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3 Different Ways To Successfully Hard Reset your iPhone Without Distress

Successfully Hard Reset your iPhone: Have you tried operating your smartphone and it doesn’t respond? That’s one of the most annoying things I dislike. Some people could even get upset to the extent of smashing the smartphone on the floor.

The truth is that as an iPhone user when you are confronted with such challenges, you don’t need to get angry because you can easily contend with the issue with just a few buttons.


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Successfully Hard Reset your iPhone
Successfully Hard Reset your iPhone.

All you need to Hard reset your iPhone is the iPhone master reset. Lots of people who share their success stories use the methods we will be sharing with you below.

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So, if you desire to get your iPhone functioning the way it used to, then below are the 3 ways to successfully hard reset your device.


3 Methods On How To Hard Reset Your iPhone

(1st) First Method:

1). Click on Volume up => Go to volume down =>  Power Button. If you have iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, press the iPhone Power button + volume down button.

NOTE: Ensure that you hold the buttons together for a long time, let’s say 10 seconds or more. Keep holding the buttons until an Apple Logo appears on your screen, then you can take your hands off the buttons.

(2nd) Second Method:

The second method is more like a Factory Reset Option. You will be required to go to your settings for this to work.

i). Select Your Apple ID: You will see this at the top of your Menu that has both your avatar or image and other details. You must also ensure that you’re signed in before you get started.


ii). Locate and click on the “iCloud” submenu which is under the settings. Navigate to the iCloud backup option, then put it “On”.

iii). Click on the back-up button. Then patiently wait for the backup files to be completed. When the files backup is completed, click on the iCloud settings page on your iPhone, and then click on the Apple ID located at the upper left section of your device.

iv). For those using the old iPhone user version, navigate to the general settings, click on the Reset, then click on the “Erase all content and settings option”, You will be required to enter your device password, after that click on the “Erase iPhone option”. That’s all.

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(3RD) Method

The 3RD method is the “iTunes method“, and you are advised to backup all your data in your device before you commence with the resetting process.

i). Connect your smartphone to your PC and open the installed iTunes. Once you’re done with that, select your iPhone type from the list of iPhone types located at the top barb of the iTunes. After that, go back and click on the “This Computer (PC)”

ii). Then you’ll need to click on the “Back up Now”. The backup process may take some time depending on the size of your data.

iii). Finally, click on the “Restore iPhone” in order to reset your iPhone. Should in case you want to wipe out everything from the iPhone, then confirm the dialogue box. Please note that the restore process could possibly take between 14 to 20 minutes to complete.

Please Note: Ensure you put your phone in “Recovery Mode” should in case it does not show up in the iTunes, or when your smartphone finds it difficult to respond. Just ensure that your PC is properly connected with the USB cord and you’ll be done with the whole process in no time.

We hope this guide was able to help you successfully Hard Reset your iPhone. If you have any questions or still encountering any trouble hard resetting your iPhone then let us know via the comment section. Thanks for stopping by.


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