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MTN Night Plan – All MTN Night Plan Code (Activation & Deactivation Codes)

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Today we will be discussing MTN Night plan codes which you will use to activate or deactivate MTN Night browsing. This night plan is also known by some people as the MTN Pulse Nightlife Bundles. Whatever you may identify the package as our main aim here is to show you how to activate/deactivate it.

There are so many reasons why most Nigerians prefer to browse in the Night. While some say they prefer to browse in the night because of the internet speed, others also say that MTN night plan is cheaper than that of the day.

One of the reasons I prefer to browse in the night is because of the speed of the internet at night. It is usually three times faster or more at night. Another reason is the quiet environment and the low cost of purchasing MTN Night data Plan (bundle).

MTN seems to be one of the network providers with a very affordable night plan in Nigeria. In other words, the MTN plan is better than most other network night plans in Nigeria. They also have better features than its competitors. The MTN Night Plan Code makes it easier for you to subscribe to the plan and they most times give you bonuses.

Without wasting much of your precious time, let’s jump straight into the business of today which is to provide you with the MTN Night Plan Code both activation and deactivation. Before we begin it’s important you note that only MTN Pulse actually offers Nightplan on MTN Nigeria.

MTN Pulse Nightlife Bundles

Despite having lots of tariff plans, the MTN Pulse seems to be the only tariff plan to offer Night plan. The MTN Pulse Night plan is also known as “MTN Pulse Nightlife”.

MTN Night Plan
MTN Pulse

MTN Pulse tariff plan has lots of interesting features and offers the have for their subscribers. First of all, their call rate 11kobo/second is among the lowest call rate. Other features and offers you can get from this package includes music streaming on Music+ which you will be required to just N10 to enjoy music for the whole day.

Also, you will be entitled to 250MB data with N25, while with N50, you can purchase a whopping 500MB Pulse Nightlife bundle. You will be allowed to use the data bundle to browse all through the night, starting from 12 am – 5 am.

The bundle can only be activated from 12:00 am and will be valid till 5:00 am of the same day. You can only subscribe once every night and the bundle can’t be rolled over.

How Do I Subscribe to MTN Pulse Nightlife bundle?

Like we mentioned earlier you can easily subscribe to MTN Pulse Nightlife bundle by dialing *406# or by sending 406 to 131.

If you want to subscribe to the 250MB MTN Pulse Nightlife bundle, send NT1 to 131, meanwhile if you want to subscribe to 500MB MTN Pulse Nightlife bundle, then text NT2 to 131. Alternatively, you can also choose to dial *406# and select any of the bundle of your choice.

How Do I Check my MTN Pulse Nightlife bundle?

To check your MTN Nightlife bundle dial *559*96#.

Things to Note about MTN Night Plans

  • Only those on MTN Pulse can relish the night plan.
  • The Unused MTN Pulse Nightlife data can not be rolled over.
  • The highest data you can buy on this plan is 500MB.
  • There is no auto-Renewal on the Pulse nightlife, which means you continually do it manually every night.
  • You are only entitled to subscribe once every night to the MTN Pulse nightlife. This means if you subscribed to the maximum MTN night plan which is the 500MB data bundle, then you will not be able to subscribe again till the next night.

MTN didn’t provide a means you could use in keeping track of your MTN pulse nightlife data balance. The only way to keep track of your data usage is through checking your mobile device or modem manually.

MTN Night Plan Alternative

We wouldn’t want to leave you without having another choice to choose from, so, we’ll leave you with an alternative. Though the Pulse Tariff plan seems to be the only MTN tariff plan to offer night plan, you can still have the MTN night plan on Deal Zone.

You can still browse at night without necessarily subscribing to MTN pulse and you can do that by using the data bonuses from MTN weekly or monthly data plans. To achieve this, you have to subscribe to some MTN Monthly or weekly data plans.

You can use the MTN N500 weekly data plan which gives you 500MB + 250MB bonus data. The 250MB data bonus is usable only from 1 am to 7 am and will last for one week. To subscribe to this data plan, simply Send 103 to 131.

There are only two monthly data bundle plans that MTN offers to their customers and they can be used to for browsing at night. The first is the MTN N1,000 data plan which offers customers 1GB + 500MB bonus data valid for 30 days. The MTN 500MB bonus data can be used to browse the internet from 1 am to 7 am and you can subscribe by sending 106 to 131.

The second MTN Monthly data bundle is the N2000 data plan which offers customers 2.5GB + 1GB bonus data valid for 30 days. Just like the other plans, the 1GB bonus data can be used to access the internet from 1 am to 7 am. You can subscribe to this plan by texting 110 to 131.

Summary of MTN Night Plan

Do we hope we have been able to clearly answer your questions? But, should in case you have another question as relating to this topic, don’t hesitate to use the comment section.

Don’t forget to use the dial *131# to activate any MTN night plan that you desire. Or you can choose to stick with the MTN Nightlife on MTN Plus. Thanks for stopping by…