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How To Borrow MTN Data Bundle with MTN XtraByte Service 2021

how to borrow data from MTN

How To Borrow MTN Data Bundle has never been this easy. Below is a comprehensive guide to Borrowing data from MTN Nigeria.

Staying without data for most people is like living in a room without light because they are almost miserable without surfing the internet. Or have you ever been in the middle of a project online and you finally run out of data without any means of getting data immediately? Frustrating I know, but that may seize to be an issue with the MTN XtraByte service.

how to borrow data from MTN
How To Borrow MTN Data Bundle.

There are lots of telecommunication networks in Nigeria with each offering attractive services that seem to meet the needs of their customers. MTN happens to be one of the best networks in Nigeria which also try to meet the different needs of their customers through various packages.

You may be wondering what are we trying to talk about and I am glad to introduce you to the MTN ExtraByte, which is the newly introduce a package that allows you to borrow data just like the MTN XtraTime package that allows you borrow airtime and payback later. So, without any further ados, let us show you how you can borrow MTN data and pay back later with the MTN XtraByte.

MTN Code for Borrowing Data (MTN XtraByte)

Just as we briefed you guys above, the MTN XtraByte is a little bit like the MTN ExtraTime. But while the MTN XtraTime allows you to borrow airtime from the service provider, MTN XtraByte allows you to borrow data and payback later. So, as you are surfing your favourite movie website, your social media platforms, and other places on the internet, you don’t have to worry about running out of airtime anymore.

All you need to access this mouth-watering offer is to simply dial the right USSD Code that has been provided by MTN Nigeria. Below you will find the simple guide on how to borrow data from MTN Nigeria and payback later.

How Do I Borrow Data From MTN?

How To Borrow MTN Data Bundle is simple. Just dial *606#. So, if you want to borrow data from MTN, you are required to dial *606# and choose your preferred data ranging from either 10MB, 30MB, 100MB, 200MB or 750MB. Below is how to borrow data from MTN.

1). Dial *606#
2). On the menu displayed, enter “Borrow Data (XtraByte)”
3). When you click on that, if you are qualified for the service, you will see the list of data bundle packages, click on any one that you desire.
4). After that, your data will be sent to you and you can continue surfing the internet.

NOTE: Just like the MTN ExtraTime, you will be charged 15% for the service. Also, note that you are not allowed to use these services multiple times without paying for the previous data you borrowed.

See these USSD codes for data and credit on MTN and other Networks in Nigeria:

Please note that you don’t just buy an MTN seem one morning and the next morning you have started borrowing airtime. It doesn’t work like that. You must first be qualified for this package before you can be allowed to participate in the MTN offer.

How Do I Become Eligible for MTN XtraByte?

1). Purchase and register your MTN SIM.
2). You must ensure that you have not less than N12 in your account, though they will not cut it.
3). Before being qualified to borrow new data, you must ensure that you clear up your old depth.

NOTE: Your Monthly Recharge also determines how much data you will be allowed to borrow.

There are different available data options that can be accessed by eligible users and they include 20MB, 50MB, 150MB daily, 150MB weekly and 500MB. Note that after borrowing the data whenever you recharge the equivalent will be deducted from your airtime. Below are all the MTN XtraByte

List of MTN XtraByte Bundles and Subscription Amounts

There are only five (5) packages available on the MTN XtraByte bundle and it will be listed below alongside their equivalent subscription fees.

  • 500MB XtraByte-  You can borrow 500MB to surf the internet and different social media platforms. You will be required to pay back by recharging N500 MTN airtime.
  • 150MB xtraByte- You can also borrow 150MB which will be valid for 1week (7days). You will be required to pay back by simply recharging N300 worth of airtime.
  • 150MB xtraByte- There are two versions of this data bundle, the first which is mentioned above (last for 1 week and the price differs) and the second which is this one that allows you to borrow 150MB valid for 24 hours (1 day). This package is a lot cheaper than the one mentioned above. You are required to pay back by recharging just N200.
  • 50MB xtraByte- This happens to be second to the cheapest of the packages. It allows you to borrow 50MB to pay back by recharging N100 worth of airtime.
  • 20MB xtraByte- MTN customers can subscribe to this band with just N50 and get 20MB.

Quick Question and Answer

Below we will be treating some of the questions that have been asked by so many users. We are also adding some of the anticipated questions.

Can MTN XtraByte borrowed data be gifted or shared?

The simple answer to the question above is ‘No’. Just like borrowed airtime (ExtraTime), borrowed data on MTN xtraByte cannot be gifted, transferred, or shared with a third party.

Can I Still Borrow MTN Data Even when I have not Yet Paid for My Borrowed airtime?

The answer to that question is “Yes!”. You can still borrow the data bundle on MTN XtraByte even when you have not yet paid for the airtime you borrowed from MTN XtraTime. But be informed that when you finally recharge your SIM with airtime, it will be immediately deducted for the airtime you borrowed, then followed by the data you borrowed.

This is the much we can take on this topic. If you have any questions or contributions as pertaining to the topic, please feel free to share it with us via the comment section below.

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