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Wapking 2023 – Download Free Movies and Mp3 Songs on Wapking

Wapking Review 2023: Today we will be introducing you to an awesome entertainment portal, Wapking where you can fetch some interesting files. But, before we get down straight into showing you how to download files from the website, we would like to let you know that WapKing.Co was formerly WapKing.Live.

Before now, WapKing.Live used to offer only files that are beneficial to Java phones such as java games, java applications & more. Nevertheless, the introduction and rise in the use of Android phones propelled the website to modify its website and contents to be compatible with Android phones and the result of the modification resulted in the replacement of WapKing.Live to WapKing.Co.


The modification of the WapKing.Live into WapKing.co introduced many amazing categories and files such as the introduction of Wallpapers, Ringtone, various categories of videos, and more. The website now offers only Android Games, but if want to still download games on your Java phone maybe you should try Waptrick.

Wapking is free for anyone to visit, they also have a friendly user interface that allows its users to easily navigate through the website without getting lost.

Before we show you how to locate and download any file you want from wap king, we would like to show you some of the categories you can find on Wap king.

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Categories on Wapking

There are different files on Wapking.co and all the files on the website fall under each of the appropriate files. When you visit the website, you will first see the ‘Featured List’ when you scroll down again you will find the ‘New Release’, where you find the recently added files on the website. Finally, if you scroll past the ‘new release’, you will find the list of categories as seen below.

  • Ringtone
  • Wallpapers
  • Full Mp3 Songs
  • Videos
  • Android Application
  • Android Games
  • Live Wallpapers
  • Top 21 Files

Wapking Ringtone

This category is the one that contains various kinds of beautiful tunes and songs that you can use on your mobile phone. You can even customize the ringtone to your name, so when your phone rings, your name will be mentioned inside the ringtone song. Should in case you want a unique and amazing ringtone for your Smartphone, then don’t hesitate to visit Wapking.co.


Inside this category, you will find hundreds of interesting and mind-blowing wallpapers that you can select and download. You can use the wallpapers on your smartphone or any of your devices without having to pay for them, and what we mean is that you can download wallpapers from the website for free.

Wapking Song

For all the latest songs that have been trending and you don’t know where or how to download it, you can visit Wapking.co to see if it is available and download them for free into your device. This category serves as a home for thousands of soulful, and beautiful music.


Wapking Movies (Videos)

If you want interesting videos that will get you out of that board state, then visit this category. The category has other sub-categories where you can find various genres of videos that range from Funny Videos, wap king Video songs to other interesting short clips that will surely catch your fancy. You can visit the website and play around to find out other interesting files.

Android Application

As we mentioned earlier, unlike the Wapking.Live which used to offer only Java applications, the Wapking.co only offers Android Applications on their website. In this category, you will find other sub-categories, so all you have to do is locate the Android Application you want from its appropriate sub-category.

Wapking Games

All Game lovers can now visit this website and locate their game category to download interesting games for free on Wap king. But, if you are using any smartphone that is not an Android, then it’s unfortunate because you can’t download games from this category.

Live Wallpapers

Unlike the other wallpaper category, in this category, you will find animated beautiful wallpapers. So, to download animated wallpapers, kindly visit Wapking and locate this category and download any of the Live Wallpaper available for free.

Top 21 Files

This category contains just 21 files that have the highest number of downloads or views from website users.

How to Download from Wap king

As we mentioned above, you can download any file that you desire, and is available on Wapking. You can download Wapking songs, download Wapking movies, Wapking video songs, and others using the steps provided below.

  1. Ensure you have a good internet connection.
  2. Click here to visit their official website.
  3. Scroll till the end of the page and select the category of your choice you want to download from.
  4. Search for the file you want and click on it.
  5. You would see the file you want and a brief description.
  6. Click on the name of the file under the download button and that is all.

Once you carefully follow the steps I have prescribed above, then you would be successful with the download of any file that you want on the website.

FAQ [Frequently Asked Questions]

Below are some of the questions we frequently get from our users and others who intend to start using Wapking as their portal for downloading music, movies, and other files.

What Are The Kind Of Songs You Find On Wapking Website?

You will find a huge number of various sorts of Mp3 and Mp4 songs on the Wapking website. Nevertheless, these songs were not actually legally added to the website. Just as we mentioned above, Wapking is a torrent website that bridges the law of copyrighted materials.

It’s important to know that pirating copyrighted content is unlawful and punishable by the law of almost every country in the world. Wapking offers an endless list of assorted types of songs on the website which it offers free of charge to its users. They don’t just offer only songs to their users, they also provide their users with other tones such as ringing tones and other tones.

Searching for your desired music on the website has been made very easy due to the manner in which Wapking has properly categorized the songs into various classes. Once its users find the right category, then searching for their desired songs will be a lot easier.

Below is the sort of ringtones and songs category you will find on wapking. The list of songs and ringtones has been properly sorted out and you can see it below:

  • Mp3 Songs:
    • DJ Remix MP3 Songs.
    • All Time Hit MP3 Songs.
    • Funny MP3 music Collections.
    • Day Special Mp3 Songs assortment.
    • Punjabi mp3 songs assortment.
  • Ghazal Mp3 Songs download.
  • Gujarati Mp3 Wapking Song Download.
  • Download Bhojpuri Mp3 Songs.
  • Music Video, Ringtone, Wapking Mp3 Songs Download.
  • Devotional Mp3 Songs Assortment.


  • Love Wav Tones.
  • Mp3 Ringtones.
  • Bollywood AMR Tones.
  • Polyphonic Ringtones.

What Are The Sort Of Movies You Can Find On Waptrick?

Wapking also provides its users with movies and other motion pictures for them to easily stream and download free of charge. Wapking usually updates their portal with more and new movies just almost immediately as it is officially launched.

Even the movie trade is aware of how this torrent movie website tends to get hold of any newly officially launched movie. So many individuals take Movies and other motion pictures as one of their best leisure. But while a good movie is supposed to be watched in the theatre, torrent websites like Wapking illegally leak the movie.

This, in turn, makes the movie trade lose a lot of money to many of these illegal torrent websites because these torrent websites illegally leak movies on their website which was supposed to be streamed in the theatre. Some of the sorts of leaked movies on Wapking include the following:

  • Bollywood Movies.
  • Wapking motion pictures download.
  • Punjabi Movies.
  • Hindi Dubbed Hollywood Movies.
  • Funny Mp4 Movies.
  • Day Special Mp4 Movies Assortment.
  • Romantic Marathi Movies.

How Often Does Wapking Add New Content?

Wapking is always updated with the latest materials ranging from movies, wapking Mp3 songs, videos, Ringtone, and more. Wapking a torrent website and they are able to upload the latest movies on its website just as soon as the movies are officially released.

You can also find the latest music album immediately the formally launched, and this is because they do piracy on the album and immediately upload it on Wapking website. So, as soon as any movie is officially released, or any music album is formally launched, then be sure to find it on the torrent website, Wapking.

How Do I Access Wapking Website?

If you really must visit and carry out a wapking download on content from this torrent website called Wapking, then it’s important that you make use of a VPN. One of the reasons why I’m asking you to use a VPN is so that you don’t leave any trace of your IP Address when you must have made contact with the website or downloaded any file from the torrent website.

Apart from that, A VPN is the surest way not to leave your footprint. So, if you still insist that you must visit and download content from Wap-King despite having the knowledge it’s a torrent website, then follow the steps below:

  1. The first thing to do is download a VPN into the device you want to use in accessing and downloading content from Wapking. Also, the VPN will help you bypass every restriction.
  2. When you are done downloading the VPN, open the VPN software, and select any IP tackle of a particular rustic place where Wapking has not been yet banned.
  3. Immediately you are able to change the IP tackle to a rustic place that can access Wapking, then you will be able to access Wap King through your device. There you will find thousands of movies and TV shows that you can download free of charge.

Recommended VPN To Access Wapking

We are going to be listing a number of amazing VPNs that can help you access and download content materials from the torrent website, wapking without leaving a footprint. We may not be able to explain how each VPN works, but you can look out for that on YouTube.

First of all, ensure that your private smartphone or device that will be used to access the website is compatible with VPN. Once you are sure that your smartphone or device is compatible with VPN, then you can proceed with downloading the VPN and accessing Wapking via the help of the VPN. Below is a list of recommended VPN:

  1. Opera VPN
  2. ExpressVPN
  3. Windscribe
  4. Hotspot Shield
  5. Disguise.me
  6. TunnelBear
  7. Proton
  8. Betternet
  9. PrivateVPN
  10. Speedify

What Are Some Of the 2021 Wapking Extensions?

Wapking has quite a number of other extensions in which it still provides Movies, Mp3 and Mp4 Music videos, applications, and other material. Should in case you are having a hard time trying to access Wapking.com, then you can try some of its other extensions listed below:

  1. WapKing.com
  2. WapKing.Co
  3. Wapking.asia
  4. wapking.cc
  5. WapKing.Live.
  6. Wapking I.
  7. Mywapking.

What are Other Websites Like Wapking?

There are other websites where you can also access and even download interesting materials such as ringtone, movies, Mp3 music, Wallpaper, and more. We are going to be listing out some of them, and a number of them are a lot better than Wapking in terms of quality, quantity, convenience, and more. And while piracy is something the government of almost all countries, especially that of India frown about it. Below is a list of movie streaming websites where you can download free movies.

Is Wapking a Legal Website?

NO, Wapking is not a legal website. And, just as we mentioned before, it is a torrent website that specializes in pirating movies and music album and uploading it on its portal where its users can access and download it for free.

They are not by any means a legal website to download movies and Mp3 songs, and that’s the reason they illegally leak new Movies, TV shows, and other motion pictures on their website.

If you are a chronic movie lover and a long-time internet surfer, you would know that uploading, streaming or downloading copyrighted files is so unlawful.

Is downloading Files From Wapking Unlawful?

YES, downloading motion pictures and other files are very unlawful, especially in India and in the United States of America (US). Apart from the countries mentioned above, almost all the countries of the world don’t support piracy of any form. And in most part of the country like India or USA, you will be jailed and penalized for pirating movies or any other copyrighted file.

As a matter of fact, you don’t even need to download an illegal motion picture or file before you can be found guilty of the crime. Just streaming a copyrighted content from a pirated website is more than enough to take you to jail.

Streaming or downloading motion pictures or any other pirated content is unlawful. I know the reason people visit this torrent website is that they offer their movies and other content free of charge, as opposed to the original sources. Nevertheless, try to do the right things at all times.

What Are Wap king Legal Alternatives?

If you want to stay out of the government’s trouble, then it’s important that you do things the right way. If you are wondering What are the Legal Alternatives of Wapking, then you are in the right section. Below is a list of legal alternatives to Wapking where you can both stream and download movies, songs, and other files legally. Nevertheless, unlike the Wap King and other torrent web site, you would have to pay for some of the services you used to get free of charge from some of these torrent websites.

  • Netflix.
  • Google Play.
  • Amazon.
  • Spotify.
  • iTunes.
  • Gaana.
  • Wynk Music.

What Kind Of Movies Does Wapking Illegally Leak?

One of the files that Wap King loves to illegally leak includes motion pictures like the latest movies, films, and TV shows. You find more of movies on the website than any other files, and they usually pirate the movies in various languages.

But, apart from pirating and leaking movies, there’re other files that are being pirated by this torrent website and they include; Ringtone, Wallpapers, Full Mp3 Songs, Videos, Android Applications, Android Games, and Live Wallpapers.

Techmulla Disclaimer

Techmulla does not in any form support piracy. As a matter of fact, we try as much as we can to adjust our content to fall in line with every clause of the copyright acts. Throughout our website, we try to school our visitors about piracy and encourage them to stay away from every form of piracy and every platform that promote piracy.

We try to devote a portion of our time trying to promoting the copyright acts. Thus, all users are hereby advised to be careful and keep away from visiting torrent and chronic piracy loving websites.


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