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Detailed Guide On How To Pay Your DSTv Subscription with KongaPay App

How to Pay Your DSTv Subscription with KongaPay

Pay Your DSTv Subscription is another topic that techmulla will be handling. The general idea of this post is to show you how How To Pay Your DSTv Subscription with KongaPay App. Kongapay was introduced way back in 2015 by online shopping store Konga.com, who made a collaboration with Nigerian banks with the intention to win the heart of people by gaining their trust and help them have more buyers.

The idea from the concept was good, but after some years has passed, KongaPay currently supports not only payments for items purchased on their store, but can now be used to Buy airtime, pay Bills, pay for cable TV which we will be looking at in this article.

How to Pay Your DSTv Subscription with KongaPay

There is no need for your debit card during the transaction, once you have the KongaPay. You can pay for your DSTv subscription and also make payments offline simply scanning the QR codes if the merchants support this style of money.

For all those asking how do I do it, you really don’t need to worry again, because all that you have to do is, first of all, login to your KongaPay account and that’s all. From there you can pay for your DSTv subscription. If the transaction is successful, you will be debited with the equivalent from your bank account and once that is done, your DSTv subscription will be automatically working.
With the KongaPay, you can set things in such a way that your monthly DSTv plan becomes automatically renewed all that is required for this is for you to give it the go-ahead.

How To Pay Your DSTv Subscription Using KongaPay App

For all those who want to start using this payment method, you will have to first of all download the KongaPay app, in order to be able to pay your DSTv subscription using KongaPay App. In order to download the KongaPay app successfully, you have to navigate to Google play store for Android, while for iOS devices, Apple app store for iPhone/iPad, go ahead and search for “KongaPay” and download the app. Endeavor to install the kongapay app, after doing that, follow the guidelines provided beneath:

Steps To Pay Your DSTv Subscription

  • Open the KongaPay App & Sign In using your KongaPay Pin and Phone Number. Meanwhile, if you don’t have an account just Click on Sign up to Create one.
  • Click on Services, then Select TV Subscriptions.
  • Go ahead and Select DSTv.
  • Type in your DSTv SmartCard Number then, click on Continue.
  • You’ll be redirected to a page that contains the Subscriber Name & other options to complete your payment.
  • Under Bouquet, Select any of the available Bouquets that you desire to subscribe to.
  • Choose how long you would like to subscribe to Under Select Subscription Duration.
  • Automatically renew the bouquet once it expires by ticking  Tick/Mark the “Auto-Renew Every Month”
  • Go through your work carefully in order to ensure you provided the right information before making payment.
  • The equivalent of the amount that you choose will be debited from your account linked with the Kongpay once you click on pay.

NOTE: You will learn how to exercise patience because DStv will have to take some time to acknowledge the payment and subsequently activate your subscription.

If you can follow this guideline just the way it has been given without making mistakes, then you can easily pay your DSTv subscription using KongaPay App. Though we are concentrating on How To Pay Your DSTv Subscription with KongaPay App, there are still other things that you can achieve with this app, all you have to do is explore the app.

This is where we come to an end with this article and we will like to know about your thought on this topic. Please feel free to share your thought using the comment section below and also do well to share this article to those that may find it useful.

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