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MTN Beta Talk Bonuses and How to Migrate

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Our theme for this topic is how to migrate to MTN Beta Talk and all the benefit of migrating to MTN beta talk tariff plan.

There are lots of MTN Tariff plans, but MTN BetaTalk happens to be one of the best MTN tariff plans in Nigeria. Once you are opted-in for this plan, you will be eligible for a 200% airtime bonus per recharge of N100 and more.

Migrating to MTN beta talk allows you get three (3) times the value of the airtime you recharged. Apart from the airtime bonus, you will be charged 40k/sec which is equivalent to (N24/minute) for calls.

Whenever you send SMS, make calls, as well as use data, you will be charged from your MTN BetaTalk main account and bonus. But first of all, all your activities will be deducted from your bonus airtime, afterward, your main account will be charged.

Benefits of MTN Beta Talk

MTN Betatalk is open to all and even if you are a prepaid customer, you can still migrate to MTN Beta Talk tariff plan. Whether you are migrating from MTN Trutalk Plus or any other plan, there is no limitation, as you can easily migrate from any other MTN plan to MTN Betatalk.

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how to migrate to MTN Beta Talk

below are some of the advantages and benefits of migrating to MTN Beta Talk:

1). First of all, you are entitled to a 200% airtime bonus on every recharge even if it’s N100 airtime.
2). They charge just 40k/seconds for calls.
3). The Bonus will be valid for 7 days.
4). The bonus can be used to call all networks in Nigeria.
5). You can use the bonus to send SMS as well as PAYG data.
6). Whenever you recharge N100 and above, you will get 10MB data which will also be valid for 7 days.

How To Migrate to MTN Beta Talk?

Should in case your question is how do I migrate to MTN Beta Talk? then here is the answer. There are two different ways on how to migrate to MTN Beta Talk. While the first requires you to dial the MTN Beta Talk Migration Code which is *123*2*1# you can also decide to migrate by simply sending an SMS, BT to 131.

Note: You will receive a confirmation message immediately you migrate to MTN Betatalk. What you are required to do afterward is to recharge your SIM so you can start relishing all the benefits that this package comes in with.

It is also important to inform you that migrating to MTN Beta Talk is free. You will only be charged N100 for migrating if it hasn’t been up to 30days you last migrated with the same SIM.

How Do I Check My MTN Beta Talk Bonus Balance?

Should in case you want to check your MTN BetaTalk bonus simply dial *559*43# and your airtime bonus will be displayed alongside with its validity date. Meanwhile, if you want to check your MTN Beta Talk data bundle bonus, you will have to dial *131*4#.

Things to Know about MTN Beta Talk

There are relevant things you need to know about this MTN tariff plan and we have listed some of them below.

1). The first thing you should know is that all the bonuses that you receive on this tariff plan are valid for only 7 days. If after 7days you don’t exhaust the bonus, it will be wiped away.

2). If you are an MTN Beta Talk subscriber, then you will not be able to participate in Share and Sell. What this means is that you wouldn’t be able to send airtime to another MTN user.

3). If you recharge below ₦100, you will only be qualified for a 150% airtime bonus instead of the 250% bonus.

4). You wouldn’t be charged for migrating to this plan, provided you have stayed more than 30days since your last migration.

5). Whether you recharge via buying physical recharge card or via VTU, you will still earn the same bonus.

How Do I opt-out from MTN Beta Talk?

There are most people who may not later in the feature want to continue with this service, but the question is how do I unsubscribe from MTN BetaTalk tariff plan?

Answer: There is no actual way of unsubscribing from this plan, all you have to do is to migrate to another plan. To migrate to another MTN plan, find the code to the plan you want to migrate to and dial the code.

It is also important to know that once you opt-out from this service, you will no longer be eligible to partake in all the benefits that the plan comes with.

You can understand more with the video below which will provide you with more information:

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