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Cheap MTN Tariff Plans with their Migration Codes (MTN Calls Prepaid Plans)

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MTN Nigeria happens to be listed among the best mobile networks in the country. They offer impressive and interesting tariff plans in Nigeria. Our purpose of coming up with this article is to provide Nigerians with the cheapest MTN tariff plans. We will also be listing the top best MTN plans as well as their migration code.

MTN has a lot of Packages and some of them includes MTN postpaid plans as well as MTN prepaid plans. Apart from listing the packages and their subscription codes, we will also be listing out the benefit of each tariff plan.

Over the years, MTN has been introducing as well as canceling some of their tariff plans. But in this list below, all the MTN Tariff plans that will be listed are current and still working till date.

Before we forge ahead with the topic at hand, it’s important to know that the MTN tariff plans and migration codes, is still the same thing as MTN Prepaid Plans and migration codes.

How Do I Migrate To MTN Tariff Plan?

1. Endure your Put your MTN SIM inside your Phone.
2. Switch on the Phone.
3. Simply Dial *123#
4. Select 1 for Tariff Plan Migration
5. Select either: (1 for BetaTalk, 2 for Pulse, 3 for XtraSpecial, 4 for XtraValue)
6. After selecting your desired plan, you will automatically be migrated instantly.

About MTN

We would like to brief our readers who may only have a fair knowledge about MTN Nigeria. MTN is a  multinational mobile telecommunications company based in South Africa.

It was established in 1994 and currently carry out their operations in various European, Asian, and African countries. The network providers currently have more than 232,6 million subscribers all over.

MTN happens to be the largest privately owned mobile operator in the Middle East, Europe, and Africa. Though the firm happens to the largest in Africa, Nigeria has 35% of the company’s market shares. You can actually read more about the firm HERE.

MTN Tariff Plans (with Migration Codes)

Number Migration Codes MTN Tariff Plans
1 Dial *888*pin# MTN Awuf4u
2 Dial *131*2# MTN XtraValue
3 Dial *344*1# MTN mPulse
4 Dial *408*1# MTN XtraSpecial Prepaid
5 Dial *406*1# MTN Pulse
6 N/A MTN Supersaver Plus
7 Dial *123*2*1# MTN BetaTalk
8 New Sim, dial *555*PIN# YafunYafun StartPack
9 30days dormant SIM MTN Welcome Back offer
10 N/A MTN Zone
11 N/A MTN Smooth Talk plus
12 N/A MTN Supersaver
13 N/A MTN Smooth Talk Zero
14 N/A MTN Talk Talk
15 *401# won’t work MTN Smooth Talk
16 N/A MTN Trutalk
17 N/A MTN Trutalk Plus

1). MTN AWUF4U Plan

This MTN offer allows customers to enjoy 200% extra airtime whenever they recharge N100 airtime. Meanwhile, customers will be entitled to 300% extra airtime bonus when they recharge above N100 using the MTN AWUF4U Migration code which is *888*PIN# or via VTU.

mtn tariff plan

This offer may not be too much for you compared to other plans you might have come across, but it deals are quite interesting at least for calls and text messages. Like we mentioned before, you can enjoy this offer when you recharge by dialing *888*pin# and start enjoying 4x recharge value.

Details about MTN AwuF4u

When you use the *888*PIN# code to recharge your line, you will get an extra 300% bonus. For instance, you recharge N100, you will have N400 in your Awuf4U account.

You will also get N1,600 bonus when you recharge N400, while you get N3,000 when you recharge N750. Below are some examples of how this plan works:

*. N100 Recharge will give you a total amount of N400 in Awuf4U account. e.g N100 recharge = N100 (recharge value) + N300 (bonus).

*. N400 Recharge will give you a total amount of N1600 in Awuf4U account. e.g N400 recharge = N400 (recharge value) + N1200 (bonus).

*. N750 Recharge will give you a total amount of N3,000 in Awuf4U account. e.g N750 recharge = N750 (recharge value) + N2250 (bonus).

*. N1500 Recharge will give you a total amount of N6,000 in Awuf4U account. e.g N1500 recharge = N1500 (recharge value) + N4500 (bonus).

Note: Any of the package you decide to subscribe to whether N100 or N1500, all the bonuses are only valued for 2 weeks. Any MTN user is entitled to enjoy this great offer, unlike most packages.

How Do I Check my MTN AwuF4U balance? dial *559*14# Should in case you decide to migrate to another plan, you will still retain the balance of the MTN Awuf4U, though your call rate will still be charged with the MTN Awuf4U call rate. Also, note that the Share & Sell feature which allows you to send airtime to another MTN customer does not work on this plan.

2). MTN XtraValue

MTN XtraValue bundle plan is yet another mind-blowing plan that is very interesting for those who enjoy both calling and browsing the internet. Unlike the AWUF4U plan which packs just extra airtime, MTN Xtra Value is suitable for those customers who enjoy 50:50 calls and browsing. This package happens to be the best MTN plan for data and call.

mtn tariff plan

Unlike most plans where you have to purchase a new SIM before enjoying the benefits, MTN Xtra value is both for prepaid customers. This simply implies even with your old SIM, you can still enjoy the benefits of this plan. It is also important that you note that you will be migrated automatically to XtraValue Plan once you subscribe to any MTN XtraValue bundle plan.

Details about MTN Xtra Value

MTN XtraValue tariff is a package is a  2 in 1 plan that offers both airtime and data alongside. You will be entitled to both extra airtimes alongside data bundles. This plan is of two versions;

  1. XtraTalk – Which offers you more airtime than data.
  2. XtraData – Which offers you more data than airtime.

The call rate of this package changes with the bundle you subscribe to. For instance, if you subscribe to N300 XtraTalk, you will be given N975 for calls and the call rate will be N24 per Minute. Which means N300 airtime will get you 40 minutes 38 seconds. Which means N100 airtime will offer you 13 minutes 30 seconds.

If you decide to choose the XtraData plan then N300 airtime will offer you extra N372 airtime and 150MB data bundle. Using the same call rate formula we used above, you will be offered 15.5 minutes talk time for 300 Naira airtime. Remember this package also gets you data.

Note: You will be charged N36.6 per minutes for international calls. The countries that you can call with this call rate includes;

*. Canada.
*. China.
*. Cyprus.
*. Denmark.
*. Germany.
*. Hong Kong.
*. India.
*. Ireland.
*. Israel.
*. Luxembourg.
*. Malaysia.
*. Malta.
*. The United Kingdom.
*. The United States.
*. Romania.
*. South Africa.
*. South Korea.
*. Sweden.

More Info on MTN XtraValue bundle plan

MTN XtraValue bundle plan is 16 in number; 8 XtraTalk and 8 XtraData plans. This plan is open to Postpaid and prepaid customers. To check your balance, dial *556# or *559*61#.

Note: It’s free if you want to migrate to all tariff plan from MTN provided you have not migrated to a new tariff within the last 30 days. But, if you have migrated within the last 30 days, your current migration will attract N100.

MTN hasn’t yet provided a direct subscription or migration code and this means that you need to subscribe to one of the bundles first. To subscribe to one of the bundles simply dial *131*2# and choose your preferred bundle type.

Note: There is another way to migrate or subscribe to this plan, and it’s by downloading ‘MYMTNAPP’, then choose the XtraValue plan of your choice from the listed plans.

How Do I Subscribe to MTN Xtra Value Plans?

MTN XtraValue Plans Price Data Value Voice Value Duration Subscription Code
XtraTalk (N300) N300 50MB N1,000 7days Text V300 to 131
XtraData (N300) N300 200MB N300 7days Text D300 to 131
XtraTalk (N500) N500 100MB N1,950 7days Text V500 to 131
XtraData (N500) N500 500MB N500 7days Text D500 to 131
XtraTalk (N1000) N1000 300MB N3,900 14days Text V1000 to 131
XtraData (N1000) N1000 1GB N1,000 14days Text D1000 to 131
XtraTalk (N2000) N2000 650MB N7,850 30days Text V2000 to 131
XtraData (N2000) N2000 2.5GB N2,500 30days Text D2000 to 131
XtraData (N5000) N5000 1.5GB N19,500 30days Text V5000 to 131
XtraTalk (N5000) N5000 6.5GB N6,500 30days Text D5000 to 131
XtraTalk (N10000) N10000 2.5GB N39,000 30days Text V10000 to 131
XtraData (N10000) N10000 14GB N14,000 30days Text D10000 to 131
XtraTalk (N15000) N15000 3.5GB N59,000 30days Text V15000 to 131
XtraData (N15000) N15000 20GB N24,000 30days Text D15000 to 131
XtraTalk (N20000) N20000 4.5GB N80,200 30days Text V20000 to 131
XtraData (N20000) N20000 30GB N28,800 30days Text D20000 to 131

Note: If you want to opt-out of the auto-renewal, add the keyword NO to the subscription code.

3). MTN mPulse Plan

Education is key, and that is the reason MTN has introduced this tariff plan, MTN mPulse which focuses more on educational purposes. Despite being for educational purposes, it still arrives with other bundles that are mostly compatible with your internet lifestyle.

This plan is for both children and parents and it allows the parents to monitor the activities of their children online. Children within the ages of 9 and 15, as well as parents,  can easily sign up to the mPulse website.

Some of the benefits of this plan include free airtime, free data, free Whatsapp, and many more. Students can get 1.2GB for N150, though there is a lot of string attached to that. There are other two different packages you can subscribe to; the one of a 100MB weekly plan for N50 and the 350MB 2-weeks plan for N150, though the data will only allow students on the mPulse tariff to access the mPulse website which happens to be an educational website.

Details about mPulse

Unlike other packages, the MTN mPulse was created for kids as well as teenagers between the ages of 9 – 15 years. It allows them to enjoy special data bundles for educational purposes, National calls at 15k/secs, Special Birthday rewards, and lots of other interesting offers.

Just like every other plan, you can also do things normally like check your bonus as well as your account balance,  recharge your SIM, and other regular stuff.

How Do I Migrate to MTN mPulse?

Answer: There are three ways on how to Migrate to MTN mPulse; (1) by Messaging, (2) by USSD code, or (3) by MyMTNApp which is MTN’s official app for managing your SIM.

(1). Send ‘mPulse’ to 131.
(2). Dial *344*1#
(3). Simply Download the ‘MyMTNApp’ online, then go to tariff plan in the app and choose ‘mPulse‘.

Benefits of MTN mPulse

(1). National calls at 15k/secs.
(2). The first recharge in a calendar month attracts 25MB WhatsApp data.
(3). The first recharge in a calendar week attracts Data Bonus.
(4). You will be gifted N200 airtime on your Birthdays.

For more information and other relevant details, you can check it out on their website HERE.

4). MTN XtraSpecial Prepaid

This plan called MTN XtraSpecial prepaid is the latest plan that was introduced by the company and it was introduced alongside the XtraPro tariff plan. Though, more users seem to be attracted to XtraSpecial tariff plan. You don’t need to pay for any monthly fee, and you are also allowed to make both international and local calls.

MTN XtraSpecial Prepaid Tariff Plan
XtraSpecial Prepaid Tariff Plan

The MTN XtraSpecial Prepaid tariff plan is a bit more expensive than some of the ones mentioned above, though it is more preferable than some of the Tariff Plans that is available in the country.

MTN XtraSpecial Prepaid tariff plan also allows you to enjoy a call rate of 15 kobo per second when you call another MTN number and other networks. Meanwhile, postpaid users can migrate to the MTN XtraSpecial Postpaid plan. You will be able to talk for about 11 minutes 6 seconds when you recharge N100, judging from the 15 Kobo/Sec.

There are other benefits of this plan, which includes 7 days free subscription to EPL Video Service. You can also call about 15 international countries which include:

*. Canada.
*. China.
*. Cyprus.
*. Denmark.
*. Germany.
*. Hong Kong.
*. India.
*. Ireland.
*. Israel.
*. Luxembourg.
*. Malaysia.
*. Malta.
*. Romania.
*. South Africa.
*. South Korea.
*. Sweden.
*. The United Kingdom.
*. The United States.

How Do I Migrate to MTN XtraSpecial?

Answer: Here is how to migrate to MTN XtraSpecial tariff plan, simply dial *123*2*3# OR *408*1# OR Send 408 to 131.

If you are a prepaid MTN user, you can easily subscribe to MTN XtraSpecial prepaid tariff plan. Some of the benefits of  MTN XtraSpecial tariff plan includes 50% data bonus whenever you buy a monthly data bundle worth N2000, and N4 SMS charge for each SMS to Any Nigerian Network.

5). MTN Pulse Tariff Plan

If you remember there was a time MTN used to have what was known as MTN iPulse tariff plan. It is still the same plan and feature though it has been changed and enhanced to what is now known as MTN Pulse.

MTN Pulse Tariff  Plan

The plan happens to be one in which had many users and even MTN themselves were happy to announce its return. They posted it on their website and ran so many ads, campaigns, and other forms of publicizing. This plan was originally created for the young at heart.

Unlike some of the MTN tariff plans, the pulse tariff plan is both great for surfing the internet and making calls. Should you are the type who is interested in both surfing the internet and making loads of calls, then the MTN Pulse should be added to your consideration list.

Details of MTN Pulse tariff plan?

MTN Pulse tariff plan will start charging you 11kobo per seconds after the first 50 seconds which will be charged at 25K/sec. This plan allows you to chat more with family and friends, and share the love with everyone that you care about.

MTN Pulse was created for bold individuals who ain’t scared of the crowd neither afraid to express themselves. The original individuals this plan was created for include: Music lovers, Art, sports, fashion, and comedy. The hashtag for this plan is called #ItsWhoWeAre.

How Do I Migrate to MTN Pulse Tariff  Plan?

Answer: Simply dial *406# / *406*1# / *123*2*2# / OR Send 406 to 131 and that is all. After the migration, you can start enjoying all the benefits of the plan which is open to both postpaid and Prepaid MTN customers.

The new MTN Pulse Tariff Plan considers all campuses and its environment which includes both Universities, polytechnics, school of nursing, college of education, police academy, and more as the “Pulse Zone”.

6). MTN Supersaver Plus

There is yet another MTN Call plan called the Supersaver plan tariff plans which ushers you to many bunches other great benefits. The Supersaver plus plan is much advanced than the Supersaver plan.

The MTN Supersaver Plus allows you to enjoy 15 kobo /second to call all networks in Nigeria. This will only begin after the first Minute of the MTN-to-MTN calls 15 kobo/seconds, while 40 kobos per second for MTN-to-Other networks.

Details about SuperSaver Plus tariff Plan

Currently, MTN has changed the SuperSaver tariff plan to what is now known as Xtratime tariff plan. What that means is that there is no SuperSaver Plus tariff plan but Xtratime tariff plan. One of the major features of this plan is the Happy Hour AKA Midnight MTN-MTN calls (12:30 am- 4:30 am) every day. Before enjoying this benefit, you must ensure you have a minimum N100 balance in your account.

7). MTN BetaTalk Tariff Plan

Despite what the name suggests, this plan doesn’t just focus only on voice calls. The MTN BetaTalk plan offers incentives bonuses which include both data bundle for surfing the internet and for calls.

MTN BetaTalk tariff plan

The MTN BetaTalk plan seems to be what many people are talking about in Nigeria as it happens to be the latest tariff plan in the country. When you subscribe to this plan, you will be entitled to 250% for any recharge of N100 and more.

Details about MTN BetaTalk Tariff Plan

The 250% airtime bonus allows those that subscribed to this plan to call both local and international numbers. You will actually be charged 42k/sec (N25.20/minute) from your main balance, while you will be charged 45k/sec (N27/minute) from your bonus.

You are usually going to be charged first from your bonus account then, your main account will start being charged as soon as the bonus has been completely exhausted. The bonus is valid for seven (7) days, which means it will be taken back if you couldn’t exhaust the airtime.

How Do I Migrate to MTN BetaTalk?

There are two ways you can actually migrate to this plan; you can either decide to dial *123*2*1# or SMS BT to 131. It is also important to note that this package is only for prepaid customers. PostPaid customers will not be able to enjoy this great offer.

Just like conventionary MTN packages, if you want to check your airtime and data balance simply dial *556#. Meanwhile, if you want to recharge, then dial *555*pin#.

8). MTN YafunYafun StartPack

Unlike most of the MTN plans that offer both calls and Data, the MTN YafunYafun SIM offer pays more attention to calls. They offer cheaper call rate and have a similar feature like the Awuf4u call plan we discussed above.

mtn yafunyafun
MTN Yafunyafun

When you buy this SIM, you stand the chance to relish lots of offers and bonus like the 3 days free WhatsApp messaging and others. Nevertheless, only those who have been able to activate this plan can enjoy the various benefits.

Details about MTN YafunYafun

MTN YafunYafun SIM also allows new customers to enjoy lots of bonuses and other benefits when they register and activate their new SIM. They offer you a 700% bonus on EVERY recharge of N100 and more.

Just like the iPulse which is now currently MTN Pulse, the MTN YafunYafun SIM offer was formally known as MTN StartPack.

How Do I Migrate to MTN Yafun Yafun?

To migrate to MTN YafunYafun SIM, you will have to purchase a new SIM and register it. After registering the SIM, activate it and then go ahead and choose MTN YafunYafun tariff plan from the Menu.

To be qualified to start enjoying their different benefits, then go ahead and recharge your SIM with the *555*the recharge PIN# code. You will be given a 700% bonus which 200% will be used for Data bundle for surfing the internet, while the remaining 500% bonus is for SMS and Voice calls to all networks in Nigeria.

In addition to the 700% bonus which you get from every recharge, you will also be entitled to freely access WhatsApp for only 3 Months period. Meanwhile, the bonus for the call is usable within seven (7) days, though the  700% bonus will only be available on all your recharge for three (3) months.

Just dial *559*43# If you want to check your 700% bonus balance. Once the SIM is three months old, you will stop receiving the 700% bonus and other benefits of this package and you will be automatically migrated to MTN BetaTalk tariff plan. Once you have been migrated to MTN BetaTalk tariff plan, you will NOT be allowed to migrate back to MTN YafunYafun tariff.

9). MTN Welcome Back

The MTN Welcome Back offer is not actually for everyone, as it only rewards only MTN customers who stopped using their MTN SIM for about 30 – 180 days.

You will receive 2000% bonus for the first recharge after not using your MTN SIM for 30 – 180 days, as well as special data bundles.

When you recharge N100, you will be offered 2000% bonus + 250mb which will be valid for three days. Other bonuses include 1GB for N200 (valid for 7 days), while N1000 offers you 4GB which will be Valid for 30 days.

How Do I Migrate to MTN Welcome Back?

Just like we stated above, if you want to opt-in for this plan, what you have to do is to first search for that your old MTN SIM card which you have not been using for the past 30days – 180days, then recharge N100 to re-activate it. Only prepaid customers are eligible for this offer and can make both calls and enjoy the internet with data bundles.

When you recharge the N100 airtime, you automatically re-activate your SIM and will receive 2000% bonus. 500% of the bonus will be for only SMS and calls, while the remaining 1500% will be for data bundle only. If you are doubting if you are eligible for this offer, then simply dial *559*65# to see if your MTN SIM is eligible for this offer.

Summary of MTN Tariff Plans

MTN has lots of packages you could subscribe to. While some are focused on providing you with more airtime, others may be concentrating on offering you more data.

There are lots of people who may have data bundle as their priority, then it is advisable you choose the package that best suit your lifestyle. As for me, I have two MTN SIMs; one of them is on MTN Pulse, while the other which I usually use for making calls is on MTN BetaTalk.

See More about MTN BetaTalk in this Video Below

So, it is up to you to choose which of the Cheapest and best MTN Tariff Plan that will be suitable for you. And… don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family, so they can get more value for their money.