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How to Migrate to MTN Biz Plus, SME Plus, MTN Biz Class Plan 2021

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MTN has finally introduced another Tariff Plan, MTN Biz Plus tariff plan to the list of tens of already existing MTN Plans. They even recently added another one called the MTN Xtrapro and Xtraspecial tariff Plan

The MTN Biz Plus plan doesn’t come alone, there are other tariff plans such as the MTN Biz Class, and the MTN SME Plus Plan which comes along. The tariff plans we just listed are not just for everybody, they focus more on business, making a plan for businessmen and women.

We have been able to explain each of the MTN tariff plans alongside their migration codes. So, below you will find MTN Biz Plus migration code, MTN Biz Class, and the MTN SME Plus activation code.

So, if you are a businessman, you can easily migrate to MTN Biz Plus plan, MTN SME Plus, or MTN Biz Class. With any of these packages listed, you can enjoy access to the internet, low call charges, and SMS.

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1). About MTN Biz Plus Tariff Plan

MTN Biz Plus is another interesting tariff plan from which offer customers with great bonuses and a low cost for on-net GSM Voice, SMS, etc with their major focus on  SMEs.

If you want to partake in the benefits of this awesome MTN plan, then you will have to migrate from your existing plan. You will be presented with lots of discount on data bundle when you migrate to this package.

How Do I Migrate to MTN Biz Plus? Migrating to the plan is very easy what you have to do is to dial the MTN Biz Plus migration code which is *460# or you send 460 to 131. When you are opt-in for this plan, you will enjoy lower call rates on national calls.

You will be charged 40 Kobo/sec for the first 1 minute, then afterward, you will then be charged as low as 12 Kobo /sec and you will also enjoy Free Happy Hour call.

Features of MTN Biz Plus Tariff Plan

*. The service allows customers to move from one bundle plan to another still within the same service using the SMS shortcode.

*. Voice and data share are protected by the PIN.

*. The SMS, data, and call rate is very low and attractive.

*. MTN Biz Plus customers have access to the Free Happy Hour call.

*. Bundle on this service is automatically rolled over, as well as automatically renewed.

*. Biz Plus customers involve in share and Sell, as well as allowed to also share data to any tariff plan package.

*. Biz Plus charges you just 40 Kob0/seconds for the first 1minute and afterward, you will be charged just 12 Kobo/sec.

*. You can easily migrate from any other MTN plan to MTN BIZ Plus tariff plan without being charged. Though this doesn’t apply when you migrate to another plan for less than 30days.

*. Some of the product bundles include (Smart Number; Business Tips; Back up as a Service & presence).

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2). About MTN Biz Class

Unlike the Biz Pro, the MTN Biz Class seems to favor the Business-oriented customers as it provides them with Business Headline News, coupled with a lower call rate. The lower call rate is usable for both off-net and on-net GSM Voice, SMS, and Data focused mainly on SMEs.

If you subscribe to this plan, you will be able to enjoy some great benefits such as Access to various business-oriented bundled offerings. You will be eligible for Free Happy Hour calls, you will also be able to share either your voice airtime or data with your friends, employees, as well as colleagues.

How Do I Migrate to MTN Biz Class? In order to migrate to this tariff plan, ensure you dial the Mtn Biz Class Migration code which is *460*3# or text 433 to 131.

3). MTN SME Plus

Just like the two which has already been mentioned, the MTN SME Plus gives their customers lower cost charges on Data, on-net  GSM Voice, SMS and more with their main focus on the SMEs.

MTN Biz Plus tariff plan

The major purpose of this plan is provide users to make more business calls, SMS more, and others. Once you have been able to migrate, you will be eligible to choose the various bundles that best suits your business.

How Do I Migrate to MTN SME Plus? Simply dial the MTN SME Plus migration code which is *460# or text 460 to 131

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