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MTN Pulse Code: How to Migrate to MTN Pulse via Pulse Migration Code

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MTN Pulse code for Migration has been listed in this article alongside other vital information that you need to know about MTN Pulse.

We earlier treated the different MTN Tariff Plans and their Migration codes which you can find out here. Today we will provide you with MTN Pulse Code and other benefits of Migrating to MTN Pulse.

We have always known MTN to be one of the best Network providers as well as the Network with one of the best Tariff plans in Nigeria. MTN Pulse Tariff plan was also mentioned in the list of MTN tariff plans though much details were not shared as we will share here.

Although MTN operates in many other countries, nevertheless, Nigeria seems to be one their biggest market. Fortunately, MTN pulse happens to be one of the many Tariff plans owned by South African Company.

Like we mentioned earlier, MTN has many other tariff plans that balance the equation between voice calls and data. Some of the plans either provide you with more bonus data and less bonus airtime for calls. But, MTN Pulse seems to be among the best few MTN tariff plans that balance both Data and voice call bonus.

So, if you are among those MTN customers who want cheaper call rates and data at the same time, then MTN Pulse balances the equation. It will be better we list out the benefits and advantages of migrating to MTN Pulse, so below are the advantages/ benefits of MTN pulse.

MTN Pulse Call Rate & Message Charges

The main thing you should consider before subscribing to a particular network tariff plan is the call rate for both national and international. The question should be ‘will I be able to get more value on calls from this plan I am about to join?’. If the answer is yes, then go ahead and join the network tariff plan.

Without wasting much of your time, below is a list of the MTN Pulse call rate as well as message charges.

*. For Local calls, you will be charged 11Kobbo/sec. Before you can enjoy this call rate, you will make your first 50sec call of the day which will be charged at 22K/sec. As soon as the call reaches 50secs, the rest of the charges for the day will be 11Kobbo/sec. Now, do you see why they are considered one of the best network plan in Nigeria?

*. For messages to local networks in Nigeria, you will be charged ₦4 per 160 characters write.

*. For international calls, you will be charged with the standard MTN international call rate.

Advantages of MTN Pulse

  • You get 500MB for MTN Pulse Night Plan (Bundle) for just ₦100.
  • Call rate is 11kobo/seconds for calls to all local networks in Nigeria, though after spending up to NGN12.50 daily.
  • You will be eligible to stream songs all through the day at the Music+ section and you will be charged only ₦10/day.
  • You will be rewarded 10MB data bonus Weekly on recharge of ₦100 while  ₦200 recharge will give you 20MB data bonus.
  • MTN pulse will offer you 100% data bonus on purchase of the 500MB weekly bundle. That means with ₦500, you can purchase data of 1GB.
  • You wouldn’t be charged for any daily subscription fees, just like most tariff plans. But the only fee you would be charged is just the first 50 seconds call of the day which will be charged at 25k/sec, before the normal 11k/sec MTN Pulse call rate.
  • And many other great benefits that we might not be able to cover in this article.

How to Migrate to MTN Pulse with MTN Pulse Code

MTN Pulse code
MTN Pulse Tariff  Plan

If you like the MTN pulse tariff plan, you can migrate to it with the MTN pulse migration code which is *406#or *123*2*2# (alternatively). You can also decide to SMS “406” to 131 in order to stand the chance to enjoy all the benefits that have been mentioned above.

When you use the MTN Pulse code we mentioned above to migrate, you will not be charged because it’s free. You will only be charged N100 if your last migration has not been up to 30 days. The MTN Pulse code for migration will work even for MTN prepaid customers.

Differences Between MTN iPulse & Pulse

My friends have been asking me the difference between MTN Pulse & iPulse and we are glad to provide it below.

We just want to make things clear here, with the difference between MTN Pulse and iPulse. The MTN iPulse was formally created with the sole aim of aiding students around the campus. What we mean is that MTN iPulse was formally active only within the university campuses in Nigeria.

They offer student ample airtime and bonus for each recharge, and they also charge a very low call rate for iPulse to iPulse calls.

Nevertheless, the MTN iPulse was later revamped to MTN Pulse which comes in with more offer for both student and others. You can make calls from outside the campus and enjoy all the benefits that the plan comes with even if you are not a student.

How Do I Opt Out Of MTN Pulse?

To get straight to the point, there is no specific MTN Pulse code for opting out of MTN Pulse. So, should in case your question is ‘How do I opt-out from MTN Pulse?’ there is no code to opt-out from MTN Pulse, what you can do is to migrate to another MTN tariff plan.

To migrate to another tariff plan, you will have to find and dial the code of the tariff plan you want to migrate to. Also remember MTN will not charge you for migrating to another plan, except it hasn’t been up to 30 days you last migrated.

For more information concerning MTN Pulse Code watch the video below:


MTN Pulse Code Summary

It’s obvious that MTN Pulse happens to be one of the best MTN tariff Plans, though there are other interesting plans. You can compare it with other tariff plans in Nigeria and you will find out they are outstanding in their own way.

You can bearly see other tariff plans that charge 11k/sec for local calls, with other benefits like the MTN Pulse Night Plan, and more.

One person’s meat could serve as another person’s poison, you can find a list of MTN Tariff Plans here. The comprehensive list will allow you to choose any of the MTN tariff plans that best suits your lifestyle.

We believe we were able to provide all the necessary information concerning the MTN Pulse Code, but if you have any question, you can make use of our comment section.

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