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MTN Transfer Code – How to Transfer Airtime from MTN to MTN

MTN transfer code

What is MTN Transfer Code? and How do I Transfer Airtime from MTN to MTN? If this happens to be your questions, then you are on the right post.

If you stay in Africa, then you should be aware that MTN happens to be one of the popular network providers in Africa. They have millions of users with more loyal customers coming from Nigeria, which happens to be one of their biggest users.

Today we want to give you a detailed guide on how to airtime from MTN to MTN. This feature happens to be among the features that most MTN customers seem to enjoy. The name of this feature is actually called the MTN Share n Sell.

MTN Transfer Code.

mtn transfer code

The MTN transfer code begins with 600, while all messages will be sent to 777. We know you are confused but don’t worry we will explain everything just pay attention.

All tariff plans on MTN are eligible for the ‘MTN Share n Sell‘ feature, except one plan, the MTN Pulse. Though it has its own advantage over other plans, the Pulse Tariff plan happens to be the only MTN tariff plan to do the MTN night browsing.

Let’s not go out of the main purpose of this article. The MTN transfer code can be used to transfer airtime from one MTN SIM to another MTN SIM. What this means that you can not transfer MTN airtime from MTN SIM to another Network like Glo, Airtel, etc.

Before you will be eligible to use the MTN transfer code for Share n Sell service, you will first need to activate your transfer Code (PIN). Before we show you how to transfer airtime from MTN to MTN, let’s show you how to activate MTN transfer Pin.

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How to Activate MTN Transfer Code (PIN).

1). First of all, put your MTN SIM in your mobile phone.

Note: Generally, the MTN Default PIN for new MTN SIM cards is ‘0000’. Meanwhile, the New PIN is any four digits of your choice that you want to use as your MTN transfer code PIN. You can decide to use ‘1234’ as your New PIN or any other four digits.

2). Go to your phone message box and send Default PIN New PIN New PIN — to 777. e.g send 0000 1234 1234 to 777. You will notice there is a space between the Default PIN, New PIN, and another New PIN.

Alternatively, you can decide to use this method below to activate your Share n Sell PIN (AKA MTN Transfer Code PIN) via USSD code.

Simply dial *600*default PIN*New PIN*New PIN# For instance, you want to use ‘1234‘ as your new PIN, what you need to do is dial *600*0000*1234*1234#. You will be notified via an SMS that your PIN has been successfully activated.

Once you are done activating your Share n Sell PIN, then you are ready to move to the next step which is to Transfer Airtime from MTN to MTN.

How Do You Transfer Airtime With MTN?

There are two ways you can transfer airtime from MTN to MTN; through SMS or through the Share n Sell USSD Code.


To transfer airtime on MTN using SMS, you will be required to send a message in this format: Transfer Phone number Space Amount Space PIN — to 777.

Before we continue don’t forget the PIN we created was ‘1234’. So, for instance, you want to transfer ₦400 airtime to this MTN number 08069073945, what you have to do is write: Transfer 08069073945 400 1234 send it to 777.


This method is simple, what you have to do is dial *600*recipient’s phone number*Amount*PIN#.

For instance, you still want to transfer to the airtime amount, with the same phone number we used above, then this is what you will do dial *600*08069073945*400*1234#.

You can watch the video below for better understanding:

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How Can I Get My MTN Transfer Pin?

If you want to reset your MTN PIN code for transfer, simply send a message to ‘777’. Here’s how to do it: Send ‘Default PIN’ ‘New PIN’ New PIN’ to 777. For instance, you want to change your default MTN PIN code for transfer to ‘4321’ as your new transfer PIN: Simply Send ‘0000 4321 4321’ to 777.

Note about Transfering Airtime from MTN to MTN.

1). There are no additional charges when you transfer airtime from MTN to MTN.
2). You will not be able to reverse the airtime once it has been sent. What this means is that you should be careful and confirm every detail before sending.
3). If eventually, you forget your MTN transfer code PIN, the only way to get it back is to call MTN customer care by dialing 180. Once you call them and request for a new PIN, then they will give you a new PIN.

Was this article able to answer your questions? If yes, then feel free to share this article with your family and other MTN users. If you have any questions that you want to ask us as pertain to this topic, then feel free to use the comment section.

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