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WWW Waptrick Com ~ Download New 2023 Movies & Music On Waptrick

Waptrick Com happens to be another interesting website where you can currently download 2023 latest English TV series and fresh music. Www Waptrick Com also houses both old movies and songs on their website, because you can also find movies as far back as 1960 and beyond.

Downloading or streaming movies on Waptrick.com is like a breeze, unlike before when you had to go through hell just to stream or download a movie. Apart from the quick download, guess what? Every content and file you stream or download from WWW Waptrick Com is free of charge.

Www Waptrick Com
Www Waptrick Com Homepage

Waptrick Com is equipped with all the materials necessary for you to stay entertained. And apart from movies and music, they also have games, wallpapers, Pictures, Mobile Applications, and more.

And, our main purpose in creating this article is to guide you on how to effortlessly navigate and also download movies and other files from WWW.waptrick.Com.

Waptrick Com Review

Waptrick is simply an entertainment website where you can stream and download music, movies, and other files for free.

Downloading from Waptrick is absolutely free and they have lots of content like beautiful wallpapers, pictures, movies, music and a lot more. You are not restricted from accessing any file on waptrick and you will not be required to fill out any form. Without wasting much of your time let’s see some of the features of this great website, www waptrick com.


Features Of WWW Waptrick Com

It’s time to look at some distinctive attributes of Watrick.com. This will help you know more about the website and arm you with enough knowledge that will help you easily make the most out of the website. The following are a few numbers of Watrick com features:

1. It has a clean user interface which users can easily interact with.

2. Apart from Movies and Music, they also have Games, Themes, Wallpapers, and Photos.

3. Downloading any file from the website is free of charge.


4. Waptrick Com can be accessed by anyone without paying any money or filling out any sort of form.

5. They frequently update their website with new movies, music, and other files.

6. You can download files from Waptrick com in various download formats.

7. Downloading file from the website is easy and fast.

8. You can access and download files on the website with your PC, Android smartphone, tablet, and any other materials that can access the internet.

9. At the top of Waptrick Com, you will see the obvious SEARCH BAR which allows you to input the name of any item you desire to find on the website. The search bar helps you reach out to items quickly without going through going various category just to find any item you can easily to get to through the search bar.

Waptrick.Com Categories (Interface)

Waptrick com is so properly categorized that you can easily find your way around the website without a map or external guide.

Waptrick Com Categories
Waptrick Com Categories.

On the website’s Homepage, at the top, you will see the category section which is arranged as; Waptrick Category => Games / Videos / Themes / Photos / Wallpapers. On the Homepage, you will also see the following categories as you scroll down:

TV Series: This is the category that holds all the TV Shows on the Website.

Updates 15/01/2021: This section contains all the updated files for the present day.

Dropant Play Online: This section contains HTML 5 games! which can be played both on Macs, smartphones, PC, or tablets.

Videos: This is the category where all their movies are kept.

Photos & Pictures: Just as the name implies, you will find beautiful pictures and photos.

Themes: This category holds nothing but professional themes strictly for your smartphone.

Live Wallpaper: If you want something out of the usual, then you can navigate to this category to find HD live wallpaper and the background of live wallpaper.

Animations: If you want animations, this category is where to find a list of funny Animations for your phone.

Sound Effects: This category houses a lot of amazing sound effects.

Games: In this category, you find a good number of Java games, as well as Android games.

Applications: This category holds free applications for your Java and Android smartphones.

How To Download From WWW Waptrick Com

Lets’ get into the business of the day, which is how to download from waptrick.com. Follow the steps below to that will guide you on how to easily Download Waptrick songs, Videos, Games, Themes, Apps, Wallpapers and more.

  1. Endeavor the device used in accessing the site has a good internet connection.
  2. Open any browser that you desire.
  3. Use this Url [www.waptrick.one] to visit the website.
  4. Select any of the categories that you desire and locate the file that you want.
  5. After locating the file that you want to download, click on download to start downloading the desired file.

Movies On www Waptrick Com

I will be listing some of the categories you can find on www Waptrick com and downloading files from them is really easy. Unlike most malicious websites, Waptrick is one of the most tested and trusted sites for downloading files.

  1. Vikings (2013–2020).
  2. Game of Thrones (2011–2019).
  3. Breaking Bad (2008–2013).
  4. The Sopranos (1999–2007).
  5. The Witcher (2019).
  6. Mulan (2020).
  7. New Girl (2011–2018).
  8. The 100 (2014–2020).
  9. Westworld (2016).
  10. Titans (I) (2018) Greenland (2020).
  11. Cobra Kai (2018). Bridgerton.
  12. How to Get Away with Murder (2014–2020).
  13. The Gentlemen (2019).
  14. Black Mirror (2011).
  15. Wonder Woman (2017).
  16. Avengers: Endgame (2019).
  17. Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008–2020).
  18. Stranger Things (2016).
  19. The Big Bang Theory (2007–2019).
  20. The Walking Dead (2010)

Latest 2021 Movies Anticipated to show On Waptrick Com

  1. Call Me Kat (2021).
  2. Locked Down (2021).
  3. The French Dispatch (2021).
  4. Prisoners of the Ghostland (2021).
  5. Die in a Gunfight (2021).
  6. Dexter (2006–2021).
  7. Better Call Saul (2015–2021).
  8. The Marksman 2021.
  9. The Little Thing (2021).
  10. Terrifier 2 (2021).

Waptrick Extensions

Below are some extensions of our beloved entertainment website which offers you loads of movies, music, Andriod Applications, and more.

1. Wapdam:

Wapdam is another interesting website that looks a bit similar to Waptrick. The interface may be different, but the concept Wapdam used is almost the same as that of Waptrick. They offer Movies (More of Bollywood), music, Games, Wallpaper, and more. They are currently unified with Waptrick.com (Currently Redirects You to Waptrick.One).

2. Waphan:

Waphan was among the best website that was most popular among countries like India, Nigeria, Somalia, and other third-world countries. They offer similar content just like Wapdam, although Wapdam was a lot better than it with it comes to website interface and more. Presently, Waphan is also unified with Waptrick.

3. Zamob:

Zamobs is yet another extension of Waptrick.com. And even though the https://zamobs.co.za/ still opens and operates normally, other of its extensions that redirects to Waptrick.One, is the official URL of Waptrick.Com. Zamob offers you Music, Anime, TV Series, Games, Applications, and Wallpaper.

4. Zonkewap:

If you enjoy streaming Bollywood movies, then Zonkewap would have been the website you need. Currently, it redirects to Waptrick One. They also used to have Hollywood movies and other movies but they provided more of Hindi dubbed movies.

5. Gratisindo:

Gratisindo happens to be one of the online web portals where you can download loads of Mp3 music free of charge. But presently, it now unifies under Waptrick.

6. Mexicowap:

Mexicowap used to be one of the best portals for downloading music of all genres, but it presently redirects to waptrick.one because it’s now unified under them.

7. Wapafull:

This domain is no longer in use. Nevertheless, it used to be a portal where you download all types of Mp3 music free of charge. It is also used to provide other materials such as themes, photos, videos, and lots more.

8. Wap.in:

Wap in used to be one giant portal for Bollywood movies, till it started redirecting to Wapdam, then Wapdam started redirecting to Waptrick.One AKA Waptrick.Com.

NOTE: This is just to inform you that EVEN WWW WAPTRICK COM NOW REDIRECTS TO http://waptrick.one/.

Waptrick Alternative

  1. FZmovies.net.
  2. ToxicWap.Com.
  3. 123Movies Website.
  4. Mp4Mania Website.
  5. DVDVilla Movie Hub.
  6. www o2tvseries Com.
  7. TVSeries4mobile.com.

FAQ (Question & Answer Section)

Go through the list of questions below, and see if any of your questions fall under the section. You will also be given the answer to each of the questions listed below.

Is Waptrick Friendly?

If you are wondering whether Waptrick is friendly or not, the answer is, WAPTRICK IS USER FRIENDLY and you can easily find your way around the website.

Is Waptrick a Legal Website?

This question has not yet been verified. But I think Waptrick is a legal website because it has been around for more than a decade now without any harassment from the government just as we see with all these illegal movie-streaming websites.

How Much Do I Have to Pay So I Can Access Waptrick?

You absolutely don’t have to pay anything before you can access this portal, and that happens to be the best part of it. You are allowed to access the file and download it without

Does Waptrick Have a Virus?

I arguably say that waptrick has No Virus since there has been no record of such from users of the website. If you’ve heard such then let us know so we can look into it and re-update our review.

Is It Safe to Use Waptrick?

Yes, it’s absolutely safe to use Waptrick since there was no record of any malware on the platform. Or was there any report of someone’s device being hacked as a result of the file he/she downloaded from Waptrick.


This is where we will be drawing the curtain on this subject WWW Waptrick Com and we hope this article helped somehow. Please share your thoughts with us using the comment section and also share this post using the social sharing button below. Thanks for stopping by, see you on the next topic.

Techmulla Disclaimer

If by chance Waptrick later turns out to be something different from what we perceive them to be, then we are sincerely sorry about that. Our review of waptrick Com was based on the feedback as well as the first-hand information that our team gathered during the course of reviewing the website. Call our notice if you notice anything as contrary to the information we have provided above, and we will make haste to put everything back to order. Thanks for your understanding and co-operation.


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