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7 Ways To Use lucky Patcher

List of Lucky Patcher Games

Before we travel deep into 7 ways on how to use  Lucky patcher, let’s get you acquainted on what lucky patcher is all about. Now, the question is, what is lucky patcher?

Lucky patcher is currently one of the best apps out there, which puts you completely in charge of your device. This app is compatible with almost all the devices; we have the lucky patcher for Android, lucky patcher for PC, lucky patcher for iOS (iPhone).

You can use the lucky patcher to obtain premium paid games for free, tweak, change and modify both games and app. You can also use the app to remove annoying ads from other application or games on your device, bypass license verification and more.

how to use Lucky patcher

Gamers can now save the money used in buying coins because, with this app, you can bypass the coin purchase process and still get all the coins you need for free. There are lots of things that you can achieve using this app, nevertheless, we will be concentrating on 7 things you can do with the lucky patcher. But first, let’s see the features of this app. You can Download Lucky Patcher Here.

Features of lucky patcher

Below are the features and benefits of luckypatcher. This will also help you in utilizing all the potentials of this very application.

i). It helps you bypass license check when downloading premium apps, resulting in a free purchase.
ii). It removes intrusive and annoying ads from your game or other applications on your device.
iii). You can even back up your phone applications with the app.
iv). It comes with useful information.
v). You can convert Android User Apps into System Apps.
vi). You can control every other application and games on your device with this lucky patcher.
vii). You can now purchase those subway coins and other game coins for free.

How to Use Lucky Patcher App

Most people suggest that you root your smartphone before using this application. Nevertheless, the method we are about to show you does not require that you root your device and it can be applied both on Android smartphones, PC, iOS devices.

How to complete Lucky Patcher in-app purchase

This is one of the most used features of this app and game lovers like this feature a lot because it allows them to obtain paid games and other apps for free. Though, everyone can make a free purchase with this app. Check below to find out how to use lucky patcher app to purchase any applications for free. There are actually two ways.

1. First.

  • Run the Lucky Patcher apk.
  • Go to the ‘Toolbox Menu’.
  • Tap on the ‘Patch on Android’.
  • Endeavor to tick (check) all the boxes of the displayed batches.
  • Leave your device to reboot.
  • Minimize the luckypatcher apk.
  • Locate the desired app or game you wish to obtain for free..
  • Click on the in-app purchase, then proceed by clicking buy.
  • A pop-up message will display with the question “do you want to get this item for free?”
  • Go ahead and Tap on “YES” or “Send reply” button. You can now enjoy your app/game for free.

2). Second.

  • Run the app.
  • After you have opened the app, Minimize it by clicking on the main menu button or tasks menu button.
  • Also, run the app anywhere you want to buy the inside app premium purchase.
  • Tap on the premium option and continue to purchase.
  • “Do you want to try this app for free?” will pop-up.
  • Finally, Click the “Yes” or “Send reply” button and it is settled.

How To Change Your App Permissions

1). For permission to enable Select the Green Color.
2). Meanwhile, choose the RED Color to disable.
3). Must you have to Apply [Reboot].

Lucky Patcher: how to uninstall system apps

1). If you have downloaded lucky patcher, lunch it.
2). The App will seek root permission, Tap on allow / grant.
3). All your Apps will display on their main page.
4). Select the App you want to remove from your device.
5). You will see a window pop-up, click on “YES”.

How to convert User Apps into System Apps

1). Run the lucky patcher app.
2). you will see the list of all your Apps.
3). Choose the particular app you wish to convert.
4). Select “Tools” from the drop-down option.
5). Search for the option with Move to /System/App, then click on it.
6). Within 40 seconds, the app will automatically move to system apps.

How to create backups for Android apps

1). First of all, open the Lucky Patcher app.
2). Tap on the app backup. (The app you intend to save on your device storage).
3). Tap on the app, drop-down options will show up.
4). Select the app and appear.
5). Click on “Clone the application”.
6). In a matter of minutes, an apk file for the intended app will display.

Lucky patcher: How to Remove License Verification

Here is how you can remove license verification from applications and game on Android, PC, and others. Simply follow the instructions below:

1). Go to the home-page of your Lucky Patcher app.
2). Select the app you intend to remove the license verification.
3). Also, click on the “Open Menu of Patches” From the drop-down menu.
4). Choose the “App without License Verification”
5). In a matter of minutes, lucky Patcher will create the app modified version.
6). Uninstall the former version of the app, then go ahead and install the modified app from Lucky Patcher.

How to remove ads with Lucky Patcher

For all those who don’t like those disturbing Google ads showing up whenever they are busy with something else on their app, you can actually get rid of those intrusive ads using the guidelines provided below:

  • Choose the item (App/game/etc) that you want to stop the ads from displaying and choose “Remove Google Ads” option into the app.
  • Select “Patch to remove Google Ads”.
  • Run the app you want to remove the ads from.
  • Should in case you still find the Ads still displaying, select “Disable Ads Activities”.
  • The lucky patcher will locate any ads activities and ask you if it should disable the ads.
  • Go ahead and say yes.

If you followed the instruction properly, you will see no ads again. Notwithstanding, if you feel like you want the ads back, just select “Remove ODEX with Changes” or “Restore”.


This is where we call it a day with the 7 Ways To Use lucky Patcher on all device. We hope you have been able to learn how to Remove a License Verification, how to Remove Google Ads, how to Apply a Custom Patch, how to Change an App Permissions, how to Create a Modified APK File and more.

We are excited to share this knowledge with you. Should in case you have any question, suggestion, or any other thing, please let us know through the comment section. Bye for now.

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