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How to Download Lucky Patcher Android, iOS, PC, and iPhone

List of Lucky Patcher Games

Today we will be introducing an awesome app to all app and game lovers who love to utilize every benefit that a game or an app comes in with. And the name of this app is Lucky Patcher and it will assist in bringing out the best of your favorite game or app.

Unlike most high- in-demand apps, the lucky patcher is available for all devices. We have the Lucky Patcher for Android, PC, iOS and other devices that you can use in accessing the internet. One good thing about this app is, you can easily perform other responsibilities, modify all the settings of an app or game until it matches your taste.

For the sake of those who have a fainted to no knowledge about this app, you will learn more about it as you read on. But, here is a general idea of what Lucky Patcher is all about.

What is Lucky Patcher App

Download Lucky patcher

Lucky Patcher is an app that helps you bring out the best in other apps or game. With this app, you can modify apps, bypass license verification, remove those annoying and intrusive ads from any application, remove systems app and a host of other things you could possibly achieve with this app.

Did just forget to mention that you can still remove those disturbing advertisements and intrusive ads from your games. In order to do all that we have mentioned and more, you have to download Lucky Patcher for Android and other of your device. Let’s first see some of the features of this application.

Features of Lucky Patcher app

There is a host of features and advantages of using Lucky Patcher app on Android, PC, iPhone, etc. We will list some of the benefits of using lucky patcher.

1). Removes Intrusive/Annoying ads – One of the major features is to remove to those intrusive ads from your apps and games. With just one click, you will be able to disable those Google ads that are always popping up on the front of your screen.

2). Unlimited coins and gems – When next you need some coins or gems to pass that level(game), don’t worry because, with the lucky patcher, you can get as many coins as you require. Like it or not, this app can give you unlimited coins and gems.

There are some games that require coins to move to the next level and luckily enough, Lucky Patcher can help with that. It works like magic, fast and efficient.

3). Use paid apps without paying – There is a saying that ‘even in free town, there is nothing free’ but this app changes the whole game. With this app, you get and use paid apps for absolutely free of charges and it’s the same across every app. The app help you avoid those license verification.

Other Benefits

4). Convert app to system app – Here is another amazing benefit of using this application and it is the ability to convert or turn any type of application into a system application. And unfortunately, smartphones missed out on this one. This feature is only available for PC.

5). Customized Phone’s UI – With this application, tweaking the UI of your smartphone is now very much possible. You can customize the launchers of your iOS device to suit you.

With the Lucky Patcher, you can also give additional permission to your iOS device.

6). Allow in-app purchases – With this application, you will be able to complete all in-app purchases by stopping the license verification. This means you can now use all the paid applications for free and it works the same way on all applications.

7). Back-up your file – With the lucky patcher app, you can easily save/back-up all those important files of yours without experiencing any challenge. Also, with this application, you can remove that unwanted permission that the app comes along with.

8). Can move apps from phone to SD card – You can decide to move all your applications from your mobile device storage to your external memory card (SD Card) With the help of Lucky Patcher. So when next you have tonnes of apps making your phone storage filled up, you can easily move them to your external SD Card.

lucky patcher apkpure (Android v7.6.0)

To get and download lucky patcher Android file is not as difficult as getting and downloading the app for PC and iOS devices. Though you can still find the iOS version on Google PlayStore.

It is important that we let you know that rooting your Android smartphone to use the Lucky Patcher is just a waste of time and not competently unnecessary. The app doesn’t demand that you root it before it can perfectly work.

Below you will be able to download the Official Lucky Patcher apkure for your Android smartphone and iOS. This is also the lucky patcher for Android and you can also do a whole lot of things with this one because it is the latest version.

Lucky Patcher Android v7.6.0 Download: follow the simple step below in order to download lucky patcher apkpure on your Android smartphone.

1). First, enable the installation from an unknown source and you can do this by following the guidelines below.
a) To enable installation from unknown source, go to your phone ‘settings’,
b). Enter the ‘security’ option,
c). Tap on ‘Unknown sources’ and checkbox,

2). After that, download the Lucky Patcher apk v7.6.0 using this URL [https://www.luckypatchers.com/download/].
3). After that, select ‘install’.

When you do that, you will see the icon of the app and you will receive a notification on your notification bar informing you that you that you have successfully installed the app.

After successfully installing this application, you will see all the apps & games in your phone inside the Lucky patcher app, and this simply means you don’t need to manually add games/apps to it.

Lucky Patcher iOS iPhone Download

For iOS (iPhone, iPad) users, it’s unfortunate this application is only available for download on iTunes official website. You can’t access this application, as it is currently unavailable for your device on Google Play Store.

Nevertheless, there are alternative ways to easily download Lucky Patcher iOS and enjoy this application. To be able to download and easily install the Lucky Patcher iOSsuccessfully, just follow the steps that are provided below.

  • First, download the iPadian app on your iOS device.
  • Install the iPadian on your device.
  • Go ahead to launch the app and search for “Lucky Patcher apk” in the search box.
  • Go ahead and download the lucky patcher by clicking on the download icon.
  • Install the application and that’s all.

Just like Blackmart, the iPadian is iOS app store where you go to download available applications.

Download Lucky Patcher for PC

You can also use the Lucky Patcher on personal computers, just the way you have it on the Android and iOS. In other to able to download this application on your PC, you will first download any Android emulator on your PC (Bluestacks is always preferable). Just carefully follow all the guidelines that have been provided below:

a). Download Bluestacks and open it.
b). Click on Bluestacks Search Bar, positioned on the top left.
c). Use the search bar to search for “Lucky Patcher”.
d). Go ahead to select and download/install the Lucky Patcher apk.
e). If successfully downloaded, it will be automatically installed on your PC.
f). Go to the downloaded Apps menu of your Bluestakes.
g). Launch and open Lucky Patcher app for PC.

That’s all, you can now start enjoying all the features and benefits of this application.

List of Lucky Patcher Latest and Former Version

Here are the list of both old and new Lucky Patcher versions (Latest Version: v7.6.0), (Other version: v7.5.9), (Other version: v7.5.8) and (Other version: v7.5.7), (Other version: v7.5.6), also (Other version: v7.5.5), (Other version: v7.5.4) and (Other version: v7.5.3), (Other version: v7.5.2) and finally (Other version: v7.5.1) and the (version: v7.5.0).

Lucky Patcher Alternatives

Should in case you have tried downloading and installing the lucky patcher and it doesn’t work, or maybe you are tired of using it or probably didn’t get what you expect, there are other alternatives to this app and they are listed here ->> (AppSara, iAP Free, Freedom, IAPCrazy, iAP Cracker, GAMECIH).

Lucky Patcher Games

Below are the various games that are compatible with Lucky Patcher:

1). Smash Cops Heat.
2). Monster Defender.
3). Fighting Game.
4). Age of Wind 3.
5). Bloons TD Battles.
6). Hungry Shark Evolution.
7). Zombie Squad.
8). Just Shout.
9). Stunt Car Racing – Multiplayer.
10). Street Fighting 2 (Multiplayer).
11). Robbery Bob 2 (Double Trouble).
12). Zombie Highway 2.
13). Stick War: Legacy.
14). Dictator 2.
15). ROBOTS.
16). Tower Madness 2 (3D Defense).
17). Townsmen.
18). Tiny Troopers 2 (Special Ops).
19). Can Knockdown 3.
20). Injustice (Gods Among Us).
21). Brothers (Clash of Fighters).
22). The Factory.
23). Bio Inc. – Biomedical Game.
24). Chhota Beheem (The Hero).
25). Farm Away! – Idle Farming.
26). Unfinished Mission.
27). Mad Day – Truck Distance Game.
28). Zombie Catchers.
29). Build Away! Idle City Builder.
30). Fruit Ninja Free.

31). Gun Strike 2.
32). Watch Out Zombies.
33). Invention City.
34). Watch Out Zombies!
35). Tank On 2 – Jeep Hunter.
36). Cricket Hungama 2016.
37). Swamp Attack.
38). Zombie’s Got a Pogo.
39). Bee Brilliant.
40). Hunger Games (Panem Run)

How to fix App Not Installed error while installing Lucky Patcher

There have been reports that you get an error notification when installing this App, we, therefore, decided to add this section to this article. For all those that have been receiving the error notification when installing this App, should use the guideline below to resolve such issues and install the app.

i). Open the Google Play Store.
ii). Click on the Google PlayStore ‘menu’ icon.
iii). Scroll down until you see the ‘Play Protect’.
iv). Disable the ‘Scan device for security threat’.
v). A warning message will display ignore it by clicking on ‘OK’.
vi). Install the Luck Patcher apk again.

If you were able to follow the guidelines correctly, then congratulations you can now start to enjoy all the benefits of the Lucky Patcher.

Lucky Patcher App Colors and their Meaning

If you have downloaded and installed the Lucky Patcher application, you will notice those colors on different apps, here is a break down of what those colors mean:

Blue Color ~ If any of the application on your Android device shows blue on Lucky patcher, it simply means that App displays Google ads. You can go ahead and disable the ads from displaying.

Green Color ~ Any application on your Android phone that displays green, means the App can easily be registered/disconnected from Google Play Store.

Purple Color ~ Purple color signals you that system apps (pre-installed apps) is running.

Orange Color ~ The normal color for all system apps.

Yellow Color ~ This is the color that signals you about the importance of a particular app. It’s for popular apps with specific exploits, like the Play Store.

Red Color ~ Applications that are highlighted in Red color can’t be modified with Lucky Patcher.

How To Use Lucky Patcher

How To Change App Permissions

i). To disable select the [Red color].
ii). For permission to enable Choose [Green].
iii). Must you have to Apply [Reboot].

How to complete Lucky Patcher in-app purchase

This is likely one of the features that almost everyone is in love with, and it is the ability to obtain paid apps or games for free. Luckily, this section of this article teaches you two ways to bypass in-app purchase. Follow the guideline below:

A). First Method.

a1). Launch the Lucky Patcher apk.
a2). Visit the ‘Toolbox Menu’.
a3). Click on the ‘Patch on Android’.
a4). All the boxes of the displayed batches should be clicked (checked).
a5). Allow your phone to reboot.
a6). Go ahead and Minimize the app.
a7). Visit the game or app you desire to purchase.
a8). Tap on the in-app purchase, and click buy.
a9). A message will display asking “do you want to get this item for free?”
a10). Click on “YES” or “Send reply” button. Congrats, you can now enjoy your App/Game.

B). Second Method.

b1). Launch the app.
b2). After launching lucky patcher.
b3). Go ahead and Minimize it by either clicking on the tasks menu button or main menu button.
b4). Launch app where you desire to carry out the inside app premium purchases.
b5). Go ahead and Tap on the option of premium and continue the purchase.
b6). You will this message “Do you want to try this app for free?”.
b7). Tap on the “Yes” or “Send reply” button. Congrats! it’s done and dusted.

How to Uninstall System Apps With Lucky Patcher

a). Download, Install and run Lucky Patcher apk.
b). The App will demand root permission, go ahead and click on allow / grant.
c). All your Apps will display on their main page.
d). Choose the desired App you intend to remove from your Android.
e). A window will pop-up, go ahead and click on “YES”.

Guess what? that is all. You are good to go.

How to convert User Apps into System Apps

i). Download, install and run the luckypatcher apk.
ii). A list of all the Apps will display.
iii). Select the app you intend to convert.
iv). Choose “Tools” from in the drop-down option.
v). Search for the option that writes Move to /System/App go ahead and Tap it.
vi). You will have to wait for about a minute or so and the app will automatically move to system apps.

How to create backups for Android apps

i). Open the Lucky Patcher app.
ii). Click on the app backup.
Note: This is the app, that you desire to save on your device storage
iii). Select the app and a drops down options will be displayed.
iv). Tap on the app and appear.
v). Tap on “Clone the application”.
vi). Just in a while, an apk file for the desired application will display. And that is all.

How to Remove License Verification

The guideline below will show you how to remove license verification from any game or app on your Android phone, PC, etc. Using the Lucky Patcher App. Below are the instructions

Step1. Visite your Lucky Patcher app homepage.
Step2. Choose the desired app you wish to remove the license verification.
*3*. Select “Open Menu of Patches” From the drop-down menu.
*4*. Select the “Apk without License Verification”
*5*. Lucky Patcher will then produce the modified version.
*6*. Go ahead and uninstall the old version of the app and install the modified app from Lucky Patcher.

That is all, you are now free to use your desired applications with unnecessary license verification demands.

How to remove ads with Lucky Patcher

Here are the simple steps to remove all those intrusive and annoying ads from more especially Google.

1). Select the item (App/game/etc) you wish not to see the ads and always choose please “Remove Google Ads” option into the app.
2). Choose “Patch to remove Google Ads”.
3). Run the app.
4). If you still find the presence of the Ads, choose “Disable Ads Activities”.
5). The lucky patcher will find any active ads activities and offer you an option to disable them.

That’s all. We assure you there will be no ads on display again. Nevertheless, anytime that you want the ads back, all you have to do is select “Restore” or “Remove ODEX with Changes”.


We are glad to share our knowledge on this subject with you and we hope you enjoyed it. The Lucky Patcher is currently among the best Android apps and it completely puts you in charge of your device. There may be other things that we may not have been able to cover in this article, call our attention if you find any.

For questions, suggestions concerning this topic how to download Lucky Patcher on Android, iOS, PC, and iPhone, please use the comment section. See you in the next post…

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