youtube.

If you have not come across this name before, then you have certainly been elsewhere but not on the internet. Youtube happens to be one of the biggest movie streaming platforms with over 90 million users. They offer their movies and other videos to their viewers for free except for some exclusive movies or videos which require that you pay a certain amount of money for you to be able to access the file.

4). IMDb TV.

This platform seems to be a little bit different from the rest that we have been mentioning in this topic. Unlike others that just present either movies or TV series alone, IMDb gives lots of information pertaining to newly released movies which includes the production crew, plot summaries, casts, and more.

Apart from movies, they also review other things on their website. Some of the things the review apart from movies include video games, television programs, related to films, and other critical reviews.

5). Popcornflix.

When it comes to versatility, give it up for Popcornflix. Their platform contains more than 2k videos which include action, drama, family, documentaries, comedy, horror, and romance.

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Quick Question and Answer

We have added some of the questions that we have been receiving concerning this platform as well as some of the questions that we anticipate will be asked by other visitors that are yet to visit this page. You can find some of the most popular questions about HDMoviePlus below.

I Want to Know What is HDMoviePlus?

Should in case you have not heard of the phrase HDMovies Plus before, we are delighted to inform you about it. Actually, HDMoviePlus is a website that allows its visitors to stream movies online for free. It has many movies and TV shows that you can stream and even download for free.

You will also find lots of Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood, Telegu, and Tamil movies on HDMoviePlus. The funny part is that unlike other websites like Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, and others that demand money before you can stream or download movies from their website, HDMoviePlus offers all their movies and TV shows for free.

Is HDMoviePlus A legal Movie Website?

We hinted you above that the platform is not a legal website for streaming or downloading TV shows or movies. As a matter of fact, it was categorized as an illegal but popular website by the MPAA (Motion Pictures Association of America).

MPAA also added that HDMoviePlus is a notorious website and this is due to the pirated copies of movies it provides for its users. HDMoviePlus has been traced to have developed in Vietnam and statistics have also recorded that the Movie streaming website has over 98 million users per month.

How does It Carry Out Its Activities?

The way that HDMoviePlus works are that it incorporates popular movies across the web on its website which gives them the power to host virtually any movie or TV series from other legal streaming websites such as Sony Crunch, kitty movies, Amazon Prime, Netflix, and others. HDMoviePlus doesn’t necessarily need to host any movie or TV show on their website.

How Safe Is HDMoviePlus?

The answer to this question is a ‘Yes’ and a ‘No’ at the same time. The reason for stating that is because sincerely, HDMoviesPlus doesn’t have malware, but it’s a pirated and illegal website so the tendency of adding it without being questioned, is high.

Another problem that you might likely experience with this website is your Android device overheating after a long time of using HDMoviePlus.

Does HDMoviePlus HD Movies Download Safely?

I will simply say yes because you will experience lots of issues while trying to download Hindi TV series or movies from HDMoviePlus. One of the major reasons that we don’t like is its automatic pop-ups that usually open automatically. This is very bad because anyone who is in charge can easily access your device and input spammy code in the movie and other harmful film files.

Also, note that the codes or other harmful files injected into your device can automatically start to install themselves into your device. So, it’s usually advisable that you try as much as you can to stay away from illegal websites in order to keep your device clean and free from malware.

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Techmulla Disclaimer:

It is important that we inform our users that piracy of original content is something we really frown at and does not in any way support piracy. The only reason for providing you with this kind of information is so you can be informed of the piracy perpetrated by this illegal website. We do not have any intentions of encouraging Immoral acts or piracy. Ensure that you try to avoid such movie website


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