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List of Lucky Patcher Games

Lucky Patcher has been one of the most discussed topics this week on Techmulla and today we are still on the matter [Lucky patcher games]. Like we earlier mentioned in other topics, lucky patcher is currently one of the best and most sort after application.

The application allows you to download premium games for free. It also allows you to enjoy games without restrictions by providing with game coins for free, help unlock any game stage, locked game character or tools and a whole lot of things. Don’t get it twisted this application can still be used for many things like, block those annoying ads that display on apps, convert Android apps to system apps, download premium app without paying for it and many other things. You can see the benefits of lucky patcher here.

List of Lucky Patcher Games

Most of us already know that Lucky patcher is used to modify games and apps for rooted Android devices, but unfortunately, there are most games that can’t be patched with this app. So, we have decided to list out some of the popular games that can be hacked with lucky patcher apk.

Should in case you want to download lucky patcher application and enjoy all the benefits that this awesome application comes with, then visit our previous article here. Before using this application to hack these games it is necessary you root your Android device and you can use Android Apps like Kingo Root or King Root.

List of Lucky Patcher Games

a). Smash Cops Heat

This is one of the games lucky patcher supports, it is actually a racing game that requires its players to go on missions, chase after heavy speedy cars and more. This game is a 3D game, which means you will be enjoying a real-life experience with this game.

You also get to drive into cool cities, chase after felonies with your amazing supercars, this and many more are the things that you can enjoy on this game. You can actually do all that we have mentioned for free using the lucky patcher apk. Download the game Here.

b). Hungry Shark Evolution

This is the second on my list of lucky patcher games. It is a game where you have to be in charge of the ocean, survive by eating virtually everything that you find. This game is a beautiful 3D game which gives you a life experience of underwater, where you meet with mysterious and awesome sea creatures. This game comes with many features and it’s also an offline game. Download the game Here.

c). Deadly Fight (Fighting Game)

For all those gamers who love fighting games, with the lucky patcher, you can actually download and enjoy this game. This game is a 3D game and doubles as one of the best fighting game that you can find out there. The game requires you fighting in different world locations and in different levels (stages).
This game also requires that you have some fighting skills and other fighting tactics. Download the game Here.

d). Monster Defender

This is another interesting one that we have on the list of lucky patcher games. This game requires that protect your castle and your land from the monsters of the darkness. You are free to use the different weapons from the list of the available weapon that has been provided for you. All you have to do is download and enjoy this game packed with lots of compacts. Download the game Here.

e). Tower Madness 2 (3D Defense)

This is another interesting game where you have to protect your flocks from attack. You have a great collection of arsenal which is made up of awesome weapons that would be used to defend your flocks from aliens. You can actually download this game using the lucky patcher apkpure. Download the game Here.

f). Bloons TD Battles

Should you are among those gamers who love to play more of Strategy games, then we think you should give this game a try. In this game, you play as monkey against a monkey. This game supports two players and it comes along with 22 awesome monkey tower, 27 custom battles, and 16 achievements. Download the game Here.

g). Tiny Troopers 2: Special Ops

This game is a military game which gives you the real life experience of a true military. You will undergo the military test, use helicopter, tank, and a host of other things that will be provided for you. In this game, you also have your troopers three thrill and it’s completely up to you to do whatever you want to with your armies. With the lucky patcher app, you can get this game for free. Download Here.

h). Just Shout

This is one of those rear survival games that also doubles as a fighting game. The game tells a story about a fighter named John Shout from America. The wife of John was kidnapped by a local mob and this is where the game begins, with John going in search of his wife to rescue her. There are 30 levels in this game and lots of enemies which you must defeat to stay alive and to rescue John’s wife. Download here.

i). Robbery Bob 2 (Double Trouble)

This game is about the king of thieves named Bob, who goes around stealing things from people and tries to stay hidden for as long as he can. To escape, bob has to employ many tricks, use the available RC cars, and different techniques. With this game, you never get bored. Download here.

j). Street Fighting 2 (Multiplayer)

This game is among the lucky patcher games that you can play with two players. There are lots of things that you can do in this game like use sticks to kick peoples ass. You can feature two players at a time, 4 multiplayer arenas, armor. You can even customize this game with few tweaks like gloves,  hats, and other tweaks. This game has high graphics and is among the best games that we know. Download here.

k). Zombie Highway 2

The main aim of this game is to try as much as you can to survive for as long as you can, but for sure you wouldn’t. there are a boatload strong zombies. This game features both zombies Guns and Cars. You can download this game here.

l). Injustice (Gods Among Us)

In this game, you will see lots of popular DC villains and Super Heroes. In this game, you will have to fight against those notorious villains and in some stages they become gods. Your main purpose is to win those enemies in about 3 action combat. The more you win in this game is the more you will have the chance to upgrade your characters, increase your powers and other exciting features that this 3D amazing game comes with. Download here.

m). Zombie Squad

This game features you as the main actor and the enemies as zombies. Your main aim in this game is to kill those zombies, chose any car of your choice and go on missions. But if you are not fast enough, the zombies will crowd your car and kill you and that will be the end of the game for you. Download this game here.

n). Stunt Car Racing (Multiplayer)

For all those stunt lovers, this game is for you. This game is a racing game where you are presented with a host of assorted bikes and cars at your disposal. With these cars and bikes, you can perform a host of stunts as much as you desire. This game supports two players, comes in with Coin Mode,  Zombie Mode, Flag Mode, and others.

This game also comes to an amazing racing environment that comprises of  Formula Racer, SuperBike, Monster Truck,  Stretch Limo, Monobike, Mini, 3 Wheeler, Sports Car, Muscle Car, and others. You can download this game here.

o). Age of wind 3

This another lovely game for many players and in this game, you will have to cross the sail the seas, trade goods in which you will use in creating amazing weapons, complete quests and other great adventure that you will engage in and finally become the greatest pirate of the sea. The game is really fun and the graphics are really cool. You can download the game here.

p). Townsmen

This game which is featured in the list of lucky patcher game is among the most popular games on Android.  Your purpose in this game is to collect taxes from your folks in other to build the city. This game features Dozens of different towns, City-building, production buildings, Cute inhabitants, and many other nice features that will catch your fancy. You can download this amazing game here.

q). Stick War (Legacy)

This game is another exciting game in the list of lucky patcher games. This game features lots of amazing things like mining gold, building your units. This game also comes with different gaming modes, different amazing armies, and a host of other things. The main purpose of this game is for you to capture all territories and also destroy the enemy statue. The graphics of this game is also lovely and you will surely enjoy this game. You can download this game here.

r). Chhota Bheem (The Hero)

This game tells the story of a village called  Dholakpur which is protected by a 9 years baby hero. The hero employed the help of other heroes like jaggu, dholubolu, chutki, Kalia, and a host of other friends. This game main character was taken from the popular Indian cartoon and this game also have about 50 levels. The graphics are lovable and you will surely find this game interesting. It is another awesome game that made into the list of lucky patcher games. You can download the game here.

s). Tank ON 2 (Jeep Hunter)

You are the leader of this game and you have your armies whose major aim is to protect turret and catch the enemy’s shells, while also preventing your base from damaging. You are also presented with weapons like guns and tanks, Tesla-gun, Rocket launcher, Energy Reactor, Minigun, Orbital Ion Cannon and more. Your reward for destroying enemies is a silver coin. You can download this awesome game here.

t). Can Knockdown 3

This game is the last on my list of lucky patcher games 2019 and it involves you solving puzzles and other things that you can enjoy. This game supports multiplayer and comes in with awesome 3D graphics interface, bonuses, and the fun is endless. Download the game Here.

Other Lucky Patcher Games 2018

  • Zombie Squad
  • The Factory
  • Dictator 2.
  • Bio Inc. – Biomedical Game.
  • Unfinished Mission.
  • Zombie Catchers.
  • Chhota Beheem (The Hero).
  • Build Away! Idle City Builder.
  • Farm Away! – Idle Farming.
  • Fruit Ninja Free.
  • Brothers (Clash of Fighters).
  • Mad Day – Truck Distance Game.
  • Swamp Attack.
  • Watch Out Zombies!
  • Gun Strike 2.
  • Bee Brilliant.
  • Invention City.
  • Zombie’s Got a Pogo.
  • Hunger Games (Panem Run)
  • Cricket Hungama 2016.


We are glad to bring you the list of all the games that are compatible with the lucky patcher. We hope you enjoyed this topic ‘List of Lucky Patcher Games’. For questions and inquiries please use the comment section below. Thanks

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