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Project Free Tv Review and 12 Great Websites to Watch Movies for Free

projectfree tv

Today we will be discussing one of the best websites where you could stream and download various types of movies and Tv series and the name of the website is called Project Free Tv.

ProjectFreeTv is among the best website where people can freely visit and stream various genres of movies, Tv shows, and Tv series. They ranked as one of the best, though they have been labeled as a notorious TV show-streaming website.

Project Free Tv Review

projectfree tv

Just like much other free streaming websites, Project Free Tv original domain was taken down in 2017, though there are lots of cloned domains which do not offer contents just like the original.

The website didn’t notify its users of the creation of a new domain or left them with an idea of what their next plans where. The only message they left on their page was one stating they don’t support nor endorse piracy. They also suggestion legal movie streaming websites like Netflix and Hulu before shutting down.

ProjectFree Tv used to have thousands of interesting movies on their portal which their users could access, stream and download for free. They also had a clean and clear user interface which permits easy navigation through the website. Currently, the website is no more, so why waste our time crying over spilled milk? Follow me as I lead you to 12 much better alternatives than ProjectFreeTv.

12 Better Alternative to Project Free Tv

There are hundreds of other alternatives to Project Free Tv which are even much better both in their movies offering as well as their video quality. We have carefully picked out 12 best alternatives to Project freetv and we shall be listing and briefing you on each of them below.

Ensure you visit and navigate through the websites listed below in order to pick out the one that best meets your standard.

1. 123MoviesHub

If you a true movie lover, we are sure you must have come across this website one way or the other before now. 123Movies is one of the best websites to stream interesting and the latest movies all for free. According to MPAA, 123Movies is the most illegal movie streaming website in the world.

The main domain is currently down, but there are other cloned domain and 123moviesHub happens to be one of the best among them and it operates similarly as the main website. The website is one of the best when it comes to the movie streaming business and it also serves as a better alternative to Project Free Tv.

The website arrives with a good user interface which allows you to easily find your way around the website, though you are not presented with many options to navigate. 123Movies is very user-friendly on mobile smartphones and most of its users are from U.K, US, as well as Canada. The website also entertains over 1 million users on their portal per month. All the movies, Tv shows, and series on the website can be streamed without having to pay or fill out any form because it’s completely free of charge.

2. Putlockers.me

The second runner up on our list is called Putlockers and it was suggested to us by our users. We surveyed the website and has come to see why they have so many fans. The original domain is down, but there are other beautiful sub-domains that offer virtually the same content as the main domain.

Putlocker is one of the best websites to stream current and interesting movies for free and it’s a better alternative to Projectfree tv. The website has a clear user interface and a vast collection of both old and trending movies and Tv series.

The movies, Tv shows, and Tv series are not hosted on the website, they are actually provided by other third-party sites. You can find the search bar on the home page which allow you to go straight to your desired file, once you input the right keyphrase.

Just like the first one we mentioned above, this website has about 50% of its users from Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States. This website serves as a better alternative to Project FreeTv.

3. YesMovies

YesMovies is one of the websites with one of the largest movies collection of movies, Tv shows, and series. The website has a clean interface so finding what you want or navigating through the website is not going to be a challenge.

YesMovies are far better than Project Free Tv in terms of availability of movies, user interface, and many more. The movies on the website are arranged according to Top IMDb, countries, the genre, etc. Should in case you couldn’t find the movie you want on the portal, YesMovies allows you to request the movie and they will provide it for you if possible.

It is also necessary we inform you the website also uses ads on their portal, though not the annoying popup ads. YesMovies has about 17 million visitors per month with a higher percentage of visitors coming from the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada.

4. StreamLikers

StreamLikers is a new website and it shares enough similarities with Project Free Tv, and one of the similarities is in their collection of a massive library Tv shows and Movies. The website is quite different from most of the websites in the sense they don’t display movies on their homepage, you would only use the search bar to access movies.

You can still use the category of movies which are arranged into TV series, Moveis categories, Genres, and Most visited content. Whenever you hover your curs0r over a movie, they display brief information about such a movie.

The website has about 1 million visitors per month though they are restricted in some countries, but other countries like the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States which happens to have the highest number of visitors and other countries.

5. IOMovies

IOMovies is one of the websites with a large collection of Tv series and movies. They also have various genres of movies and Tv shows which can be streamed for free by users.

Navigation is not an issue on the website and it is all thanks to its well-arranged categories and clean interface. As a user, you don’t need to register, pay any fee or even carry out any survey before streaming movies or Tv series on the website. There is a feature on the website that allows you to share any movie/Tv series you love with your family and friends.

The website records over 8 million visitors per month and a higher number of them come from India, Australia, the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

6. Seriesfreetv

The list of ProjectFreeTV alternative will not be completed with mentioning Seriesfreetv. You find and stream the most current movies and Tv series on the website. One of the things we love about this website is that you stream as much as you can on the website without paying a dine. This website is just the perfect alternative to ProjectFree Tv.

7. Tubi

Tubi is another great choice as well as the best alternative to ProjectFree Tv. The website has a huge collection of Tv series and movies which you must first register. The movies and Tv series on the website are all categorized by genre making it a lot easier to find any content on the website.

8. www7.project-free-tv.ag

We mentioned earlier that you could find lots of cloned Project Free Tv, behold we have one of them here with us called the www7.project-free-tv.ag. The website offers similar contents just like the original ProjectFreeTv and you can also find thousands of TV shows and Movies which you can easily stream on the platform.

The website is fast in updating its portal with the latest movies, Tv series, and Tv show. So, feel free to find any movie you want on the portal because you may likely find it and stream it free of charge.

9. Movie4K

If you are a chronic movie, Tv series lover, then Movie4k shouldn’t be sounding strange to you. But, if you are just coming across this website for the first time, then we will acquaint you with the website.

For the start, Movie4k is a movie, Tv series streaming website where you can stream and also download your favorite movies and Tv shows with having to pay for them (it’s free of charge). The website has an extensive database of  Tv series and movies.

The Movie4k is another great alternative to Project FreeTv and though they use ads including the annoying popup ads, overall streaming movies can be really interesting. Locating your favorite movie or Tv show can be easy if you know how to use the search bar on their homepage.

Movie4K is a very new website with about 4 million monthly users with majority of them coming from countries like USA, UK, Germany, and Phillip.

10. GoStream

It is important we inform you that GoStream was formally a network of 123movies, though we currently don’t have any idea of who is running the website. One of the good features of the website is its ability to immediately update their website with the most current movies, Tv shows, and Tv series.

Even as a new visitor on their website you will still be able to know your way around their portal and this is due to its supper clear interface. You will not find those annoying ads on the website and we hope it remains that way for the main time.

Just like most free movie streaming portal, the website doesn’t keep movies, Tv shows and other of their content on the website, because the third parties are the ones who provide all the contents.

11. WatchMoviesFree

Movie lovers in the house can visit WatchMoviesFree which happens to be among the best places to fall back at as a substitute to Project Free Tv. The website comes prepared with thousands of movies, Tv series, and Tv show. Meanwhile, the homepage is so user-friendly and easy to navigate around the website.

On the website, you will find the search bar on the homepage which allows you to get straight to any movies or file you want. There are popup ads on the website and they usually have about 1 million visitors per month with the United States being the major source of their traffics.

Users from India are not allowed to stream movies on the website, but if you still want to stream movies, Tv series and Tv shows on the website, use a VPN (Free or Paid).

12. BMovies

The last on our list of 12 best alternatives to ProjectFreetv is called Bmovies which happens to among those few free movie streaming websites that constantly updates their portal with the best movies, Tv shows, and series. The website serves as a home to millions of vast database of Tv series and movies genres

They offer all the Tv shows and movies on their website for free and the videos shared on their platform are of good qualities (HD quality). The website has a premium look which most of the websites that offer paid movie streaming services look like. As a matter of fact, B movies arrive with similar looks like Amazon prime.

Just like some of the free movie streaming websites that we have mentioned above, Bmovies don’t save any of their content on their server, the files (movies and Tv shows) are provided by their third parties.

As of the time of writing, the website has over 5 million visitors per month with the highest numbers coming from countries like the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, India, and Australia.


The free streaming movie websites we listed above are not all the available ProjectFreetv alternative website but the best. Each of the website where carefully put into consideration before featuring them on our list and we believe you wouldn’t be disappointed with any of them.

Should in case you have any questions surrounding the topic we just treated, feel free to ask your question or share your ideas with us. Thanks for stopping by, we hope to see you in the next post.

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