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How To Check Glo Airtime Balance (Plus Bonus Airtime Balance)

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Wondering How To Check your Glo Main Airtime Balance? don’t worry we will show you the simple USSD code in addition to glo bonus balance code.

Just imagine you wanted to have an idea of how much balance is left on your Glo Sim before making any call. Or maybe you don’t want to get cut out halfway while conversing with your loved ones via your glo SIM. Then it’s time you know the simply Glo USSD code for checking your account balance – These will save you the disgrace.

How to Check Glo Account Balance (AKA Airtime Balance)

Just like any order network, there’s no big deal checking your Glo account balance; as a matter of fact, it’s very easy. All you have to do is dial the simple Glo airtime account balance USSD code: *124# and you wouldn’t be taken unaware when your airtime gets exhausted.

Like my dad will always say “Knowlege is power” and we are glad to have handed you enough power to overcome your ignorance about checking your Glo account balance.

Note: You can also check your Glo account balance by simply dialling #124*1# without having to further enter any on-screen command.

Should in case you try the code and it doesn’t bring up your Glo main account balance immediately, don’t worry because it’s just network problem – It’s common in most networks in Nigeria. All you have to do is try it again and your Glo airtime account balance will display immediately.

The code above is the only USSD code that you can use to check your Glo account balance and your balance will be displayed immediately you dial the code. Just like every other network, this Glo USSD code for account balance is free of charge and is available 24/7.

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How To Check Glo Bonus Account Balance

Just like checking your Glo airtime balance (main balance), if you want to check your Glo airtime bonus, you still have to dial a different code – which most people are not aware of.

As a matter of fact, some people’s bonuses expire without them noticing it, and this is because they didn’t even know they had a bonus. But, how will they know when they don’t even know how to check Glo Bonus Balance?

Not to worry, checking bonus airtime balance on Glo is so easy and all you have to do is dial #122#. Nevertheless, in most cases, whether you are subscribed to a postpaid or prepaid tariff plan, the code may not display your bonuses. Thus, we urge you to check your Glo airtime bonus balance using the direct USSD code for each of the Glo tariff plans below:

  • Dial #122*2# (Glo Bumpa package).
  • Dial #122*10# (Glo Campus booster bonuses).
  • Dial #122*23# (Glo Jumbo)
  • Dial *220*1# (Glo Yakata).
  • Dial #122*34# (Glo welcome back bonus) for locked welcome back bonuses. While #122*35# is used to check unlocked bonuses.


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