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SolarMovie 2021 ~ Stream Movies Online Free (Solar Movies Alternatives)

SolarMovies popularly known as Solar Movie is now live. You can now stream & download all your favourite Movies and TV shows online for Free.

Watching movies and other videos online is now like our normal lifestyle. The rise in the demand for entertainment from many people all over the world has led to more entertainment websites. There are presently more than 20 thousand websites (such as Solarmovie, etc) where you can stream and download movies.


Apart from movies, most of the websites still house other entertaining files like Music, Games, and a host of others. Though there are other sources of entertainment, we will be focusing more on movies, Tv shows & series.

So, to all the movies lovers in the house we will be introducing you to a website called Solar movie, your one-stop portal for all the movies, tv-series, and tv shows that you love.

If you are movie freak, then chances are you must have one way or the other come across this beautiful website that we are about to talk about. But, if you have not come across this awesome website before, don’t worry because we are here to acquaint you with the website and lead you straight to their portal so you can exploit all the interesting movies, Tv shows, Tv series.

Features of SolarMovie

There are so many good features of the Solarmovie though we will be listing out just a few for the sake of time. Below are some of the relevant features of Solar movies which we will list out.


*. Easy to navigate and use interface.
*. Have millions of movies, Tv shows, and Tv series.
*. The is a search button up on the homepage. It allows users to access any file on the website that they want.
*. All the movies, Tv series, and shows on the website can be downloaded for free.
*. They are very fast in updating their portal with the current and the latest movie, tv series, or tv show.
*. The movies, tv shows and tv series on their website are all presented in great qualities.

SolarMovie All in One Place for The Latest Movie

While most movie streaming websites only offer movies, Solarmovie also offers you both Movies and TV shows, although the focus more on Movies.

And just like O2TVseries, Solarmovies has also had categories like Action, Musical, Mystery, Mythological, Psychological, Romance, Sci-Fi, Sitcom, sports and more. The menu is located at the bottom of Solarmovies homepage.

Top 12 SolarMovie Alternative

There is no doubt that Solarmovies has always been one of the best websites and though its clone subdomains are still great and almost similar with the original when it comes to the service and movies that they offer, below are other good alternatives to Solar movies.


12. Yes Movies

Unlike many movie streaming websites that we have visited, YesMovies has a different approach to how the website operates. Overall they have a good user interface, although you may find it confusing at first because you wouldn’t find any movie on the homepage.

To stream your desired movie on the website, you would be required to input the name of the movie on the search box and when it shows, you can start streaming the movie. The design of the website is very interesting as well as the supersonic loading speed.

The website offers both movies and Tv series which runs on the homepage to inform the user of the recent releases. Visit YesMovies Here.

11. GoStream

This movie streaming website was formerly a network of 123movies, though at the moment we don’t know who is in charge. They are good at updating their website with the latest movies and Tv series, which makes it a better alternative to solarmovies.

One of the reasons we love GoStream is because they offer a great collection of movies, Tv series and on their website, you wouldn’t find those annoying popup ads.

Unlike most movie streaming website, GoStream doesn’t store movies, Tv series and Tv shows on their website, they are provided by third parties. The website’s major users are from the Philippines, USA, UK, India, and Canada. Visit GoStream Here.

1o. Netflix

When it comes to the streaming of movies business, Netflix is one of the best, not just in big names but also their works are also there as a prove. Netflix is an American company that focuses on both the production and distribution of original movies, Tv series and Tv shows.

The company offers there services in almost all part of the world except for some few countries like main China, North Korea, and a few others, due to a few challenges from the country. The company is one of the websites with the largest number of subscribers and they have been able to keep their customers all over the world satisfied.

The website has millions of interesting movies, Tv series, Tv shows and other awesome videos which are available to their subscribers. But, the only problem with this service is that unlike SolarMovies, all their Tv Shows, Movies, Tv series are not for free, they are paid. Before you could start enjoying all the millions of movies and Tv series on their portal, you will have to first subscribe to their channel with a small amount of money you can see more about their offers and services here.

The good thing about this services is that before you start paying for their services, and what we mean is that before you can start subscribing with money to access their portal, Netflix will offer you 30 days of free trial to test their services and if you don’t like it you can stop using it before the end of the 30 days and you wouldn’t be charged a single dime. But, if you like their services, you will be required to pay a small amount of money (about $9) to have access to the portal for the next month. Visit Netflix Here.

9. TVShows4mobile

For all those who don’t have enough money to spare to subscribe to any portal for movie streaming, we present to you an amazing website called TVShows4mobile, a place that also offers different genres of movies, Tv series, and shows.

The website has a friendly user interface and allows all their visitors to freely access their portal at any time, anyhow, and anywhere. They have different features that allow you to enjoy streaming and downloading movies from the website. On the homepage of the website, there is a search bar that allows you to quickly and easily navigate through the website and quickly find any of your desired content.

At the bottom of the website, there is a well-organized category which is alphabetically arranged to allow you search and get straight to the file you want with just the first name of the file or movie you want. You will also find many or virtually all the movies you search for on the portal and this is due to the ability of the website to quickly update their website with the latest movies, Tv shows, and Tv series.

If you feel like going through the category which is located below the homepage of the website will take much of your time, then you can use the search option to also get to your desired file once you know the name of the file, or the main character in the movie, tv-series or tv show.

There is also a category on the website called the ‘Recently Added’ category where you find the movies, Tv show, and series that has just been recently added to the website. The movies in this category are usually new movies, Tv series, and Tv shows. Visit TVshows4mobile Here.

8. Hulu

If you are a chronic movie lover, you will find out this website is among the best website for movies. One way or the other, you might have come across this website. You can hardly find any movie and not see on the website because the website is always making sure that they have available as much movie as possible.

Apart from movies, you can also find Tv shows and Tv series all offered in HD quality on the website. The website also has good customer care which handles any challenges you might be facing using their portal. The website has over 50 live channels which are available but based on demand from their users.

We know you must be excited at this point in time, but don’t get too carried away as these services are not free of charges. You will be charged $7.99 (Limited Commercials) for each of the months, while for (No Commercials), you will be charged $11.99 per month.

They have different channels for both kids and even adults and you will also find tools that will help you properly utilize the services of the website. Unlike most websites, this one is friendly both on mobile, desktop, and other devices. This website and its services are available on many of the major websites like Xbox One, Android TV, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon, and so many others. Visit Hulu Here.

7. Putlockers.me

If you have been following some of the websites we usually recommend our users to visit and stream movies, Tv shows, and Tv series for free, you will find out that Putlockers is usually among one of them. The reason we usually add this website to our recommendation list is not because of its popularity, but because of the kind of good services, they offer to their users.

Just like some of the free movie streaming websites, Putlockers’s main domain has been shut down, though there are many other cloned domains just like Putlockers.me. This portal don’t have any movie, Tv show, and Tv series stored on their website, the movies, Tv series and Tv shows are all provided by third-party websites which could help Putlockers.me stay around for a while.

On the homepage, you will find the newly released movies, Tv shows, and Tv series. The website has a very good and clean user interface which allows for swift navigation through the website. The website’s movies, Tv series, and Tv shows are arranged into a genre, which also includes Top-rated and Countries.

The website can be accessed by anyone, though most of their users are from Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Australia. Visit Putlockers Here.

6. MovieWatcher

This website is another great alternative to Solar Movie and one of the reasons we love this movie portal is because they have a section where some of the movies that are yet to be released are listed with their various date of release.

They have a great collection of interesting and current movies, Tv shows, and Tv series. This website already has over 1 million users per month and a greater percentage of their visitors are from the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States.

Sadly, this website has been restricted to offer their services in most countries, though you can still access the website only with the use of a good VPN. The website offers two servers you can use in accessing all their videos, so if you experience any trouble from the first server, you can fall back on the second one. Visit Movie Watcher Here.

5. FMovies

FMovies is another free movie streaming website where you can find thousands of good movies, Tv shows, and Tv series. They are actually a very large network made up of free movies streaming websites and it is one of the best alternatives to Solar movie.

You can find various types of good movies, Tv shows and series which are all present to users in HD quality. Just like Solarmovies, you don’t need to sign up neither are you required to pay any amount of money before you can use their platform.

The domain name has been blocked in some countries which is usually one of the challenges websites offering free movies usually face. Visit Fmovies Here.

4. MovieNinja

When it boils down to free movie streaming websites with millions of visitors per month, MovieNinja is among the leaders. The website has over 8 million visitors per month with a huge database of movies and TV shows. This is one of the major reasons we have added them to the list of the best alternative to Solar movies.

Despite having so many users MovieNinja still allows all their users to freely access their website as well as stream and download movies and Tv series for free.

The website uses ads though not the annoying popup ads which usually obstruct your activities most of the times. The website has a clear and clean interface with all their files sub-divided into sections and categories which makes it easier for users to access any file.

This website is not just an alternative to SolarMovie, it is also far better than Solar movie in terms of the clean interface, number of movies available to stream and download on the portal and so much more. The website is one you should quickly add to your bookmark. Visit MovieNinja Here.

3. IOMovies

There are so many reasons why we should believe IOMovies is a whole lot better than Solarmovie, because first of all, they have a more extensive collection of Tv series and movies. Secondly, they also have about 8 million visitors per month across the globe including countries like India, the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, and Canada.

IOMovies has different genres of movies, Tv show, and Tv series which are categorized in a proper and easy to reach manner. One of the things we love about the website is the ability for a person to be able to share any movie they love on the platform with their family and friends.

You can stream as much movie, Tv series, and Tv shows as you want without having to pay or registering or filling out any form. This is one of the best sites you should put into consideration whenever you are in search of the best alternative to Solarmovies. Visit IOMovies Here.

2. Vumoo

The second runner up on our top ten list is called Vumoo, one of the best alternative to Solarmovies, not just in the provision of the movies, Tv shows, and series but also in the premium users interface that makes it appear similar to Netflix.

On top of the premium user interface and features, the website still allows all their users to access their portal and stream and download the files from their portal without paying for any of them.

There is a vast collection of both interesting Tv series, Tv shows and movies that can be freely streamed and downloaded by users.

The website has one 0f the best user interface, all their movies are properly categorized, there is also a search bar on the home page that allows you get directly to the movie you desire to stream or download. All the movies you find on the website are not stored, they are all provided by third parties. The website has over 2 million users per month, though a greater number of users are from the United Kingdom and the United States. Visit Vumoo Here.

1. CMovies

When you first visit the website, you will think that they offer just premium services and you must have to pay before being able to access any content on the website, but fear not, though the website has a premium user interface, it offers all of its contents for free.

On the website, you can find millions of movies, Tv shows, and Tv series from different genres. We consider this website to be a worthy alternative to Solarmovie. The website offers all their movies, Tv shows, and Tv series in HD formate and you don’t need to fill any form, pay any money or carry out any survey before you could stream or download from their platform.

Navigation on the website is made easy as a result of the well-structured categories and sections. Searching for movies on the website has been further made easy due to the provision of a search bar on the home page. Should in case you don’t find your desired movie or Tv show on the portal, there is a section where you can go and request it, and it will be added.

The website has more than 1 million users and they currently have lots of cloned domain out there, though the original domain usually notifies their users before changing to another domain. Their main sources of users come from the United Kingdom, the United States of America, and Canada. Visit CMovies Here.

Solarmovie ~ Stream Free Movies Online
Solarmovie Homepage.

How To Watch Movies On Solarmovie

To stream movies online on solarmovie is so simple. Nevertheless, in order to avoid mistakes, ensure that you follow our guideline below so you can easily watch your favourite movie on Solarmovie.

1). Navigate to https://ww1.solarmovie.cr/home/
2). Use the search bar to look for any movie you desire.
3). When you find it, click on the movie and it will take you to another page.
4). When you get to the new page, you will see a red play button with a word under it that says “Click to play“.
5). Go ahead and click on it and the video will load and you will click on the play button on the centre of the movie on your screen.
NOTE: There’s also a red download button with inscription “Download in HD-1080p”, click on it if you want to download the movie into your device.

About Solar Movies

Solar Movie is among the credible website where you can download movies, Tv shows, and Tv series. They serve as home to millions of interesting Hollywood movies, Bollywood movies, Hindu movies among others.

The website has a very clean user interface and unlike Netflix, you stream and download all the movies, Tv shows and series for free.

1). Jalshamoviez Download Free Movies.
2). Watch TV Shows Online for Free on Ch131.
3). Download Songs and Movies on Wapking.
4). Download Songs and Movies on Wapking.
5). Waphan Movies Download.


This is where we will be closing the curtain on this topic. I’m so glad you can now watch movies online on Solarmovie. Don’t forget you can also download the movie if you desire to stream it directly from your device even when you are offline. Thank you for stopping by.


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