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NairaLand Review and How to Promote your Business on Nairaland 2023

Nairaland is one of the best online community which focuses more on Nigerians and all the happenings in Nigeria. The forum is considered the 10th most visited site in Nigeria with over 2 million registered members and over 4.7 million topics.



The Online community or forum was created in March 2005 by Seun Osewa. The website has been able to stand the test of time and hasn’t changed much. Despite having a great number of registered users, there are other unregistered users who are more than twice the number of registered users.

Nairaland Review

Naira land provides news to its users and apart from news, there are hundreds of other interesting things you can do on Nairaland. You may likely find a job from the available job opportunities they post in their job category. So, as we mentioned earlier there are hundreds of things to be done on Naira Land.

It is important we let you know that there is currently nothing like Nairaland newspaper and also we will be listing out some of the categories you can find on the website, so you can further understand how the website looks and works. Below is a scatch of how the online community looks and some of its important forums where you can get various relevant information.

Nairaland Forum

There are thousands of important pieces of information you can retrieve from each of the forums. For instance, you can get the latest news and information from the Nairaland News / General forum. Under the Nairaland News / General, you will find other sub-forums where you get information and news pertaining to the name of the forum, you will see some examples below. Below are the various Forums where you can find relevant Topics, News, and information.


Nairaland News / General Forum:

  • Politics
  • Crime
  • Romance
  • Jobs/Vacancies
  • Career
  • Business
  • Investment
  • NYSC
  • Education
  • Autos
  • Car Talk
  • Properties
  • Health
  • Travel
  • Family
  • Culture
  • Religion
  • Food
  • Diaries
  • Nairaland Ads
  • Pets
  • Agriculture

Entertainment Forum:

  • Jokes Etc
  • TV/Movies
  • Music/Radio
  • Celebrities
  • Fashion
  • Events
  • Sports
  • Gaming
  • Forum Games
  • Literature


  • Programming
  • Webmasters
  • Computers
  • Phones
  • Art
  • Graphics & Video
  • Technology Market

Apart from the Main forums and their sub-forums listed above, there are other interesting categories where you can find other great topics that you may likely be interested in but time may not permit us to go into all that, so it is better you check things out for yourself by visiting Naira Land official website Here.

Features of Naira Land

There are hundreds of beautiful features of Nairaland, though time will not permit us to state all of them, below are some of the key features of Nairaland.

  • It is an online community.
  • It is open to everyone.
  • Members who are registered are the only ones allowed to post in the community.
  • Anyone can access any of the forums.
  • The Form has millions of informative published content.
  • You don’t have to pay any money to either register or access the platform.
  • They have many forums even where you can find Job vacancies.

How To Advertise / Promote Your Business On Nairaland

Did you know apart from getting information, both news and other information that can improve your personality, you can still utilize the potential of the online community to grow your business? We mentioned that the forum has millions of users and visitors who most times share similar interests.

So, if you have been looking for a platform or somewhere that could serve as a marketing channel to grow your business why not leverage the millions of users and visitors on Naira land. Below we will reveal steps to grow your business via naira land.


*. Get Acquainted with the Community

The first thing you should do before you start thinking of utilizing the channel, you should first get to know the community better. It is necessary you get some important information like who uses Nairaland, and other necessary information.

For instance, most of the Naira land users fall between the ages of 18-29 years and are mostly male internet lovers. It is also important you know that the Online community hate people who spam their forum or advertise products aggressively.

After gathering most of the relevant information about the users and the kind of audience you want to target, go ahead and create your profile, it is advisable for you to use the name of your business. Also, take some time to visit various forums and observes how they operate and the things they love. Also, Find out the forum and audience that are most relevant to your brand or products.

Try not to go or appear too desperate else they wouldn’t waste any time flagging your profile which will be bad for your business.

*. Create Content Relevant to your Business

It is very important after getting acquainted with the Online community, you should create captivating content that is both user-friendly and also relevant to your business. If you create very captivating content that gets many engagements and likes, your content will be taken to the front page of the community where it enjoys more views from both registered and unregistered users.

Just imagine your well uniquely created content made it to the front seat of the front page. Just have my word, you are going to get huge traffics and thousands of conversions, all together intensively boosting your business.

*. Select Your Forum Carefully

Ensure that you don’t get it all tied down by posting on the wrong forum. It is important you choose the right forum with great discretion where you want to post your content.

There are two ways we suggest you go about finding the right forum to post your well-written content. The first one is called the Nich forum targeting, this requires you to get your content directly to the forum that deals with the product you are promoting for instance Travel, Food, Health, Investment, etc. If the members in that forum are active, then you are sure your content will convert well.

The second is posting to a launch audience without specifically targeting anybody such as Businesses, Politics, and others. This method may end up giving you more traffics, but more conversions are not guaranteed.

*. Create a Customer Support Channel

There are millions of lively members in the Online community, and in order to win their trust, it is important you provide a customer support system. It doesn’t necessarily mean you should employ anybody for this, you can be quick in responding to the various questions and other information users want to get about your product.

There are many reasons why you should come up with these customer care tactics, and they include, winning the hearts of users, gaining their trust, maintaining established customers, and more. This method is sure to convert more for you.

*. Stick to the Rules

It is important that you keep to every rule and regulation that has been established in the online community and the reason we are suggesting this is because Naira land easily bans users. Once your activities in the community begin to look like spam or online bullying, then you might be likely banned from the community.

While trying to grow your business, ensure you are also contributing to the community while staying out of troubles. In everything you do, always put the community first before selfies interest. Below are some of the things you should avoid so you don’t get banned.

*. Always put your content in the right section.
*. Don’t come out too desperate.
*. Don’t bully or annoy other users.
*. Ensure you don’t share information that is not true.
*. Don’t post one piece of content in different forums (Do not spam).
*. Erotic or Pornographic content is not welcome there.

*. Also, Try Nairaland Paid Advert

Apart from the free advert technics that I have shared above, you can still utilize the Online community paid advertisement. A member of the forum can decide to promote a particular content, though this method is not free. This method is sure to convert well and you really don’t need to get more likes before landing on the front page.

Should in case you want to try this method, the first thing you should do is design your banner, and ensure it is borderless. Also ensure it is 106 pixels in height, 318 pixels wide, and the size should be less than 30kb (JPG or PNG format). If you have kept everything as stated prepared, visit [www.nairaland.com/campaign] and (Upload Ad) which is your banner, and also add your landing page, then exercise patience for approval.

When your ads have been approved, you will see details on how to pay for the ads. You can click Here to see Naira land ad rates.

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