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123Movies Review and Top 6 sites like 123movies (Alternative) for 2023

Today we will be reviewing one of the best platforms to stream movies and TV series called 123Movies. It is true there are other sites like 123movies, but there is something special about the website. We will not be surprised if you have one way or another come in contact with 123 Movies.

sites like 123movies
123movies Review

The website allows its users to have access to thousands of movies that they don’t upload but collect from cyberlockers who host their content from legal streaming sites such as Amazon, and Netflix.

123Movies Review

123 Movies has always been one of the best you find millions of movies and TV series that you can stream for free. But, over the years, there have been rumors of the website shutting down which has given rise to other clone websites. The original website was tagged by the Motion Picture Association of America as the most popular illegal streaming portal

While some are of the view that the website actually still works on many clone sites, others are of the view that the website is no longer in existence, and the clones are owned by different people. Either way, there are other clone sites that offer almost all the movies like the original domain.

Nevertheless, since 123Movies go has been the target and the reason for many shutdowns, all in an attempt to disrupt its services, the cloned domain is becoming smaller by the day. But, the good news is this, there are other legal movie portals where you can stream both interesting and the latest movies and TV shows.

No doubt there were millions of movies and TV series on 123movies to make things up, we have decided to provide our readers with the Top 6 Sites like 123movies (Alternative).

Top 6 Sites Like 123movies

Since all attempt is to stop the activities of 123movies, shutting down its clone sites is very possible. And what that means is that you might wake up to find your favorite 123 movies clone has been shut down. In order to avoid the hassle and struggles, we have made a list of the top 6 sites like 123movies and you will find them below.

1. Netflix

The first on our list is called Netflix, it is another great website with thousands of interesting movies and TV shows. The website was founded by Mark Randolph and Reed Hastings way back in 1997. They are currently the leading streaming portal on earth. The website began to shoot its own cinematography product (Movies, TV Series, and Shows) in 2016.

Last year, their subscribers skyrocketed to more than 117 million, though they have been restricted by some countries like Syria, Crimea, North Korea, and China. Apart from those countries mentioned, their service is offered all over the world.

Unlike Sites Like 123movies and others, Netflix doesn’t offer their content for free, except for the 30 days free trial which is still currently available as of the time of writing. Should in case you stay in countries where they are restricted like China, you can possibly use a VPN to access Netflix.

2. Vumoo

Another interesting we have on our list is called Vumoo, which happens to be one of the best places to stream interesting movies, Tv series, and shows.

You will find the section where all the latest movies, Tv series, and shows, which you don’t need to pay or register for before you can access. One good thing about the website is that despite not collecting money for its services, they still update its portal with the latest shows, movies, and TV series.

3. Amazon Prime

This website is owned and controlled by Amazon inc ltd, an American multinational technology company that pays more attention to cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and e-commerce. This service has been in existence for 13 years and has up to 100 million subscribers.

Apart from playing movies on this website, you can still search and listen to any of your desired music tracks from your favorite artist. Just Netflix, you will have to pay some money before you can access their service, though they are currently offering a 30-day free trial.

4. Showbox

Just like 123Movies, you can watch movies on this website without having to pay, but the notable difference between the website is that, unlike 123 Movies, Showbox requires you to download their app before you can watch their movies. That is, you watch their movies for free through their app which makes it a better alternative to 123movies.

You can decide to save some of the movies you have watched on the App, so you can watch it later offline because the app has an in-built downloader.

5. Zmovies

This is another amazing website that was able to make it to the list of Top 6 sites like 123movies. The interesting part of this website is that they usually update their website with the most current movies and Tv shows.

They also make available thousands of interesting movies that you can watch without having to pay for them. The website has different genres of movies that contain both old and new interesting movies.

6. Fmovies

Fmovies currently added some interesting features that have been refurbished and made the website more interesting than before. You find movies on the website with more of a keyword like the name of the movie or the actor’s name and a list of movies that feature the actor will surface.

There are also various sections where you can watch any movie of your interest that falls under that section like the adult section and others.


Listed above are the Top 6 sites like 123movies where you can stream movies, Tv series, and shows. While some of them are paid, many of them are free. We hope you enjoy your visit to all the sites provided above and should in case you encounter any trouble while using any of the sites, do not hesitate to reach us via the comment section.

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