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How to Check Your Glo Phone Number

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How To Check My Glo Number: Should in case you have forgotten your Glo phone number or maybe you bought the Glo SIM new and wish to know the number, there are multiple ways you can actually do that, and you will find them below.

So, if you are among those in search of how to check their Glo phone number, don’t worry because Globacom has made the process very easy for their customers. Below are two different ways you can check your Glo line number.

Two Ways To Check Your Glo Number.

Before you check your phone number using the methods below, don’t forget that your phone number is usually written at the back of your new Glo Sim Pack. But if you couldn’t find your SIM pack, then you can use any of the methods below to check your 11-digit Glo phone number.

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How To Check Your Glo Phone Number Using USSD Code

Checking your number using the Glo USSD code happens to be the simplest method. All you have to do is simply dial *135*8# and your 11-digit phone number will display on your screen immediately.

NB: Please don’t be confused if the number is presented in this formate for instance (2348057654321). The actual number is (08057654321) but the (234) in front of the number is Nigeria’s country code.

So, instead of 08057654321, you get something like this 2348057654321, don’t worry because they mean the same thing.

Thus, if you are in Nigeria, whether you dial the number with or without the country code it will still go through. But the same will not work for those dialling the number outside the country – they must have to use the one with Nigeria’s country code i.e (+2348057654321) and not the (08057654321).

Check the Number Via A Call

If you don’t want to use the method suggested above, then you can try this second method which requires you to dial Glo number (1244). When you dial 1244, you will hear a robotic voice calling out your Glo phone number. Thus, you have to be ready with a book and pen to write out your phone number.


Where you able to see your Glo phone number? If you encounter any issue in the process, don’t hesitate to let us know and we will provide you with a quick solution. Thanks for stopping by…

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